first_img“Our focus is ensuring residents are completely safe from COVID-19. As the main principle is restriction, we need to monitor people’s mobility,” he said on Wednesday as reported by explained that the CLM was an app-based system that required residents to fill in self-assessment forms about whether they had been exposed to COVID-19 or not.Read also: ‘Transitional PSBB’: A deciding chapter for Jakarta’s new normalHe urged all residents to submit the form through the Jaki app so they could know if it was safe to travel outside their residence.“We encourage everyone to submit information on their health through the form truthfully. The submissions will be assessed by the system and a final score will be given,” he said.If the score is below the specified threshold, then the resident should not leave their house, while if the score is above the threshold, they will be allowed to travel.“We urge everyone whose assessments suggest they get a [PCR] test not to go on a trip or to make sure the results of the test are negative first,” he added. (dpk)Topics : The Jakarta administration has waived the exit and entry permit (SIKM) requirement for travelers entering or leaving the capital city since Monday following the activation of the Corona Likelihood Metric (CLM) that is accessible through the city’s smart city mobile app Jakarta Kini (Jaki).Jakarta Transportation Agency head Syafrin Liputo said the SIKM was initially aimed at restricting people’s mobility during the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) period. The CLM was developed to control people’s activities so they would feel safe during the PSBB transition period imposed by the city administration.last_img

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