Open letter to President Bush on eve of Olympic torch relay in San Francisco

first_img News Receive email alerts April 27, 2021 Find out more ChinaAsia – Pacific News RSF_en April 8, 2008 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Open letter to President Bush on eve of Olympic torch relay in San Francisco Help by sharing this information News Organisation March 12, 2021 Find out morecenter_img Follow the news on China to go further News ChinaAsia – Pacific The Honourable George W. BushPresident of the United StatesThe White HouseWashington DC Paris, 8 April 2008Dear Mr. President,On the eve of the Olympic torch relay on US territory, we would like to ask you not to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on 8 August. Or rather, we believe you should tell the Chinese authorities now that you are setting conditions on your presence at this ceremony, which is the political event of these Olympics.A total boycott of the Olympic Games by athletes is not the solution, but we are convinced that, in view of the massive and growing violations of human rights in China and Tibet, it is essential that the heads of state and government of democratic countries threaten to stay away from the 8 August ceremony in Beijing.Several presidents and government ministers, including those of US allies in Europe, have announced that they will not go to this opening ceremony.As you know, China has not kept the promises it gave in 2001 when it was chosen to host these Olympics. On the contrary, the government is using violence to crack down on Tibetan demonstrations and is imposing a news blackout. Even in Beijing, leading dissident Hu Jia has just been sentenced to three and a half years in prison after a summary trial.Mr. President, if you now announce your intention not to be in Beijing on 8 August, the Chinese authorities will not be able to ignore your appeals for the release of political prisoners and the opening of a dialogue on Tibet.As you know, the only improvement in press freedom seen in China had been the relaxation in January 2007 of the rules for foreign journalists working there. But the news blackout imposed on Tibet and the expulsion of visiting foreign reporters have negated the effect of this measure.We also urge you to ask the International Olympic Committee to use its influence. The IOC is obviously not intended to be a political tool, but it is the guarantor of the Olympic spirit and it cannot continue to display the same passivity it has been showing up to now in the face of such egregious violations of a people’s fundamental rights.Reporters Without Borders would like to point out that about 100 journalists, Internet users and cyber-dissidents are currently imprisoned in China just for expressing their views peacefully.Chinese journalists continue to be subject to the dictates of the Publicity Department (the former Propaganda Department), which imposes censorship on a wide range of subjects. The government and party continue to control news and information and have authoritarian laws to punish violators. Charges of subversion, disseminating state secrets or spying are often brought against journalists and cyber-dissidents. Independent Chinese-language media based in other countries such as the United States are blocked, harassed or jammed.We hope that the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco will encourage the United States to reaffirm its position in support of human rights in China and we hope that you will take account of our requests.Sincerely,Robert MénardSecretary-General China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures June 2, 2021 Find out more Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimeslast_img read more

Murray has hip resurfacing surgery

first_imgFILE PHOTO: Andy Murray London, United Kingdom | AFP | Andy Murray has undergone hip resurfacing surgery in London, the British tennis great told his Instagram followers on Tuesday.The two-time Wimbledon champion had been weighing up the pros and cons of the operation, which involves putting a metal plate into the joint, in one last bid to prolong a career plagued by injury.The 31-year-old double Olympic gold medallist had previously said ahead of this month’s Australian Open earlier that he intended to retire following the 2019 edition of Wimbledon.“I underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in London yesterday (Monday) morning… feeling a bit battered and bruised just now but hopefully that will be the end of my hip pain,” Murray said on Instagram.There are no guarantees that the operation will allow Murray to play top-flight tennis again but it should enable him to live a pain-free life off the court.At the Australian Open, Murray showed his competitive spirit and talent were undimmed in a five-set defeat by Roberto Bautista-Agut.That match led Murray to say he would do all he could to prolong his career but Monday’s operation may mean he is not fit in time for Wimbledon, where he had thought of making his farewell to tennis.Monday’s operation was the second time Murray had undergone surgery in the past 12 months after a first operation failed to ease the pain in his hip. Share on: WhatsAppcenter_img Ahead of this latest bout of surgery, Murray spoke to US doubles specialist Bob Bryan, who has just returned to the game following the same procedure last year.Bryan urged Murray to have similar surgery, although the greater physical demands of singles compared to doubles, mean there is no guarantee this operation could help the British tennis great to regain a place among the world’s top players.Dr Edwin Su, who operated on Bryan, though, told Britain’s Mail on Sunday: “I think it would absolutely be able to help him. Ideally, it is with no pain. Most of the time, right away from the time they wake up from the surgery, patients say that the pain is gone.”Su, however, added: “What is unknown in elite athletes is whether they can return to sport…Singles is much more strenuous than doubles. It’s uncharted territory.Meanwhile Bryan, 40, said of Murray’s position: “I just represent an option for him. That guy does everything you can possibly do as far as training and rehab.”Murray made a long-awaited comeback at Queen’s last year but then pulled out of Wimbledon.He underwent an extensive rehabilitation period in Philadelphia, followed by pre-season training in Miami might prove the answer, but the Australian Open showed he was still suffering significant pain while on court.last_img read more

