The Kings Got Fleeced In The Cousins Trade

CARMELO projection for DeMarcus Cousins 2018-199.25.354.5 2017-1810.65.7$59.6m 2019-207.84.946.8 SEASONWARBPMVALUE 2020- 2023- 2022- Word broke late Sunday night why DeMarcus Cousins played only two minutes in that evening’s All-Star game: He’d been traded. The Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans agreed on a deal that will send Cousins and Omri Casspi to New Orleans in exchange for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a protected 2017 first-round pick and a 2017 second-rounder. While the Kings may have been concerned about Cousins’s surliness and ongoing feud with referees, they were absolutely fleeced in basketball terms.The tradeAccording to an updated version of FiveThirtyEight’s CARMELO projections, which assumes Cousins’s production will remain steady for the remainder of this season, we’d expect Cousins to produce 46.5 Wins Above Replacement over the next six seasons, and value equivalent to $284.4 million on the open market. That’s a top-10 projection in the league over that period, and one that dwarfs the expected production of the players coming back to Sacramento. Of course, usage rate is a broad indicator, and doesn’t account for the other big unknown: How will two dominant big men fare in a league increasingly run by guards? It’s probably too early to answer that, but there will be plenty of complications to work through. Take the logjam in the post: Cousins posts up on 20.9 percent of his possessions, according to Synergy Sport Technology, and Davis on 16 percent of his. Both are good but not great at these possessions — Davis is in the 58th percentile in points per possession, Cousins the 65th — but the bigger concern is that post-ups tend to engage only one big man in the play, lessening the impact of the other star. Cousins has shot 36.4 percent on spot-up threes this season, so the Pelicans have some options there, but they likely didn’t trade for him with the intent of sitting him in a corner where he could jack league-average threes.That said, there are also reasons to think Cousins may be even better on the Pelicans. For instance, Cousins has been assisted on just 42.4 percent of his 2-point attempts this season, a staggeringly low number for a big man, especially one who uses as many possessions as Cousins does. That isn’t a one-season phenomenon, either — throughout his career, Cousins has ranged from the mid-40s to low 50s on percent-assisted.On the one hand, a center putting up a 37.5 usage rate while also having to create most of his own shots, while also putting up a career-high true shooting percent (56.2) is incredible. Alleviating some of the pressure to create every shot on his own should free Cousins to be even more devastating. That’s generally how the usage-to-efficiency relationship works. On the other hand, a career-long history of grabbing the rock and going it alone may be a hard habit to shake.And that’s the conundrum a team trading for Cousins faced: Cousins has not had much help, but Cousins has not accepted much, either. How he deals with that help coming in the form of an All-NBA power forward will determine whether this deal remains as lopsided as it appears today, or becomes a bad time for everyone.Check out our latest NBA predictions. Hield has been a disappointment in his first season, shooting 39.2 percent from the floor and 36.9 percent from three while having minimal impact in other facets of the game. He’s only a rookie, so he has time to improve, but at 23 years old he is also a good deal older than most NBA rookies. (He’s also in the mold of other shooting guards favored by the Kings in recent drafts, such as Nik Stauskas and Ben McLemore, so it’s possible the Kings think Hield is a bigger asset than he’s shown himself to be so far.) The version of CARMELO that isn’t updated with this season’s stats expects him to produce around $37.4 million in value over the next five seasons. Evans, 27, is expected to produce around $77.4 million in value over the next five seasons, though he is only signed through the remainder of this season.The real value for Sacramento, such as it exists, is of course the draft picks. The 2017 draft pool is widely considered to be full of franchise-altering players, such as Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, and securing an extra lottery pick is a big deal. However, the top-3 protection is a bigger deal than it may seem.While the draft lottery largely slots teams into a range of picks relative to their standings, all teams have a set chance to jump out of their place in line and into the top three slots. As it stands today, the Pelicans have a little under an 8 percent chance to luck into a top-3 pick. But if they begin to struggle and fall just two games in the standings relative to the other lottery teams, supplanting Philadelphia for