first_imgHowever, for owners and managers of accommodation facilities, not everything is fun. They need to find the right ratio to provide their guests with the best experience, as not all guests are fans of such an intimate relationship.  Hosts in Croatia believe that the most important thing is to ensure the privacy of guests (79%) and ensure that guests are well fed (66%) and comfortable (66%). collected data from its website, which led to the top ten places from Croatia with the best rated hosts: Rakovica, Osijek, Bibinje, Korenica, Kaštela, Makarska, Brela, Senj, Trogir, Podstrana. From the helpful bed and breakfast manager who shares local tips with guests to the apartment owner who is proud of every little detail he can provide to guests or the villa manager who serves local dishes to guests, the most special experiences of the stay are most often reflected in the host’s personality. reveals in personal contact or through an offer he has chosen in his accommodation facility. research also reveals that more than half (51%) of travelers decided to stay again in the same facility precisely because of its host. This percentage is slightly higher for travelers from Croatia, so as many as 61% decide to return to the same accommodation because of the host.  “As with many other travel-related elements, there is no universally applicable approach when it comes to meeting the different needs of travelers. Our research reveals how important it is for accommodation owners and managers to find a balance to ensure the best stay experience – whether it is staying in a holiday home, apartment, hosted accommodation or some other type of facility. But what is crystal clear is the fact that it doesn’t matter if travelers want to feel at home, experience the local culture, enjoy the peace and quiet or simply escape from everyday life, but that there is nothing like people being able to turn an ordinary stay into an unforgettable experience.”, Commented the results of the research by Olivier Grémillon, vice president at The role of the host is crucial  The world’s leading rental company,, reveals the key factors behind the desire to stay in different types of unique accommodation facilities as well as the balance that the host, manager or owner must achieve in order to provide guests with a more personalized stay.  The role of the host will continue to be crucial for travelers who intend to stay in non-hotel accommodation facilities this year, with more than two thirds (69%) of respondents in 2019 planning to stay in a facility that allows them to interact with the facility owner or manager – whether it is someone who is available throughout the day or someone who will give them a warm welcome upon arrival.  To increase their chances of success, accommodation managers can apply those attributes that travelers expect most. A warm smile can be key to positive reviews – three-quarters of global travelers (75%) expect to be greeted by a friendly and cordial person on arrival. If they are offered a personal detail, such as a gift in the form of a local treat, it can also contribute a great deal; supplements such as tea, coffee and sweets help almost half of travelers (45%) to feel welcome in the new environment. Photo: Hosts in Croatia believe that the most important thing is to ensure the privacy of guests (79%) and ensure that guests are well fed (66%) and comfortable (66%).  The survey also found that some travelers are satisfied with a simple warm welcome, while others have ‘high expectations’ when it comes to what they expect from their host on the trip. For most global travelers, the main advantage is to feel ‘at home’, which is important for 66% of global passengers and for 70% of passengers from Croatia, while for 62% of global passengers the main advantage is the facilities in which the host is in the foreground. the opportunity to use the knowledge and information available to the host and decide to stay in a facility owned by someone who comes from the region in which it is located. The same goes for 48% of passengers from Croatia. Almost half (45%) of global travelers and more than half (59%) of Croatian travelers consider the knowledge and local information available to the host important for the overall budget because they hope for tips that will help them save, for example, by avoiding tourist traps . For some, the owner of the facility even gives a social note to the trip, with 44% of global travelers and almost as many travelers from Croatia (42%) want to increase the circle of acquaintances and would like the host to invite them to a party. More than half of global travelers (52%) and 40% of travelers from Croatia think that they need to see their host only once during their stay to feel welcome, and more than a third of global travelers (36%) and almost as many passengers from Croatia ( 33%) expect the host to contact them only during check-in and check-out. An even bigger challenge for the hosts is the fact that passengers also expect them to have a sixth sense and know how much personal touch is needed. 69% of them think that the hosts intuitively need to know the right amount of time to spend with their guests, and 73% of passengers from Croatia think the same. For four out of five global travelers (79%) and the same number of passengers from Croatia, this means respecting their need for personal space, which means that privacy is key. Never before have travelers had more choice when planning their trip. The hosts in the family accommodation must therefore make a great effort to make the guests decide on their facility, and not first look at what others have to offer.  A survey conducted by among 21.500 passengers shows that almost two thirds (63%) of global travelers and almost as many passengers from Croatia (62%) believe that their stay was better thanks to the engagement of the host who did everything he could to allowed them to stay as good as possible. In addition, catering can be understood differently in different countries. If the results are viewed by nationality, travelers in India (84%), Colombia (80%) and Brazil (80%) consider it crucial that guests are well fed (compared to the global average of 69%), while Thais (74) %) and the Chinese (60%) consider it very important that guests have a good time (compared to the global average of 46%), and 79% of Italian hosts think that the most important thing is to include small gestures to create a welcoming atmosphere , such as a fire in a fireplace or candlelit room (compared to a global average of 68%).last_img

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