Yuvraj revisits Kevin Pietersen’s ‘pie chucker’ comment with hilarious troll on his IG post!

first_imgImage Courtesy: BCCI/WisdenAdvertisement 8mgi0NBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs1gWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E22he61b( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) d8qinWould you ever consider trying this?😱5kjbyCan your students do this? 🌚1foxlRoller skating! Powered by Firework In cricket, the term ‘pie chucker’ is given to a bowler who fails to have any control over the delivery of the ball, and it created a major fallout between Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen back in 2008. It all started when the English batsman called the Team India all rounder a’ pie chucker’, taking a swift flak at the bowling performance of Yuvi. However, 12 years after the incident, both former cricketers are a long way from their past verbal feud, but Yuvraj still managed to pull off a hilarious jab at Pietersen on social media with a reference to the ‘pie chucker’ incident once again.Advertisement Image Courtesy: BCCI/WisdenIt all started when Kevin Pietersen shared a clip of his famous ‘switch hit’ on his official Instagram. The video of an incredible six against former New Zealand legend Scott Styris was captioned with “Just dealing with pies, @englandcricket. The original switch hits @kp24.” Check it out below-AN obvious throwback to his comment 12 years ago, Pietersen soon had Yuvraj in the comments, who pulled off a witty joke by saying  “Well sometimes u slip on those pies too” with a laughing emoji.Image Courtesy: InstagramThe comment got over 1100 likes, as fans fell about for Yuvi hilariously trolling his former adversary for sometimes biting the dust against the very ‘pie chucker’ all rounders.Even though the duo share a friendly bond these days, and was even recently seen together in a live session on Instagram, the comment from 2008 earned the former England international enough reprimand from Yuvraj’s fan base, for calling the Men in Blue icon a ‘left-arm filth’.“When the ball is swinging and seaming and you’ve got a guy like Zaheer Khan, who is one of the best bowlers I’ve ever faced, not bowling at you and you’ve got a pie-chucker like Yuvraj Singh bowling at you I really don’t mind. When you get left-arm filth like that it makes you feel really good,” Pietersen had said about the Indian left-arm pacer.“It shows KP hates getting out to me and if a useless bowler is getting him out five times then I would say that is quite useless batting,” Yuvraj had replied with a strong stance.However, the players since then have let bygones be bygones, but still make the pie chucker reference at each other in good sport.Also read-Indian Olympian stuck in Covid-19 hotspot Phuket – but safe!Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish in hospital after asymptomatic Covid-19 positive Advertisementlast_img read more

