first_imgA fire on Monday destroyed a sawmill at Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, leaving millions of dollars in damages.The fire was first seen coming from a generator at N and S Gumani, also referred to as ‘Data Sawmill’ situated at Lot 19 Grant 1651 Crabwood Creek.There are reports that there was some sparking at the building earlier in the day.Despite an initial response from workers on duty, they were forced to run to safety since a fuel tank was stationed next to the generator. One of the workers, Michael Reece, said he was welding at the time the alarm was raised. He said he had to leave the generator running as he fled to safety.What remained of the sawmill“You know when you working you dose be listening to hear if the engine make any funny sound but I din hear no funny sound; only when then boys call out. When I run and go I see the smoking and when I go to cut off the plan but I see fire and I get my finger burn and the heat was so much that I run out because I know that at the side get a big tank full with diesel and so the fire just start walking through and then with the breeze we could do nothing.”He added that he then focused his attention on removing some of the vehicles which were in close proximity to the sawmill.The initial smoke was seen at about 10:30h. Reece, who has been working at the sawmill for the past five months, said the Skeldon Fire Service was contacted and responded but by the time they did it was too late.<<<<>>>> understands that there was a storeroom situated next to the generator which contains lubricants. The lubricants and spare parts were for the 12 heavy-duty vehicles, a boat which was docked and for the sawmill. They all assisted with providing fuel for the blaze which was already quickly consuming the piles of wood at the mill. The sawdust that was around also made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the blaze.Meanwhile, Seeta Gamandi, was high in her praise for the community, noting that they were able to save several vehicles which were around the burning sawmill.“The whole community came out and I must say that I am very grateful because we had five tractors, a combine, two trucks… so the community come and they help to get everything on the road.Gamandi estimates losses in excess of $25 million, noting that the two generators which were destroyed in the fire cost $8 million, while two other engines for a tug valued at $1 million each were also burnt.However, she explained that they are still in the process of calculating the amount of wood which was destroyed.The sawmill was not insured, however, all of the safety regulations were in place. According to Gamandi, several agencies including the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) made frequent checks to the operations, the most recent being last week.All six of the workers are now attached to the lumber yard which is another business operated by the Gamandi’s.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Photo saved as fire 1, 2, 3PHOTO CAPTION1) The fire fully ablaze2) What remained of the sawmill3) The destroyed generator plantlast_img

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