GameStop expected to stop selling the Wii U Basic on June 18

first_imgNext week sees E3 kick off, with the big talking points being games for the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Sony finally revealing what the PS4 looks like. But it’s also a key event for Nintendo because the Wii U is struggling, and they need to turn that around before the other next-gen consoles arrive at retail.One announcement we may get is that the 8GB Wii U Basic console is set to be discontinued. Evidence of that comes from an internal GameStop message that says the company will stop selling the 8GB Wii U on June 18. It’s true that may just be a GameStop decision, but it’s just as likely Nintendo has decided to focus on the 32GB Deluxe console at retail.For the moment, both Nintendo and GameStop are refusing to comment as this classes as just a rumor, but one coming from a source Kotaku trusts in the retail chain (meaning they’ve been right before). If Nintendo is discontinuing the 8GB model, we’ll most likely find out on June 11 when a Nintendo Direct broadcast is planned.If you look at the Wii U Basic and Deluxe side-by-side the Deluxe is clearly the better choice. The 8GB of storage on offer in the Basic model just isn’t enough, and it’s less than an extra $100 for the 32GB Deluxe if you shop around. With retail prices falling to help move units, Nintendo could also be considering a price drop. A 32GB Deluxe model for $300 would certainly help the console look more desirable.What the Wii U most needs is good games released regularly. They are coming, and with a refocus on the Deluxe Nintendo could have a good summer before the competition arrives in time for the holidays.last_img read more