A Passivhaus Doesn’t Have to Look Weird

first_imgMarch 6, 2014: Airtightness testingWith most of the rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work complete, it was time to test the Grant residence Passivhaus for airtightness.We scored approximately 0.75 air changes per hour (ACH) at 50 pascals (Pa) of pressure. Although this is four times tighter than the current energy code requires, it’s not good enough to meet the Passivhaus standard, which requires a reading no greater than 0.60 ach50. So we still have some tightening up to do.The bad news is that the testing did not reveal any major leaks. That means mitigating that last little bit will be extremely difficult.On top of that challenge, the items yet to be installed — the dryer vent and the fireplace flue — are inherently leaky. Wish us luck! ARTICLES BY ALAN ABRAMS A Post-Passivhaus Paradigm for Energy-Efficient DesignMakin’ WUFIA Shortcut To Sustainable Living: Downsize! Never fear. The Passivhaus occupant need not forfeit the vision of a cozy winter’s evening by the fire. There are a few wood stoves and prefabricated fireplaces on the market that are virtually airtight. They can maintain a fire at a low enough output to provide the cozy atmosphere that we naturally seek, without the disadvantages noted above.The point is, that Passive House limits some decisions, but it does not dictate them. The “tyranny” of PassivhausIn his Discourses, Plato has Hippias the Sage assert that “…law is the tyrant of mankind, and often compels us to do many things which are against nature.”The Passivhaus system is truly rigorous. Often it requires modifying a decision or restraining an impulse that would be natural in another context. Specifying an open masonry fireplace in your design program would be a triple nightmare for the Passive House Consultant to deal with:The flue damper. The darn thing would leak so much it would be nearly impossible to reach the airtightness level required to satisfy the energy models.The mass of the chimney would constitute a significant thermal bridge.Stoking up a blazing fire would probably very quickly overheat the super insulated space, forcing the occupants to open doors and windows. October 19, 2013: Under constructionOctober 19 was a gorgeous day to bike out and visit this Passivhaus project located in Derwood, Maryland. The site is surrounded by forest and abuts Lake Bernard Frank. The bike trail passes over the earthen dam, where I saw great blue herons sunning on the berm, and a banded kingfisher perched in a branch near the water. When I arrived at the site, a red-tailed hawk was wheeling right above the house.Image #2 (below) shows the west elevation. What has been erected so far is the first layer of the wall and roof assemblies, which will function as the structural shell of this PassivhausThe specifications call for several inches polyisocyanurate insulation to be installed all of the Zip sheathing shown in the photo. The walls will get 3 inches of polyiso, and the roof will get 6 inches. The roof layer will extend about 30 inches beyond the outside walls to form the eaves. This projection will not only protect the walls from the weather, but will also shade the windows from the summer sun while admitting the winter sun.A second set of framed walls will be built inside the walls shown in the photo. They will form a 10-inch-deep cavity that will be filled with cellulose insulation. According to PHPP, the walls will achieve R-52.1 and the roof will achieve R-66.1. Passivhaus is compatible with traditional home stylesThere are a number of architectural characteristics of a Passivhaus that facilitate performance. To keep warm here in our mid-Atlantic winters, a Passivhaus likes to spread out in the sun, and look to the south. At the same time, a Passivhaus likes generous overhangs and shutters to avoid overheating in summer.Provision for cross flow ventilation, such as windows on two exposures in each important room, and operable skylights, can reduce the need for mechanical air conditioning during the shoulder seasons. In other words, the house could easily look like a traditional bungalow or cottage.A Passivhaus also likes simple massing — corners, offsets, and projections present challenges to achieving airtightness, and inevitably introduce thermal bridges. In this sense, it could also be a Cape Cod or Colonial style house.Some features fight against the grain. Our clients, the Grants of Derwood, Maryland, wanted mulled windows — but the muntin bars reduce the amount of light passing through by as much as 5%. Passivhaus cares deeply about this — when this amenity was factored into the Passive House Performance Package (PHPP), the performance fell off perceptibly.But there was always a solution somewhere: for example, by enlarging south-facing windows or adding additional insulation to compensate for the loss of solar gain.Are you wondering what this house is going to look like when it’s done? The rendering at the top of the page shows the Grant House. Not too weird looking, is it? December 12, 2013: More progressAs winter closes in, work continues on this Passivhaus project (see Image #6, below). The Intus triple-glazed doors and tilt-turn windows are due to be delivered next week. When they are installed, we can perform a preliminary blower-door test, to see how close we are to the mythic air tightness requirement of 0.6 ach50.In the meantime, the duct systems have already been installed. There are two duct systems: one for tempered air, and one for fresh air supply and exhaust. As soon as the building is closed in, other rough-in work will continue. December 20, 2013: Passivhaus certificationNow that the rough carpentry is nearing completion, it was a perfect moment to bring out our Passivhaus rater, Andy Corral of Elysian Energy, to see things in the flesh. I spent a good part of yesterday morning compiling a set of plans and documents for Andy to review, including a revised Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) spreadsheet that reflects the field changes and revisions that have taken place.Some of the changes are minor tweaks — for example, substituting 4 inches of polyisocyanurate insulation for 6 inches of expanded polystyrene over the primary roof structure. The former has more than a 50% higher R-value than the latter; even as the total thickness is reduced, the net insulation value of the roof is increased by R-2.This gain is offset by the substitution of a custom wood front door for the Intus E-Forte UPVC door. Although the wood door has a smaller window, it has a lower net R-value, because — counterintuitively — the three layers of glass are more efficient than 2 inches of wood. It was almost jaw-dropping, how much this one change added to the Specific Space Heat Demand.Another major change is to enclose what had originally been designed as a screened porch. This space is intended for three-season use, and will not have a heat source, but it will still reduce heat loss through the adjacent spaces. I’ve asked Elysian to help quantify the energy savings.An area of some controversy remains. During the Passivhaus pre-certification process, I initially modified some of the PHPP defaults for ground conditions. These were rejected by PHIUS, and I had to beef up other areas of the building envelope to compensate.But during construction, we actually improved conditions beyond the initial input. The entire building subgrade was backfilled with an average of 3 feet of crushed stone, and then topped with 4 inches of sand to support the subslab insulation. This is a very effective thermal break with the underlying soil. Including these values in PHPP makes a significant positive impact.On the other hand, the local climate seems to be slightly cooler than the PHPP default climate for Washington, D.C. Passing by on my bike this morning, Lake Frank — a few hundred yards southeast of the Grant house — was completely frozen over. Does a Passivhaus have to look weird? The short answer is, no. RELATED ARTICLES Passivhaus on a BudgetVisiting Passivhaus Job Sites in Washington StateMore Passivhaus Site Visits in Washington State Alan Abrams is a Certified Passive House Consultant, a Certified Passive House Builder, aCertified Green Professional (NAHB), and a Certified Professional Building Designer (American Institute of Building Designers). He is also the owner of Abrams Design Build in Takoma Park, Maryland.last_img read more

