first_imgIt is interesting how we manufacture positions that are not known in the world and insist that it is what is being done in the world.Many years ago, when the bubbling soccer star, George Weah was playing abroad and making contributions to his national team, some clever minister at the time decided to invent the title ‘sports ambassador’ without terms of reference (TOR) which was officially added to his portfolio up to this day.Actually any Liberian who presents a positive outlook to make the country look fine abroad represents the best of the country and hence that person is an ambassador.It must be, however, noted an individual can be described as an ambassador there is a class of professionally trained people that are recognized and actually domiciled in countries not their own and look over the interest of their countries, known as ambassadors.In other words they are those who are known officially as diplomats who represent their countries’ interests in other countries and are provided with preferential treatment. In the current discussion ‘Ambassador’ George Weah was simply a young man who was doing the best for his country’s national team and therefore he became a role model, representing his country unofficially abroad.It, therefore, does not mean that ‘Ambassador’ Weah was paid for his services when he resided in Europe neither did he have any kind of immunity so the title ‘ambassador’ was simply symbolic and an honor for his good deeds for the country.In the course of time few other Liberians were also honored with that title; Jonathan Sogbie (Boye Charles) and Juli Endee, too. This background is necessary because reports indicate that on March 15, 2014, Youth & Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe appointed Mr. Adama C. Kiawu to the position ofSports Attaché to represent the interests of the ministry and wants Ngafuan’s endorsement.A news report in a local daily said Mr. Kiawu has worked “tirelessly representing the Ministry of Youth & Sports in various conferences in Africa, United States at his own expense.” In fact it said that was the reason Minister Nagbe decided to recommend him for the appointment as a Sports Attaché and his recommendation has not been honored by Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan, and therefore making an issue of it.True, ignorant of the law is no excuse and so out of sympathy or ignorance some reporters continue to write about the delay of Mr. Kiawu’s appointment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.What perhaps Mr. Kiawu and his campaign groups have failed to take note is that there is nothing like that position anywhere in the world, though Minister Nagbe is quoted as saying that the position “is a new phenomenon being practiced by most countries in the world to promote sports development initiatives between and among sporting federations in Europe and around the world.” On what planet?Officials at the Liberia Football Association were shocked to learn about the campaign to promote someone as sports Attaché, for they never heard of it.Newspaper reports claim that Adama Kiawu is a licensed football coach and a member of the UK Coaching Club. Why not come home and coach the national U-20 soccer team, Kiawu? Why go for a position without pay, which of course does not exist in the diplomatic sector? Being a Liberian abroad means Kiawu’s positive contribution makes him an ambassador for the good of the country.Perhaps Kiawu and his supporters will tell us about his real intent for the title as Sports Attaché because to get Minister Nagbe to agree that such a position exist is not convincing enough to get such an accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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