The Best Food In Video Game History

first_imgStay on target Staring at Seagulls May Help Avoid Food TheftWe Now Know the DNA of Guacamole Another Thanksgiving has just gone by, and if you’re like most Americans it was an excuse to stuff you face with all kinds of delicious grub and then retire to a food coma in front of your video game machine of choice. But no matter what that might’ve been, chances are you were reminded of the meal you just swallowed down.Food and video games have been intertwined since Pac-Man choked down his first power pellet, and as technology has improved, digital edibles have become more and more realistic (and shamelessly marketing-driven). Let’s set the table with an eleven-course meal of iconic video game foods from throughout the medium’s history, from appetizers to desserts.AdChoices广告Hidden CheeseNo fancy meal is complete without a cheese plate at the beginning to whet your diners’ appetites. And food always tastes better when you put forth an effort to get it. So let’s lay out the aperitif with Perfect Dark‘s hidden slices of Swiss cheese. Each level in Rare’s shooter has a single slice secreted away in an out-of-the-way place, and finding them gets the player nothing but a feeling of accomplishment. Once your dinner guests have hunted down all the cheese they’ll be ready for their meal.Hearty Wild GreensBreath Of The Wild pushed the Zelda envelope in a bunch of new directions, but the one that’s most relevant to this article is Link’s new interest in cooking. The green-clad elf boy can gather ingredients from all over Hyrule and use them to prepare a bunch of tasty dishes. Let’s officially start up our next Thanksgiving feast with a dish of Hearty Wild Greens, which temporarily increase our heart containers by four. We’re going to need that extra storage space for the food to follow.Wall MeatExploring a vampire’s castle can leave a Belmont feeling peckish, but those zombie waiters certainly aren’t serving meals. So what’s an enterprising vampire hunter to do? If you’re in the Castlevania series, whip any odd-looking walls and see if there’s delicious meat hiding inside. Castlevania‘s “Wall Meat” helped popularize the idea of edibles as health-restoring secrets in games, and nearly every title in the series has featured it. In some games it’s called “Werewolf Leg,” which sounds delicious.Sinner’s SandwichHeavily inspired by Twin Peaks, Deadly Premonition spends some of its time at the A&G Diner. One of the regulars there, Harry Stewart, has a special order that became one of the most iconic meals in video game history. Dubbed the “Sinner’s Sandwich,” it’s roast turkey with strawberry jam and breakfast cereal. Protagonist Francis York Morgan describes it as “self-inflicted punishment to atone for one’s sins,” but people who have made it in real life say it’s surprisingly tasty.Tomato RainHigh in lycopenes, tomatoes are an excellent addition to any meal, even if they’re not the most traditional for Thanksgiving. In Genesis classic ToeJam & Earl, though, they’re a potent offensive weapon against the earthlings trying to prevent your alien protagonists from regaining their essential funk. Picking up the Tomato Rain power-up causes the red fruits to fall willy-nilly from the sky, KOing anybody they hit. Sure, it’s a little messy of a preparation, but you can’t argue with the effects.Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl ChallengeSticking with the rainy theme – because a good menu is consistent and clever – we go to Persona 4‘s Japan and the preferred order of Chie at the Chinese diner Aiya. Only served on days when there’s precipitation, the Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl Challenge is a massive mountain of steak that your character fantasizes could serve as a “portal to the Meat Dimension.” To finish the meal, your understanding, knowledge, courage, and diligence stats all need to be maxed out – but then it’s free.Mr. EggBurgerTime is one of the most food-centric games of all time, chronicling diminutive chef Peter Pepper’s attempts to assemble multi-layered hamburgers while being pursued by a host of ambulatory edibles intent on his destruction. Our favorite out of the trio of enemies is Mr. Egg, a fried oeuf that is the most aggressive of them all. The only problem is that a fried egg makes a delicious addition to a hamburger, so when you collapse a burg around them you get bonus points for yumminess.HassyAll this food is great, but you’re going to need something to wash it down with. Our pick is Hassy, the imaginary beverage that first appeared in cult Dreamcast game Blue Stinger. We’re not 100% sure what Hassy tastes like, but subsequent appearances in games like Illbleed indicate that it not only comes in a variety of flavors but also restores your health to full after downing a can. It’s important to hydrate, especially if you overcooked your turkey, so crack a Hassy and let’s get on with the meal.Lamb ChopsThe biggest surprise from Final Fantasy XV has to have been the food. Supporting character Ignis can learn 103 different recipes and cook them to give your party a number of stat boosts, and each of those dishes was painstakingly modeled and textured based on real dishes cooked in the rough by Squaresoft staffers. That attention to detail resulted in some of the most appetizing grub in video game history. It looks good enough to eat. Picking just one dish from Ignis’s repertoire is an impossible task, so let’s go with these tender lamb chops.Sweet RollsA tremendous amount of the fun in Skyrim comes from the absurdly detailed world it takes place in, full of knick-knacks and stuff. Even the most minor thing can turn into a meme. Case in point: the sweet roll. Bethesda has been using this pastry as a running gag since Daggerfall, starting with that game’s character creation. It became edible in Oblivion, and in Skyrim guards will sometimes tease you about somebody stealing your sweetroll. Oh, and of course you can use the game’s console to span thousands of them and gorge yourself sick.Mississippi Quantum PieWhen you’re scratching your way through the wastelands in the Fallout series, it’s hard to make time for dessert. But if you complete a pair of quests for Sierra Petrovita in Fallout 3 and then ask her about her recipes, you can chow down on a sweet treat called Mississippi Quantum Pie. Made with flour, Nuka-Kola Quantum and vodka, it boosts your strength and action points for four minutes when you eat it. The perfect finish to a video game Thanksgiving before you go mutant hunting.last_img read more