first_imgI’m shocked, shocked, I tell you! How did they ever survive without him against Maryland and Rutgers?— Phillip Melnick (@prmpsu) November 13, 2019One more time for posterity’s sake: “LOL at Maryland at Rutgers.”The just punishment for Chase Young’s non-crime was zero games, but the funniest punishment was “skip the Maryland and Rutgers games”— Rodger Sherman (@rodger) November 13, 2019Would that have cut down on Todd Gurley’s suspension? Who’s to say?Young misses the Maryland and Rutgers game, but back for Penn State.Todd Gurley should have just taken a “loan”— Radi Nabulsi (@RadiNabulsi) November 13, 2019A lot of people, actually.This is so shocking. Who’d have guessed Chase Young would miss games against Maryland and Rutgers but then be eligible for PSU, Michigan and the championship game.— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz) November 13, 2019 A little too perfect, Twitter has decided.MORE: How Young suspension affects Big Ten, Playoff discussionsUsers on that mercurial social media platform were quick to assume the NCAA refused to treat Ohio State fairly because it is a big-name school. Others suggested Ohio State knew the timing of Young’s suspension would be short, and therefore “discovered” the potential NCAA violation so that he’d only miss action against the Terrapins and Scarlet Knights. Others, of course, made fun of such conspiracy theories, but it all made for an interesting stroll down the Twitter timeline.Here are some of the more notable entries:To be fair, the NCAA has gone after Ohio State pretty hard before.So, Chase Young misses Maryland and Rutgers only…NCAAing at its finest.— Brad Shepard (@Brad_Shepard) November 13, 2019Get on the Big Ten’s level, scrubs.This Chase Young thing is the NCAA’s way of telling the Big 10 that Maryland and Rutgers don’t belong in that conference, and the NCAA won’t justify their inclusion by allowing Ohio State to play its best defensive player against them.— Brett Hudson (@Brett_Hudson) November 13, 2019Urban Meyer didn’t get a job with the NCAA did he?Lol suspended for Maryland and Rutgers… that is some Urban Meyer level of selective suspensions.— Mark Nagi (@MarkNagi) November 13, 2019Again with the Maryland/Rutgers hate.If they wanted to punish them, they should’ve made him play vs. Maryland and Rutgers.— Taylor Higgins (@coach_higgins) November 13, 2019Won’t someone think about the Terrapins and Scarlet Knights?The NCAA made a great decision by suspending Chase Young for the Maryland and Rutgers games. Someone would’ve died on the field. NCAA out here saving lives— The U.S. of NCAA (@theUSofNCAA) November 13, 2019(Dollar signs).#NCAA suspends him for two games for accepting money from a family friend. Those two games were unravels Maryland and Rutgers, but they “realized” it was a mistake and are letting him play against a ranked Penn State that’ll 1) be sold out and 2) be on national TV. 🤔🤔— Pablo Rosero (@PabloRosero_4) November 13, 2019It’s a miracle the Buckeyes weren’t blown out of the water. Ohio State announced on Wednesday that Chase Young’s suspension would conclude after the Buckeyes’ game at Rutgers on Saturday.That’s great news for Buckeyes fans, as Ohio State will likely need him ahead of ranked matchups in No. 9 Penn State, No. 14 Michigan and either of No. 7 Minnesota or No. 15 Wisconsin. Indeed, the timing of his suspension — comprised of Maryland and Rutgers, who have combined for a 5-14 record — is perfect.last_img

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