the fifth-worst record, that chance shoots to over 31 percent.It’s more likely than not that the Pelicans will remain outside of the top three, but even that doesn’t swing things entirely in the Kings’ favor. Because of the top-heavy nature of the NBA draft, the first few picks are disproportionately valuable compared to later picks, even in the lottery. This means the Pelicans retain the rights to the biggest prizes. In other words, a small chance at a big reward (a top-three pick) can be nearly as valuable as a far greater chance at a just-OK one.By making this trade, the Kings are implicitly betting against Cousins. They’re betting against his living up to his projections and being a difference maker on an imperfectly constructed team. But in a perverse way, that’s why the top-three protection on the draft pick is such a killer. Let’s say everything breaks the Kings’ way — Cousins turns out to be a player who isn’t conducive to winning, the Pelicans struggle to integrate Cousins into the team, and the team struggles down the stretch. But if the Pelicans do tank with Cousins, the only way that affects the Kings is to lower the odds they actually get their hands on that 2017 lottery pick. And if things go the other way and the Pelicans make the playoffs, the pick can be no better than 15th.Re-signing CousinsCousins has one year remaining on his deal, and can’t become a free agent until the summer of 2018. However, due to terms in the new collective bargaining agreement, Cousins was up for a five-year, $209 million “Designated Player Extension” this summer, which would have been added to the one year remaining on his deal and locked him up through 2023.Unlike other contract extension rights, however, the right to sign this designated player extension does not transfer with a trade, so the most Cousins can sign for now is five years and $180 million.It’s far too early to begin speculating whether Cousins will re-sign in New Orleans, but as we evaluate the trade, it’s important to remember that Sacramento had a massive advantage in re-signing Cousins if it chose to do so, making fear of losing him for nothing a much smaller issue than it often is for other teams trading superstars.Cousins and DavisThe big question will be whether Cousins and Davis can both continue to produce as prolifically as they have on their own. The answer pretty obviously is “no,” since there is only one basketball and their current combined usage rates (32.5 for Davis, 37.5 for Cousins) would leave barely any possessions for their teammates. But usage also tends to find equilibrium among teammates, especially ones who aren’t occupying the same areas of the floor and getting in each other’s way. That’s a problem if you’re, say, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, who both loved to hang out on the left wing.A glance at their shot charts, via StatMuse, shows that while both big men operate out of the post, they shouldn’t be fighting for space outside of the immediate basket area. 2021- Updated with 2016-17 stats through Feb. 19. read more

Screw It — Lets Debate Some Hypothetical LeBron Trades

This makes some sense from both sides if you think about it.natesilver: :inhales from vape:kyle: The Cavs add rebounding and passing in the frontcourt and youth in the backcourt.natesilver: :inhales deeply:chris.herring: Wow, Kyle.neil: LOL. I think we’re done here. kyle: This is a real thing, though: Building in a small market is HARD. This is why teams like the Pistons take such big risks just to get a guy like Blake Griffin or why Memphis paid Mike Conley and Marc Gasol knowing the clock was up on that core. Things worked out, eventually, for the Philly teardown, but even those guys, good as they look, are playing .500 ball in the East at the stage Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal were making the finals.If the Cavs parachute out of the LeBron era, they have to be VERY certain that there’s no chance whatsoever this season and that LeBron is very, very likely to leave.chris.herring: I honestly think he’d have to straight-up tell them he’s gone. Anything short of that, and fans will never forgive you. We’re a site that deals in probabilities, but no fan would give a damn about that.natesilver: I mean, I feel like we’re going in circles here. Let’s say the Cavs have a (i) 5 percent to 10 percent chance to win the title this year; (ii) 70 percent chance that LeBron leaves this summer; (iii) a further 70 percent chance that LeBron leaves next summer, even if he’s still here this summer. And let’s say you can get a potential franchise talent — not a Ben Simmons level talent, but say Donovan Mitchell or Ingram — in return.chris.herring: All it would take is LeBron saying 20 years from now that he never wanted to leave, and Dan Gilbert would get threatening letters in droves for a decision that actually seemed wise at the time.neil: That’s the thing with LeBron — he loves to keep his options open.kyle: neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): We are all gathered here because FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver had a very hot NBA trade deadline take that he needed to get out into the world. Nate, what is your idea?natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): I think the Cavaliers should trade LeBron James.