Jesus: Pep and Tite are similar

first_imgBrazil There’s not much between Guardiola and Tite – Gabriel Jesus Goal 21:58 8/30/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Gabriel Jesus Brasil coletiva 29082017 Pedro Martins/Mowa Press Brazil Brazil v Ecuador Ecuador WC Qualification South America The 20-year-old Manchester City drew comparisons between his bosses for club and country and says a World Cup place remains his ultimate dream Gabriel Jesus says there are similarities between his Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola and Brazil boss Tite.The 20-year-old has made a huge impression under both in the past 12 months and returns to international duty this week for World Cup qualifiers with Ecuador and Colombia.READ MORE: Coutinho fit for Brazil | 5 great Brazil-Ecuador clashes | Brazil’s WCQ campaign so farInjury ruled him out of June’s Brasil Global Tour friendlies in Australia and slowed his instant impact on the Premier League last season, but the former Palmeiras man is now fighting fit and aiming high. Editors’ Picks Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina “I don’t really see too much difference between Pep and Tite,” Jesus told a press conference in Porto Alegre. “The two seem to be the same on the field, asking tactical questions, transferring a lot of intensity to the team, thinking of shape, and how we are pressing.”Gabriel Jesus burst onto football’s international consciousness in 2016, finishing the year as Brazil’s top goalscorer, despite only making his debut in September, and has taken the Premier League by storm.Gabriel Jesus Manchester CityBut he says his adaptation to life in England was not as seamless as his performances may have suggested.”For many, it seems easy to adapt to England, but not for me,” he admitted.“Thankfully everyone at the club helped me. Coming into the cold weather, without speaking the language, it was difficult. But I was happy with my start on the field for City and I will continue in that vein. Fernandinho and my family really helped me.”Fit and raring to go! #Selecao #Brasil #eliminatorias2018 #LFC Welcome back, @Phil_Coutinho— Brasil Global Tour (@BGT_ENG) August 28, 2017His mother has been a particularly strong influence on his life, gaining notoriety in Brazil for criticising her son for being offside so much on a Brazil debut that saw him score two and create one.”I’m very attached to my family,” Jesus continued. “My mother is hard on me when she has to be and that makes a huge difference. Their support means I need concentrate only on playing.Gabriel Jesus is expected to return to the starting line-up on Thursday when Brazil host Ecuador, and despite now being his country’s undisputed No.9 heading into Russia, he is adamant that there is still work to do.Brazil stars play [email protected], Dani Alves and Marcelo M12 play footvolley Posted by Brasil Global Tour on Wednesday, August 30, 2017“What has changed over the last year? Nothing. I’m still the same player with the same dream of making it to the World Cup.”I will continue to sacrifice for Neymar, for Coutinho, for Willian – for the whole team. I have to hard without the ball to make it easier on everyone.”Brazil, who have already qualified for Russia 2018, meet Ecuador at the Gremio Arena on Thursday before facing Colombia in Barranquilla on Tuesday.last_img read more


