first_imgDear Editor,With reference to the letter in another section of the media on April 4, 2018, by Lalman Ramsundar about the person who will be the presidential candidate for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in 2020 is something that should be decided by the Executive and Central Committee of the PPP.The leadership of the PPP has numerous presidential candidates who are fit and proper but Jagdeo is the only person who has the popularity for a landslide victory at the 2020 elections.Ramsundar should know that at any congress, delegates votes for the leaders to the Central Committee of the PPP so to accuse Bharrat Jagdeo of political interference is just another method of creating mischief among the leadership and memberships.The attack on Gail Teixeira, a senior executive member of the PPP, indicates that this so-called political campaigner is either a People’s National Congress activist or a devious deceptive wicked so-called PPP detractor trying to sway or confuse the people’s minds from the only hope in the 2020 elections that is a victory for the PPP.Irrespective of who may succeed, Jagdeo if the Third term case goes against him, it would be a challenge not to have Jagdeo as part of an ‘A team’ that would assure the voters that Jagdeo – who is considered to be the saviour or the “Mahatma Gandhi” of the Guyanese people, would guarantee voters a comprehensive recovery and rebuild Guyana. Lalman Ramsundar must also know that at the last elections in 2015 when Jagdeo started to campaign with the PPP, the polls had the PPP in the high 3’s which was about three months before the elections. But because of the aggressive campaign by Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP, the election was declared a loss by a just a few thousand votes by the Guyana Elections Commission.  Let me also remind Ramsundar that Jagdeo as the General Secretary of the PPP has renewed hopes in leadership, the membership and to a wider extent, the Guyanese people, that the PPP is the only political party that has what it takes to rebuild Guyana and ensure that democracy prevails once again.Numerous persons may have their choices who they would like to be their presidential hopefuls but Ramsundar should remember that creating mischief among the leadership of the PPP would not guarantee him his favourite choice, because there is a democratic system within their PPP to ensure that the most suitable person is being chosen by the Executive And Central Committee of the PPP.  Bharrat Jagdeo is a symbol of the PPP that would assure voters that with his successful leadership (as was evident under his leadership as President) Guyanese would be happy once again after the PPP victory in the 2020 Regional and General elections.Sincerely,Zamal Hussainlast_img

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