🔥neil: Go on …natesilver: I think the Cavaliers are a dumpster fire right now, and their trade options aren’t very attractive because their second- and third-best players are at the bottom of their market value (because of an injury in Kevin Love’s case). And I think it’s too risky to trade Brooklyn’s No. 1 pick when there’s a good chance that LeBron leaves anyway this summer. So it’s maybe their least-worst option.kyle (Kyle Wagner, senior editor): Disagree, vehemently, but also I have a muscle emoji trade proposal for if they do, so willing to hear this out.natesilver: I’m assuming they can get something pretty good, though.chris.herring (Chris Herring, senior sportswriter): Funny thing is, I think Love’s value would have been pretty decent now had it not been for his injury.neil: So this notion implicitly assumes that the Cavs have no chance this year and should just wave the white flag on the season. Is that fair for a LeBron-led team that has won the East three years running, even given how bad they look right now?chris.herring: But this dumpster fire does feel fundamentally different from the past midseason lulls.natesilver: Just to set a fairly low bar here … what if the Cavs could get Brandon Ingram + Lonzo Ball + an unprotected No. 1 from the Lakers. (Plus a bunch of crap to make the salaries work.) They’d definitely be smart to do that, right? (Assuming that LeBron telegraphs that he’ll sign in LA long term, which is part of the Lakers’ calculus.)chris.herring: I guess it comes down to this: Yes, it would be devastating and perhaps crippling to lose the guy for nothing. At the same time, don’t you have to be 100 percent sure that he wouldn’t come back before you deal him?(It’s also worth mentioning here that he has a no-trade clause. So they couldn’t just deal him away without talking with him first.)natesilver: kyle: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOneil: LOLchris.herring: 😒 😒😒😒😒😒😒natesilver: It’s basically the Arizona Wranglers-Chicago Blitz franchise swap option.chris.herring: I will say this: We don’t exactly know how Gordon Hayward comes back. And he hasn’t shown to be someone you can run your offense through. It grinded my gears last year that Iso Joe Johnson was Utah’s end-of-game shot taker.neil: I just wanna see the look on Kyrie Irving’s face when that is announced.chris.herring: Exactly! Kyrie would throw a hissy fit if that happened. He just ran away from that situation. So you can’t deal for a guy that would put him in that scenario all over again.natesilver: You can also include a Al Horford-for-Love swap if you want as part of it — the salaries work out.neil: Even better!But, seriously, I’m curious — does the destination in-season have to be the team LeBron would be interested in re-signing with? How would the return package change between a team that thinks it can hang onto LeBron past 2018 and a team for whom he’s just a five-month rental?natesilver: I guess I’m thinking back to the Carmelo Anthony precedent — where a team would pay a lot to “lock him in.” Maybe a big premium over fair market price.chris.herring: Kind of like the Rockets just did with Chris Paul, before he hit free agency?kyle: OK, here’s an actual (and still idiotic) idea: If Cleveland is going to trade for a Boston guard, it should target Marcus Smart. Cleveland’s defense is awful. Marcus is a one-man defense. Boston very likely can’t pay Marcus this summer. Given Cleveland’s needs, Smart makes as much sense as a microwave scoring option to replace Kyrie one-to-one. It’s just much harder to justify spending assets on him to your fans and owner.natesilver: But Cleveland doesn’t really have needs anymore if they trade LeBron, right?Or at least, not short-term needs?kyle: If Cleveland trades LeBron, its short-term needs include riot gear and tarps for the 300-level.chris.herring: LOLneil: What’s incredible is that even after all of their struggles, the Cavs are still quite likely to make the playoffs. So basically this would have them limp into the postseason as a hollowed-out zombie version of a team, while some other team actually trying will miss the playoffs.natesilver: natesilver: Wait, what is happening? I can’t even process it with all those colors.kyle: The Lakers would win 25 games. That’s … not terrible, right?kyle: I don’t think the Bucks make sense at all, tbh. There’s a ton of duplication of skills with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Giannis