first_imgThe news last week that former Deputy Education Minister in the Unity Party-led government, Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, had suddenly quit the Liberty Party, which he joined only two months ago along with his 5000 followers from Nimba County, is bound to raise several questions.As we approach the pivotal election year of 2017, Dr. Dahn, like everyone else, began weighing his options. Shall he continue to affiliate with the ruling party that had, upon his return from doctoral studies in the United States, appointed him Deputy Minister of Education? No longer in that position, he still enjoys a good GOL Education post.Recently, Dahn suddenly decided to join Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party. Why do we say “suddenly?”He also must have heard that Brumskine had stated, already during the 2005 campaign, that it was time for a man from Grand Bassa to become president and “to eat dumboy in the Executive Mansion.”On February 17, 2017, Dr. Dahn jumped up, along with 5000 followers from his native Nimba County, and joined the Liberty Party. Why do we say he “jumped up”? Because that is exactly what he did.Did the ‘book doctor’ not know then that Brumskine’s desire, as a good Bassa man, to “eat dumboy in the Executive Mansion” was, however jokingly it may have been intended, a patently ethnic remark?Dahn also should have realized that as an opposition politician, LP standard bearer Brumskine is expected to seize every opportunity to criticize the ruling UP government. So why was Dr. Dahn surprised that Brumskine was “increasingly critical of the ruling party?” Dahn also said he did not like Brumskine’s description as “nonsense” a remark Vice President Joseph N. Boakai had made.What, may we ask, did Dr. Dahn learn about American politics during all the years he spent studying and working in the United States? Did he, in this digital age, when world news is instantly available on mobile phone, miss the most recent presidential campaign between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, which everyone described as very “nasty and vitriolic”? So Dahn’s criticism of Brumskine in that particular respect was at best flimsy, trivial, and devoid of political experience and maturity.It was also confusing. If he wanted to be defensive of the ruling UP, he should have stayed where he was.Here now is he, exactly two months later, April 17, 2017, taking yet another jump, back to the party in whose government he is still employed.He argued that the LP is ethnocentric and, in another reminiscent “jump,” remembered that just a few years ago Counselor Brumskine had pledged “to eat dumboy in the Mansion.”What had happened to Dahn’s analytical and research skills, which he should have mastered in his pursuit of the PhD? Had he realized LP’s ethnic proclivity (tendency) barely two months after he had joined?To buttress his decision to quit LP for UP, Doctor Dahn also claimed that “a wise man changes.” If he is that much a genius to have realized Brumskine’s negative peculiarities only two months after joining the party, why had he not figured that out long before—in all the years since Brumskine’s first plunge into the presidential race?Is Dahn’s sudden departure from LP to UP “wise”? Or is he simply seeking a greener pasture, after realizing that the LP terrain may not be that “green” after all?Will at least some of his “5000 followers” think that he had misled them? How many of them may follow him to his new pasture? In one of his many instructive songs, the late South African reggae star, Lucky Dube, warned: “The grass is greener on the other side until you get there and see for yourself.”It is said that Dr. Dahn is an aspirant for the representative seat of Buuyao Electoral District #5 in Nimba County. He must have harbored that aspiration before joining LP. Does he suddenly now believe that his chances of election are better under the UP banner?Or does Dr. Dahn suspect that, as the voter-rich Nimba County people did both in 2005 and 2011—they will swing once again to UP?Where does Senator Prince Johnson, who calls himself—and many Nimbaians believe him to be—the county’s kingmaker, stand in all this?But this is what makes politics a most interesting game. There is a lot to watch in this ensuing political season. In the case of this “wise man,” Kadiker Rex Dahn, it remains to be seen where his most recent “jump” will land him.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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