How photography works at the Super Bowl

first_imgThe people at Sports Illustrated know a thing or two about sports photography, so when they put out a video explaining how photographs are taken and processed at the Super Bowl, I stop and watch. Previously we’ve talked about the experience of pro sports photography, but that was nothing compared to what these guys are doing.The photographers are taking multiple shots a second and then handing memory cards to runners whose job it is to get them the photo processing team. Those guys have computers that process 11,000 shots an hour, where a normal, puny rig can handle just a thousand or so. A team of two people process an incredible 35,000-40,000 images during the event, entirely on-site.AdChoices广告The amount of tech talk is limited to the numbers above, and past that it’s mainly just photographers talking about their jobs and what makes a great photo. It’s a bit sappy, but it’s an interesting enough look at another aspect of the (and every) big game.via fstopperslast_img read more