isn’t developed the way Dwyane Wade was in 2010 to play next to LeBron as a non-shooter.natesilver: But they’re getting 2018 Wade in the deal! Return to Milwaukee!I agree that they have overlapping-ish skill sets (which is a very, very nice thing to say about Giannis). But if the Bucks already had LeBron and you could clone him — well, you’d give up Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton and Thon Maker and Matthew Dellavedova for that, wouldn’t you?kyle: That’s the same reason the 76ers don’t really work. Joel Embiid is an amazing fit, but Ben Simmons not being able to shoot past the length of his arm is a tough, tough sell. Look at the players who have thrived next to LeBron — aside from Wade, who turned into a killer off-ball cutter and could always get to the rack, there isn’t really another guy who thrived with James without an outside shot. LeBron teams just run the LeBron offense, and a star like Giannis or Simmons doesn’t really fit that mold.In a way, the Bucks would be better off keeping Jabari and Middleton in that deal and finding another way to get value for Giannis.natesilver: Are you ready to get trolled? Here’s my next idea.chris.herring: LOL. Nate’s next idea must be a doozynatesilver: According to our projections, the Cavs have a 16 percent chance of reaching the finals again and a 5 percent chance of winning the title. And that’s with giving them a huge post-season bonus that assumes they’ll be a much better team in April than they are now.kyle: The reason the Cavs shouldn’t trade LeBron is pretty simple to me: certainty. They are trash right now, but we do expect at least some elevation come playoff time, just given recent history. But if you can make two assumptions, it’s crazy to trade him:Assumption 1: The Cavs are still a lock or a heavy favorite to advance out of the East. This is not a certainty! But I’m still having a very, very hard time taking Boston and Toronto at face value.Assumption 2: If a star Warrior is injured, the Cavs, as currently constructed, can beat that team, or at least be competitive.Assumption 1 gives you certainty: For the same reason that teams’ championship odds go WAY up once they advance a round and the other teams in the pool are still locking up their series, being chalk for the finals gives the Cavs a huge edge — if we think that’s still true.Assumption 2 is more important, though: If we think it’s true, it means their win-condition has not meaningfully changed. The Cavs were never going to compete with a full-strength Warriors team. They may have thought they were, but given the state of their roster and the state of Golden State’s, it was not going to happen. They always needed something to go sideways. In other words, this is still the best chance the Cavs will have at a title, and those chances maybe aren’t as diminished from earlier this season, or last season, as it seems.natesilver: (If you use a system like Basketball Power Index that doesn’t include a playoff boost, the Cavs’ odds of winning the title are … 0.2%).kyle: That said, they should definitely try to trade LeBron for Kawhi Leonard and see what happens.neil: Yes!natesilver: But what are the chances that Isaiah Thomas isn’t still complete trash by the playoffs?Or maybe that’s setting a low bar — but that he’s an above-average point guard (meaning very good offensively given his defensive liabilities).kyle: Low! But that doesn’t change the premise here. The question isn’t how much better the Cavs can get here; it’s whether improving this last-gasp roster with LeBron, who may leave this summer, is the best shot Cleveland has at a title. The alternative is tearing it all down and playing the lottery game, but that isn’t anything close to a guarantee at a roster that can mount even an empty challenge for the title.We’ve seen what rebuilding without LeBron looks like in Cleveland.natesilver: I guess I’m just assuming that he’s more likely than not to leave and that if he stays, he might only stay for a year.neil: What do you think those odds are, Nate, if you had to put a number on it?natesilver: I think there’s a … 70 percent chance that he leaves? I dunno. I’m not Woj. I just think there are other places where he’d be more likely to win a title and that he doesn’t have a lot to prove in Cleveland.kyle: I get that, but my argument here is that one playoff run with LeBron is worth several years of potential value, because certainty is very hard to come by and LeBron is as close to a sure thing as we’ve had. So if you can flip the Nets pick and Isaiah for, say, Kemba Walker, you should max out in your window. The bill will come due, but I think it’s reasonable to max out when you think you’ve got a shot, even a faint one.