HTC starts offering bootloader unlock outside the US

first_imgBack in May HTC announced that it would no longer be locking the bootloader that shipped on its Android handsets. Develoeprs and enthusiasts rejoiced and then set about waiting patiently for the actual unlock tool to become available for existing HTC smartphones.Jump to the beginning of August and HTC gave us some more details. The company would release a tool to unlock the bootloader, but you sacrifice your remaining warranty period to use it. That also meant gaining access to it would be handled through the web where you have to agree to these new terms and conditions before access is granted.Today is the day that web-based unlock becomes available. In order to access it you have to visit the HTC developer website and create an account. Doing so gains you access to what are thought to be very detailed instructions you need to follow closely so as not to brick your device.That’s the good news out of the way. The bad news is this isn’t available in the U.S. yet, and only works with the international (European) version of the Sensation, with other handsets support to follow. It is coming to the U.S., specifically for the Sensation and EVO 3D, but frustratingly HTC isn’t setting a date as to when it will arrive.The advice from HTC is not to attempt this unlocking procedure unless you are technically confident with Android. The company also warns that doing the unlock incorrectly may mean your handset require repair before you can use it again.Based on this diagram it looks to be a pretty simple procedure. You use the Android SDK to run a command and get your device’s ID token. This is then sent to HTC via your PC where a key is generated and sent back to the user where it is used to unlock the device.Lets hope it really is that simple and an error free process for anyone that attempts to use it.via TechCrunch and This is my nextlast_img read more