Borderlands 2 bug wipes your badass points and attributes

first_imgWith Borderlands 2 topping the charts both with sales and reviews, Gearbox is right to be happy, but some of their fans have encountered a problem with the game. It seems that there’s a glitch that wipes all points off your badass rank, all the added attributes you upgraded with your badass tokens, and all your skins and heads get wiped, too.For those who don’t know, your badass level is determined by how many challenges you complete within the game. For example, opening a certain amount of chests  or killing a certain number of enemies, will all add up in your badass rank. When you complete a challenge you’re given a token to spend, this can be spent on improving gun accuracy, increasing your shields, or even unlocking heads and skins to customize your character with. The glitch affects this badass rank by taking away all your tokens, reseting your badass rank to zero, but it still marks the challenges you’ve completed as done, meaning you cannot simply re-earn the points you’ve lost.From watching the video above, it also seems that once you’ve lost your badass rank, it will always reset every time you reload the game. It’s affecting all versions of Borderlands 2, including PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, so it’s a fault with the game and not a particular console.The community manager of Gearbox, Chris Faylor, has thanked fans for providing such great detail on the glitch, but states it seems to be a fairly rare issue and that engineers are currently looking at how to fix it.From the looks of it, a simple patch would fix the issue as the game knows you’ve completed the challenges, it just takes away all the bonuses and your badass number. Hopefully this is the case or there’s going to be a few angry Borderlands 2 fans who will have to grind to get back their progress.In the meantime, a forum member has posted some tips on how to try and avoid the glitch. You could always turn off your badass ranking system all together of course, but where’s the fun in that?Let’s hope this is fixed swiftly before it affects too many players.via Kotakulast_img read more