(FWIW, Woj-types believe Cleveland won’t trade the pick before the deadline.)neil: Yeah, a lot of it depends on what we think the Cavs’ odds of winning this season are as currently constructed in addition to the odds that LeBron would return to Cleveland (which could happen!), versus the chance that they’d be able to build a team as close to contending as this one using the Brooklyn pick plus whatever assets they get in a LeBron trade.Which I think is what you’re getting at, Kyle.natesilver: I think our odds showing them with only a 16 percent chance of winning the East are too low. But they’re really dysfunctional right now, they have a lot of work to do just get functional, they’re probably going to have to win a couple of road series just to make the finals … and then they’re going to have to beat the Warriors, or maybe the Rockets.kyle: Anyway, back to my Kawhi trade. LeBron and Pop! LeBron could make a pairing with LaMarcus Aldridge work! Remember that no-look Hammer pass that LeBron claimed he was the the only person in the world capable of throwing but actually Boris Diaw threw for the Spurs for years and years? Run that back!!!Also not for nothing, but Boris was a useful player in the league very recently, and he was essentially Washed-Up LeBron. I’m pretty sure LeBron could be 2015 Boris at age 60.natesilver: Why would San Antonio do that, though?chris.herring: There’s a part of me that wants Bron to play out the rest of the season as a Cav and then just maneuver a way to San Antonio or Houston.kyle: So LeBron’s no-trade clause makes all of this very academic. But in the timeline in which this happens, it would be backchanneled that he’d stick around a while. And IF the rift between Kawhi and the front office is real and IF Kawhi’s mysterious leg injury persists … Pop still tells Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to eat dirt, but it would be fun.And in theory, it would get him down there under the cap.chris.herring: I don’t think he would truly elevate anyone to championship level this year, aside from maybe Boston. The gap is too wide between the Warriors, the Rockets and everyone else.neil: And that factor is a big part of any LeBron trade — since he has the no-trade clause, as you mentioned, Chris, he basically gets to choose what situation would be best for winning over the rest of this season.natesilver: Here’s another idea that I stole from some Bucks blog I was reading: (Edit: Actually, here.)natesilver: This is the kind of thing that all parties might be able to get behind IF they all admit this season is a wash.natesilver: Yeah, if LeBron went to the Lakers this year, part of the idea might be that he’d get to take the playoffs off or maybe even end his regular season early (unless they won like six in a row or something).kyle: It clears the decks for LeBron in LA salary-wise, moves one but not all of the young talent, and slots in LeBron with Lonzo, Kyle Kuzma, a possible Julius Randle re-signing (haven’t done that exact math) and another free agent.tchow (Tony Chow, video producer): Jumping in late here, but if we’re doing Lakers trades, I’m just going to leave this here. TEAM BANANA BOAT!tchow: The NBA trade deadline is Thursday afternoon, so we assembled FiveThirtyEight’s resident basketball writers — plus editor-in-chief/trade machine troll Nate Silver — to bandy about some, um, creative trade ideas for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sure, James says he won’t waive his no-trade clause. (He says a lot of things.) But if LeBron somehow does assent to a deal, should the Cavs think about trading him? The transcript below has been lightly edited. read more

Football Baron Browning shows skills to be like Raekwon McMillan

OSU freshman linebacker Baron Browning addresses the media on National Singing day at the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex on Feb. 1, 2017. Credit: Nicholas McWilliams | Sports EditorBaron Browning just might be the perfect replacement for Raekwon McMillan.On Wednesday, Browning and his fellow early enrollees from the 2017 Ohio State football recruiting class addressed the media at the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex. A native of Texas, Browning fielded questions about Whataburger and the new pipeline of players from the state bolting to Ohio and other places, but one of the most intriguing queries was about playing cornerback at times.An athletic freak, the incoming freshman has been known to have crazy versatility. Listed at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds by the Buckeyes, he is only about 10 pounds lighter than outgoing Raekwon McMillan, but the fact he is trusted to take on the responsibility of a wide receiver speaks volumes about his ability.