first_imgThe Liberia Albino Society (LAS) on Monday organized an impressive celebration marking World Albino Day in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.LAS executive director Patricia Logan made an impassioned plea to the Liberian public to reach out in love and compassion to our Albino brothers and sisters, who are in that condition through no fault of their own.  It is a phenomenon found throughout the world.In some societies, such as Tanzania, these people are very badly treated.  Some are even abused in human sacrifice, making life extremely difficult and unbearable for them. Such an extremity is thankfully not found in Liberia.  Still, Liberians need to do more to help them cope with life.  We should all, whenever we come across them, display a positive attitude toward them, treating them just as we treat any other person, without seeming condescending or feeling sorry for them; but displaying love, fellowship and kindness.Executive Director made a broader appeal on behalf of Albinos.  She called on government and the larger society to help provide quality education form these people, in order to equip them with the intellectual preparedness and skills they need to live in society.We call on all people of goodwill, wherever they are–in families, clubs, civic and social groups, educational and religious institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and the business community to think of ways in which they can help Albinos.This is society.  We also appeal to the government of Liberia to think creatively of ways in which its various entities can help these people.  The government runs many educational institutions, including primary, secondary, vocational, technical and tertiary ones.  GOL should challenge each of these institutions to find ways in which they can creatively involve these people and absorb them in the various educational facilities.Students, faculty and staff everywhere should be given special skills in dealing not just with Albinos but all others with special needs, so that there exists an atmosphere of camaraderie, friendship and belonging.GOL and other groups should offer scholarship opportunities to Albinos to give them easier access to schools. We further call on employers to open their doors to Albinos.  This will enable them to feel a normal part of society and help them to integrate more freely amongst their compatriots.All organizations catering specifically to the needs of Albinos should help them with communication skills that will empower them to relate more effectively among themselves and with others. We believe that these ideas will help our Albino compatriots to fit more easily in society and feel a greater sense belonging and citizenship.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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