first_imgWhen searching for accommodation, we always get information from intermediaries such as:, expedia, tripadvisor, and other booking portals, and even if we know the name of the hotel, it is impossible to get its web address and direct contact. That’s why it was just created Houthbage, a new social network, search engine and marketing platform that allows all entities to advertise at the same price by category directly without intermediaries. Today to get specific information about hotel or campsite accommodation in any place in the world is practically impossible without an intermediary. It is important to emphasize that unlike Google search engine it gives the ability to view Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked profiles. It is very important for the Houthbage network that the end user and service provider can also get or show complete information in pictures, words, video, ie everything that technological trends dictate and what customers expect in the end. For each payment, Houthbage regularly issues a valid tax-deductible invoice, which is valid in every country, and especially in the EU, which is the most important thing for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The slogan: “It has never been easier to advertise and choose accommodation” can be applied to all accommodation entities from hotels, hostels, camps, motels, private accommodation. And that simply by opening a profile on the search engine or through the Houthbage app on mobile phones. center_img One of the big differences is that the Houthbage search engine displays categories, not just the names of hotels or other accommodations by name. So, if we write in the search engine, for example, hotels Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Opatija… we will get a register or a list of different hotels directly without intermediaries, where the user has all the information about the same, and can view their website, Instagram and Fb or contact. Logically, because a foreign tourist who searches for accommodation in a city does not know the name of the hotel, and so through the Houthbage search engine gets the whole list of hotels in a destination. Business ads amount to € 120 per year, ie. 10 € per month (75 kn) for everyone regardless of size and category. Anyone can advertise for the same cheapest price on the market and what is interesting is that everyone can do it for themselves and pay by credit card without the need for external companies and additional costs that come with it. Today it has never been easier to find and choose accommodation and it has never been easier to promote your accommodation with a fixed price service. Learn more about the Houthbage search engine HERE. On the other hand, hotels, hostels, camps and other accommodation also want to offer their services and charge them directly from users, without intermediaries. Despite huge investments in internet marketing, maintenance and updating of website pages, they are not successful in that, because with all their efforts they can hardly skip large intermediaries.last_img

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