“Usually I only did it, though, when there’s a receiver they needed me to take out (of) the equation,” Browning said on Wednesday. “As far as what that says to me, I just say that for my size I’m very versatile. Just because I weigh as much as I do, that doesn’t limit me I guess.”McMillan is not necessarily known for his coverage ability, and it showed at times last season. Browning brings in the potential to cover passes effectively, but only time will tell if Urban Meyer and his coaching staff decide to use his apparent coverage ability in game.A linebacker who isn’t limited by his size is a scary proposition for opposing teams, and Browning fits the bill of a dominant force on the inside of the defense. That is, if he ends up playing in the middle, since new linebackers coach Bill Davis has apparently been teaching the linebackers how to play all over the unit.Browning himself doesn’t know where he’s playing yet.“I really can’t tell you,” he said. “I know, just talking to coach Davis, he plans on teaching us all three linebacker positions, so it’s his call.”Browning, like most of the incoming freshman, is doing his best to adjust to the new level of competition. He spoke about how, initially, he thought the warm-up to one of OSU’s early drills was the actual workout. “Once I found out that was a warmup, I knew I couldn’t get my hopes up,” he said. “I just had to try to make it through. Ice tub became my best friend after that.”Even though he’s been tested so far, Browning has an apparent solid relationship with OSU coach Urban Meyer. Browning shared a story about when he pulled a prank on Meyer, and called to tell him he was deciding on Alabama instead of the Buckeyes.Meyer did not react well.“I threw my phone against the damn wall,” he said.However, after the smoke had cleared and Meyer discovered he would still be getting the top-ranked outside linebacker in 2017, he devised his own plan to get back at Browning, even recruiting the help of his mother. Meyer told Browning over the phone he would be taking the job as the Los Angeles Rams new head coach.This, of course, was a lie, but Browning took it to heart before Meyer came forward with the truth.“He got me back,” Browning said. “I see how he felt. I was really more so mad because my mom was in on it too. They planned it together. I guess I had that coming.”In the upcoming season, Browning’s play will be a testament to just how good the five-star recruit can be. As for now, he will continue to try and develop as a player, and live up to the precedent set by so many historically stellar linebackers who have come through Columbus.After all, he did say the reason players like him travel such a long way for college is to grow.“I would say probably the reason everyone is leaving Texas is because everybody wanna be great, so they’re going to where they feel like they can grow the most.” read more

Jackets close season with shootout loss to Detroit

Following 65 minutes of scoreless hockey at Nationwide Arena Friday night, Todd Bertuzzi’s goal in the fourth round of a shootout sealed the Blue Jackets’ loss of their season finale to the Detroit Red Wings 1-0. Led by a strong performance between the pipes in which reigning Calder Memorial Trophy winner Steve Mason turned aside all 45 shots directed his way, the Jackets failed to muster any offense to help him out.  “Obviously we would have liked to get the win, but Mase looked like he found his game tonight,” Jackets captain Rick Nash said. “He was unbelievable.”  Offensively, the Jackets were only able to generate 22 shots on net. Columbus interim head coach Claude Noel said he believed fatigue played a part in their lack of offensive productivity.  “When I look at the game, it looked like it was our 10th game in 18 days,” Noel said. “The way we started the game, we looked like we were watching the game, and we looked a little tired.” After two periods of play, which contained relatively equal offensive opportunities for both teams, the tide turned in the third period as Detroit found itself at home in its offensive zone, out-shooting the Jackets 23-4 in the final stanza and overtime.  “We hit some posts and we had some chances but clearly in the third they took it to us,” Noel said.  Even with the offensive dry spell and barrage of shots on Mason, the Jackets never stopped fighting and were ultimately able to force overtime.  Overtime proved to be much of the same as the third, though, with the Jackets unable to produce any shots in the extra five minutes. But Mason delivered once again, stopping all four Red Wing shots and sending the contest to a shootout.  After goals from Nash and Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk in the first round of the shootout, both teams failed to score again until the fourth round.  Ultimately, the Jackets’ final contest of the year finished in familiar fashion, as Bertuzzi ended the game on his top-shelf backhander, beating Mason and handing Columbus its league-leading 15th overtime/shootout loss of the year.  “The frustrating part in that game is to lose it in a shootout,” Noel said. “But I think that the players gave it their all and I was certainly happy with what they gave us.”  While the Jackets dropped their final five contests of the year by a single goal each time, Nash agrees that the effort was there and believes it is something this Jackets team can build upon.  “I think it’s exciting for next year,” Nash said. “If we can carry the momentum that we did in the last couple games then it will be real exciting.” read more

