first_imgYou’ll accept baseball with the DH in both leagues. You’ll accept it with a 20-second pitch clock. You’ll accept it with batter limits for pitchers. You’ll accept it pretty much no matter what. Because baseball has always evolved, and you’ve always adapted.MORE: 19 reasons why baseball will be great in 2019Don’t think I’m talking down here. I’ve been skeptical of changes in the past, but I’ve always moved on. Just like you. Just like almost all fans.To pretend the game has stayed unchanged in any significant way over the decades is to romanticize things to the point of revisionist history. You were a fan when there were 26 (or fewer) teams and four divisions. You were a fan when there were 30 teams and six divisions. You were a fan during the Steroid Era. You’re a fan after. You were a fan when the All-Star Game was an exhibition. You’ve been a fan when it’s not. You were a fan with one wild-card team. You’re a fan with two. You were a fan before replay. You’re a fan after.Because baseball has always evolved, and you’ve always adapted.True, the game’s evolution has sometimes irked you, and sometimes even made you outright mad, but you’ve always gotten over it. This isn’t an endorsement of any proposal (though I am pro-DH). It’s just to say that, if you’re a baseball fan, you’re probably more willing to forgive and accept than you realize. Nothing will change now, no matter which proposal gains approval. You’ll get over it because you’re first and foremost a baseball fan, and the essence of the sport has never changed: Pitch the ball, hit the ball, try to score runs. The beauty of baseball isn’t in rules or technicalities. The beauty of the game isn’t in pitchers hitting, or the time between pitches, or in the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. The beauty is in the game itself: the liner off the bat, the diving catch, the runner crossing the plate.There will still be dominant pitchers if the mound moves back a few inches. There will still be late-inning drama if a reliever is forced to face three at least three batters. You’ll still enjoy watching your team hit, even if one of the hitters isn’t a pitcher. FOSTER: It’s time for the DH in the NL | GATTO: Every NL team has DH optionsWhen changes come, the initial complaints are loud but the noise eventually goes away and we’re left with a simple idea: That’s just baseball. Because baseball has always evolved, and you’ve always adapted.The noise has come many times throughout baseball history.”I’ll never watch another game!””I won’t enjoy this!””I won’t spend another dollar.”Guess what: You watched another game, you enjoyed it and you spent another dollar. So with or without a universal DH, with or without the mound at 60 feet 6 inches, with or without a pitch clock, and — dare I say — with or without a runner at second base to start extra innings, you’ll still watch and you’ll still enjoy it. It’s what baseball fans do.Because baseball has always evolved, and you’ve always adapted. Baseball is evolving. You’ll get over it. That’s the blunt way to say that none of the proposed rule changes — either from owners or players — would keep fans from watching and enjoying baseball. I know you think they will, but they won’t. Sure, you’ll complain and tweet, but nothing will ultimately change. You’ll still be the same fan you were last season and season before that and the season before that.last_img

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