first_img StumbleUpon Ilya Machavariani, Dentons – CIS regional dynamics will come to play prior to gambling take-off July 31, 2020 Submit Share Fonbet builds betting experience through ‘Alice’ voice assistant July 7, 2020 Share Industry affiliate Bookmaker Ratings has issued a detailed breakdown and analysis of the current state of play for the Russian betting sector.Partnering with Russian market research company Romir, Bookmaker Ratings estimates the Russian betting sector to be worth around the RUB 677 billion mark circa $11 billion at current exchange rate value.The affiliate details that Russian betting is currently divided into two markets, representing traditional land-based betting vs new online licensed/unlicensed enterprises.In the case of land-based betting, Bookmaker Ratings details that Russia’s six licensed bookmakers who service approximately 7000 betting points are worth approximately RUB 255 billion ($4 billion) a year.Nevertheless, the reality of Russian betting sees digital enterprises having overtaken traditional land-based wagering. Bookmaker Ratings places a total value of RUB 422 billion being spent per year via digital betting operators.In its research Bookmaker Ratings details that online betting is a hard proposition to calculate due to the market being split by licensed operators’ vs unlicensed foreign bookmakers targeting Russian consumers.The affiliate states that the Russian betting market has reached to around 2 million players placing bets with around RUB 422 billion ($7.1 billion). Detailing a breakdown on licensed online betting vs unlicensed foreign bookmakers has proved to be difficult for Bookmaker Ratings, as there is likely to be consumer crossover between the two verticals.Bookmaker Ratings expects the number of Russian online betting players to grow in the coming years, but details that Russian authorities are severely restricting foreign bookmakers.At present, The Russian government has made a concerted effort to push digital consumers towards its 11 licensed online bookmakers The Russian Duma’s crackdown on illegal gambling websites had been well documented.Looking forward Bookmaker Ratings details that the increased take-up of digital and mobile betting could see the Russian betting market hit the RUB 1.2 trillion mark by 2022, with a strong contribution from newly licensed betting operators entering the market._______________________Read the full market report at Duma approves overhaul of Russian sports betting laws  July 23, 2020 Related Articleslast_img

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