Cross country teams set for final meet before Big Ten Championships

The cross country Big Ten Championships meet is more than two weeks away, but the Ohio State men’s and women’s cross country teams will get a chance to run against championship-level competition Friday. The Buckeyes will run at the Wisconsin Adidas Invitational Oct. 14 in Madison, Wis. The meet will feature a number of ranked teams. Nineteen men’s teams are ranked in the top 30 in the country with the women’s field including 18 of the top 30 teams. OSU men’s head coach Robert Gary said having such a high number of good teams at one meet outside of the NCAA National Championship is a rarity. “This is an unprecedented number of great teams, usually you don’t get this many good teams at one meet until the national meet,” he said. Coaches from both OSU’s men’s and women’s teams said they are excited their runners are getting a chance to compete at a high level before championship season. “I think one of the good things about this meet is you have such good competition,” OSU women’s assistant coach Chris Neal said. “I think it’s a good chance for some of our girls to get out and run fast.” Another aspect of the meet that intrigues both coaches is the amount of Big Ten teams that will be in Madison: nine for the men and 10 for the women. A number of teams that the Buckeyes will run against at the Great Lakes regional meet are also a part of the field. Gary said he is looking forward to seeing how his team measures up with the rest of the conference and teams from OSU’s region. Viewing the meet as a “trial run” for the Big Ten championship is something the women are doing according to Neal. “This (meet) will allow us to see where we line up and what moves we need to make over the next couple weeks,” he said. The men will be without one of their top runners, redshirt senior Jake Edwards, who injured his hamstring at the Notre Dame Invitational Sept. 30. Even though Edwards isn’t running, the men think a top-10 finish is possible. “That’d be great,” junior Donny Roys said. “Getting in the top 10 will show that we’re meant to be at the national meet.” The women have aspirations of a high team finish as well, redshirt senior Jordan Jennewine said. “I think as a team we’d really love to be around top 20,” she said. In order for both teams to reach their place goals, running as a pack will be key. “I think we just need to get out and stay together,” Roys said. “We need to work on the last couple miles and staying together from the beginning.” Jennewine said having a small split between the first and fifth runner is important for the women to run well. “We already talked about keeping the spread small, and we’ll really keep our point total down,” she said. “When you have a lot of good teams, that’s basically the key to winning.” Coach Neal agreed. “When you’re talking about a field of this size, 15 seconds can be 40 points,” he said. “So, we really have to get our fifth and sixth runners to be up where our two through four runners are.” After running on Friday, the women will have a week off before the Big Ten Championship meet Oct. 30. The men will run at the Eastern Michigan Fall Classic Oct. 21. read more

Carlos Hyde shows different hunger for the game in win against Northwestern

Senior running back Carlos Hyde (34) cries as he meets with the media after a game against Northwestern Oct. 5 at Ryan Field. OSU won, 40-30.Credit: Kaily Cunningham / Multimedia editorEVANSTON, Ill. – For nearly 45 seconds, Ohio State senior running back Carlos Hyde couldn’t find the words to describe the suspension that cost him playing time in the first three games of the season. Addressing the media for the first time in 2013 following OSU’s 40-30 victory against Northwestern Saturday, tears welled up in Hyde’s eyes as he was asked to recall the punishment.“That suspension, it really hurt, not being out there with my brothers, because I made a mistake,” Hyde said with emotion. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through.”Hyde’s suspension was issued after he was involved in an altercation with a woman at a Columbus bar in July. The incident was reported as an assault, and Hyde was tagged as a “person of interest” in the case. Charges were not filed against him, however, at the alleged victim’s request, but he was still disciplined by OSU for his involvement.The suspension gave Hyde, who said his Christian faith helped keep him focused during the suspension, what he called a “different hunger for the game.”