Mallorca-Espanyol, the party that extended the contracts

first_imgWith absolute commotion the more than likely extension of the contracts that expire on June 30 if LaLiga finally resumes. And it is not for less, with the uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it is not an exceptional situation since it has at least one precedent.Mallorca and Espanyol, just as everything points to what will happen this season, they played a place in the First out of time 31 years ago. In the 1988-89 campaign. Specifically, the July 2nd, when they had to dispute the return from the promotion playoffs, between the third and fourth of Second and the antepenultimate and the seventeenth of First. The other settled between Tenerife and Betis.Since LaLiga would end that season on June 25, there was no choice but to formulate it like this. And, with much more naturalness than is being experienced now, the Professional Soccer League (LFP) and the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) met on May 31 to agree on that date of July 2 and that the contracts that expired two days before would be prolonged until then.“The LFP guarantee the obligations that the affected clubs maintain with their players during the extension of the season and, in any case, contractual rights will be respected club and players, “he explained at the summit exit Toni Fidalgo as director of external relations of the employers.Antonio Baró, who was president of the LFP and Espanyol, flanked here by Jesús Gil and Pedro Tomás. Data sheetMajorca. Ezaki; Parra, Vulic, García Cortés; Sala, Nadal, Pedraza, Rivas; Vidal (103 ‘), Endika (72’) and Álvaro Cervera. Also played: Bonet (103 ‘), Manolo (72’).Spanish. N’Kono; Eloy, Luis Martín, Golobart, Maestre; Mentxaka, Orejuela (74 ‘), Zubillaga, Rats; Heath and Mágico Díaz (79 ‘). Also played: Gabino (74 ‘), Pineda (79’).Goals 1-0 (12 ‘): Nadal. 2-0 (93 ‘): Vidal.Referee. Urío Velázquez, Basque. He admonished Mágico Díaz and Golobart. He expelled Álvaro with a double warning.Stadium. Lluís Sitjar. 18,000 spectators. For his part, Benito Joanet, coach of Tenerife, was able to lead the game thanks to the extension of the contracts that ended on June 30, although it did not disguise success as it a few days later, he signed for Espanyol’s bench, who would dismiss the technician, recently deceased due to the coronavirus, months later.In addition to the promotion matches, at 88-89. the final of the Copa de Rey also touched the limit. In fact, Real Madrid and Valladolid they disputed the titleor the same June 30, at 8:00 p.m., in the Vicente Calderón. The final was decided by a Gordillo goal, in the 5th minute. There was neither an extension nor a penalty shootout, so did not need to take advantage of the extension of contracts, for a few hours. Betis and Tenerife also played; and the Cup, by the hairsJ. A. Zapico / I. MoleroThat July 2, 1989, two other teams, Betis and Tenerife, the permanence or promotion were also at stake to the First Division, although the tie was practically decanted. In the previous match Tenerife had already prevailed in their field by a forceful 4-0, thanks to a spectacular game by Panamanian Rommel Fernández, who had signed a double, El Ghareff and Julio, who scored on their own goal.However, Benito Villamarín believed in the comeback and get longed for permanence. Nevertheless, a lone goal from Chano, in the 80th minute, gave the victory to the Betis, but did not allow them to avoid relegation to Segunda. Precisely, the Betic scorer would end up signing for Tenerife two seasons later.Journal AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Benito Joanet, Tenerife coach in that promotion, signed ten days later for Espanyol.AS newspaper He president of the LFPby the way was Antonio Baró, who in turn held the same position at Espanyol, although perhaps he ended up regretting this extension of contracts, because ended up resigning as head of the club on July 3, accomplished the descent.Indeed, and despite the fact that Espanyol had won 1-0 in the first leg, Mallorca turned the promotion at Lluís Sitjar, that July 2, with 33 degrees on the thermometer. And, things of fate, the goal that equaled the tie was scored by Miguel Ángel Nadal, one of the footballers who had ended his contract on June 30.In those conditions they also played Pepe Bonet, with minutes in the extension by Mallorca (decided by Gabriel Vidal in 93 ’), and Joan Golobart and Vasyl Rats as starters at Espanyol, even one of their technicians, ‘Pichi’ Alonso, that he was part of a curious and unfortunate triumvirate.last_img read more