first_imgIt has been a tough two weeks trying to get all the necessary requirements in place to prepare Genevieve for her trip to Ghana.There have been challenges, tears as Genevieve awaits her removal from the ELWA Hospital.So, how is Genevieve? The medical report by ELWA hospital has since been released and it confirmed that Genevieve would have to be taken to Ghana for an EMG and muscle biopsy by a neurologist. Presently, this newspaper has contacted the hospital to which Genevieve would have to be taken and is waiting to speak with the doctor directly.Two young Liberians now based in the United States came together and created an account for Genevieve and so far they have been able to raise U$4,056 from 130 supporters.Senora Teasly, the campaign organizer, recently deposited U$2,000. While the family waits for their sick daughter to me removed for the procedure, the fundraising continues.Meanwhile, Genevieve’s flight is being prepared, but it has been a challenge because she needs an oxygen tank. Her oxygen level is presently at 98, which is better than the average 95 she had last week.“If her oxygen level drops to 92, then she needs oxygen,” stated a doctor at ELWA.Meanwhile, Genevieve has spent the last 6 months suffering from muscle weakness, appendix and a list of other conditions. Without money to address her illness, they fell behind and now Genevieve is almost 75 percent paralyzed.Strong and determined to live through her challenges, Genevieve is optimistic that she will be saved and calls this newspaper her ‘guardian angel.’“She is responding to treatment, the swelling is going down and she is relieved from too much pain. The only thing is her shoulder blades which cause her to cry at times when someone is holding them,” stated her mother and caretaker Doris Sawie.As the family waits for further funds from the bank to be released to them, everyone is further encouraged to donate to Genevieve’s treatment. The goal is US$7,000.Listed below are the names of those who donated through the site. The family sends their heartfelt appreciation to all those who want to see their daughter fight to live.1. Mamawa2. Samuelina3. Louise Nyalousa4. Kahina5. Fanta6. Naffiesa7. Bishop Wilfred8. Stanley9. Mahnkerlay10. Tracy11. Elizabeth12. Maima13. Yayah14. Rachel15. Jmama16. Veronica17. George18. Jannave19. Mariam20. Josephine21. Michael22. Nahima23. Romel24. Henrietta25. Pauline26. Ogechukwu27. Garpu28. Andrea29. Deddeh30. Queenie31. Ralph32. Memunatu33. Alfred34. Mimi35. Youjay36. Foday37. Gbuo38. Zanwon39. Josephine40. Ben41. Ola42. Eugene43. Erica Nani44. Nazarine45. Bassie46. Daisy47. Christine E.48. Senora’s49. Antoinette50. Sara51. Josephine52. Precious53. Princess54. Jackson55. Lynn56. Vivian57. DEDDEH58. Frank59. Christiana60. Sweetie61. Debbie62. Patience63. EDITH64. Patience65. Princess66. Isata67. Vivian68. Carlton69. Robert70. Min.71. Archie72. PATRICIA73. Younger74. Patience75. Decontee76. Tonia77. Leo-Constance78. Elio79. Madelyn80. Ramatu81. Patrick82. Sofaphine83. Nemade84. Thelma85. Marlinda86. Tenneh87. Walton88. Al89. AlfredaMeanwhile, 40 persons donated anonymously… Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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