Octowheel skateboard seeks funding on Kickstarter to cruise down stairs

first_imgSkateboards are a neat way to get from place to place, but only if everything is built at ground level. All those stairs make it quite a bit harder to roll around. This problem has been plaguing humanity for far too long, but there is a new Kickstarter that is valiantly standing up to the injustice of stairs. How? With an 8-wheeled skateboard.The Stair-Rover uses a standard longboard frame, but has a v-shaped bar attached to the axle where each of the four wheels should be. Each one of these bars has two wheels on it, which lets the whole assembly tilt to match the angle of the surface it’s on. So if you’re rolling down stairs, each set of wheels can tilt as you hit each edge, resulting in a smooth ride. The design looks a bit futuristic.The creators also point out it’s good for more than just stairs. The Stair-Rover can make skateboarding possible on any uneven surface like cobblestone or cracked cement. On flat ground it performs just like a regular high-end longboard, although it offers a bit more stability in tight turns.The chassis itself is made from thermoplastic to reduce the weight, but the whole package still clocks in at about 5kg. Aluminum components are used for the more vital components where the wheels attach and the frame is mounted to the board.The backer levels take into account some interested parties might want to build their own board, so for £125 you can get the standard white or black chassis — no wheels, no bearings, and no board. Bump that up to £170 to get the whole working package in white with a maple deck. It’ll be £205 if you want the black Pro version with a maple/fiberglass deck.The Kickstarter has until August 1st to raise £50,000 (about $76,000). It has under £10,000 to go at this point.last_img read more