first_imgTouch Football Australia Indigenous Advisory Committee is seeking Expressions of Interest for the role of National Indigenous Open Women’s Coach and for Managers for Men’s Open and Women’s Open National Indigenous Teams attending the World Indigenous Touch Tournament in 2008.TFA is seeking expressions from suitably qualified, currently accredited, and active coaches and managers to fill coaching positions for National Indigenous Open Teams for 2008. For more information please download the memo outlining expression of interest and the process involved.Expression of interest for these positions closes on COB Wednesday 31 October 2007 and should be forwarded to TFA High Performance Coordinator Wayne Grant email [email protected] Indigenous Coach and Mangers Expression of Interest InformationNational Indigenous Coach Position Description & Selection CriteriaNational Indigenous Managers Position Description & Selection Criterialast_img read more

8 days agoJames: Romero has improved Man Utd teammate De Gea

first_imgJames: Romero has improved Man Utd teammate De Geaby Freddie Taylor8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveDavid James says Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero’s foot skills have improved David De Gea.The Argentine will replace De Gea for Sunday’s clash with Liverpool after the 28-year-old went down with an injury in Spain’s draw with Sweden.And former England goalkeeper James believes Romero, who joined United in 2016, has helped De Gea increase his proficiency in playing out from the back.”I’ve analysed him and there are a few ‘keepers who are highly-rated who just put the ball out there in a general area. But he’s as good as Ederson and Alisson using his left foot and right foot,” James told Goal.”David de Gea is, of course, the number one, but I looked at Romero when Manchester United bought him and I was amazed at how good the guy is with his feet – then I saw an improvement in De Gea.”What you tend to find is when you’ve got two ‘keepers or two players training with each other day in, day out, you start picking up positive habits from the other player.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Alberta poised to topple PEI as Canadas spud king

first_imgFrench fried, mashed, scalloped, hash browned — there’s almost no bad way to serve up a delicious potato!Alberta is processing more spuds than ever before. Last year, potato production in our province reached a record 20,500 hundredweight – or more than two-billion pounds.“We’ve seen potato production in Alberta more than double over the last 20 years or so, and we’re just actually right behind Prince Edward Island and Manitoba in third spot for potato production,” said Todd Hirsch, chief economist with ATB Financial.P.E.I. is still Canada’s top producer. But that may be about to change.“There’s just not a lot more farming or agriculture space for them to expand,” Hirsch said. “As a result, I think Alberta will easily surpass Prince Edward Island … in the next few years.”One of the reasons for the rapid increase is the growth of value-added industries in southern Alberta.“Alberta really is on the map for processed potato products, frozen french fries, snack foods and the like,” he said. “Farmers have been responding to that by growing more potatoes.”last_img read more

Washington State regulators rejected Hydro Ones Avista takeover

first_imgCompanies in this story: (TSX:H)The Canadian Press TORONTO — Washington State regulators say they have denied Hydro One Ltd.’s proposed takeover of Avista Corp. citing political interference in the Ontario utility by the Doug Ford government.The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission says it found the deal, which valued Avista at $6.7-billion, to not be in the public interest after it became clear that the Ontario government was willing to interfere in the utility.The U.S. regulator cited how Ford forced the retirement of the Hydro One CEO, which was followed by the resignation of the entire board, as evidence that the province was willing to put political interests above those of shareholders.Hydro One, which is 47 per cent owned by the Ontario government, had assured in testimony on the Avista deal that the province was a passive investor that would not exert political pressure on the company.The U.S. regulator says the promised benefits of the deal, including rate credits, are inadequate to compensate for risks Avista customers would face.The Ford government hailed the leadership changes at Hydro One at the time as a “great day” for the province after heavily criticizing the company’s management on the campaign trail.last_img read more