“I go out every game with a mindset that I have to make up for those three games,” Hyde said. “I’m running with a whole different demeanor than what I would have had in the beginning if I didn’t get suspended.”Hyde showed that hunger Saturday, his third game back from suspension, with the biggest performance of his career. He gashed the Wildcats for a career-high 168 yards on 26 carries and scored three rushing touchdowns and also had 38 receiving yards on four receptions. With 206 yards from scrimmage, he accounted for more than 45 percent of OSU’s 451 yards of total offense.“I wanted it bad,” Hyde said. “I caught a rhythm. My (offensive line) was doing a great job to convert on run blocking, and they made it easy for me.”With just 126 rushing yards on 22 carries and five yards on two receptions in his first two games of the season, Hyde exceeded each of those totals Saturday.In his junior season in 2012, the Naples, Fla., product was the Buckeyes’ starting tailback and ran for 970 yards and a team-leading 16 touchdowns on 185 carries.That said, OSU coach Urban Meyer said Hyde’s career has been disappointing thus far.“His whole career was just kind of a mush. He hasn’t done a whole lot for himself or the program,” Meyer said of Hyde. “We all make mistakes. I hope this is a game-changer for him.”The Buckeyes needed Hyde to take on a greater role Saturday. OSU’s leading rusher this season, redshirt-senior running back Jordan Hall, did not play in Saturday’s game because of an injury.“Jordan Hall’s got a little knee issue we’re dealing with right now,” Meyer said. “(Hyde)’s the horse right now. I think he’s a great player. That tells you how much I trust the kid to be able to do that.”Trailing 23-13 following a 32-yard field goal by Northwestern senior kicker Jeff Budzien early in the third quarter, the OSU offense needed to find the end zone.The Buckeyes turned to Hyde. He scored all three of his touchdowns — the only offensive touchdowns of the game for the Buckeyes — in the second half, in which he ran for a total of 112 yards on 16 carries.In total, the Buckeyes ran the ball 48 times, and Hyde said he thought that quantity of rushing attempts was a contributing factor in his success.“I’m made to carry the ball that many times,” Hyde said. “I definitely feel like me and the offensive line wore them down.”Getting to 6-0 on the season and 2-0 in Big Ten play did not come easily for the Buckeyes, though the team held steady at No. 4 in the Associated Press poll after the victory. They trailed for at least part of each quarter in Saturday’s game, and never held a lead of more than four points until freshman defensive lineman Joey Bosa’s fumble recovery touchdown as time expired extended OSU’s margin of victory to 10 points.OSU’s winning streak, which stands at 18 games dating back to the start of the 2012 season, might have ended at the hands of Northwestern if not for Hyde’s contributions.“You always can lean on a great back like him, especially in the Big Ten season,” OSU junior quarterback Braxton Miller said of Hyde.After playing its first six games of the season on consecutive Saturdays, OSU has a week off before it plays for its seventh win of the season against Iowa at Ohio Stadium Oct. 19. read more

Ohio State field hockey upsets No 3 Virginia falls to No 2

OSU junior forward Peanut Johnson prepares to pass in a game against Penn State Sept. 28 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost 4-3Credit: Grant Miller / Copy chiefWith just minutes to play, the Ohio State field hockey team got a goal form freshman midfielder Morgan Kile to take down No. 3 Virginia in overtime.OSU won, 4-3, after Kile’s goal put the team ahead for good, capping a 1-1 weekend for the squad.The Buckeyes (4-7, 0-3) completed a late second-half comeback against the Cavaliers (10-3) when junior forward Peanut Johnson connected on a goal with less than 10 minutes to play to tie the game at three. Freshman forward Annabel Sams found Johnson on a penalty corner to send the game to an extra session.Virginia is the highest-ranked team OSU field hockey has defeated since Anne Wilkinson took over as coach in 1997, and it’s the first top four program it’s beaten since No. 4 Syracuse in 2010.The Buckeyes got out in front of the Cavaliers quickly. Freshman midfielder Maddy Humphrey got the Buckeyes on the board first. The Virginia Beach, Va., native scored on a break away that was assisted by Johnson to give OSU a 1-0 lead 14:27 into the game.The Cavaliers tied the score six minutes later, however, when sophomore striker Riley Tata converted in front of the net just past OSU freshman goalkeeper Liz Tamburro.The score remained tied until halftime, but five minutes into the second half, Virginia struck again on sophomore striker Caleigh Foust’s 10th goal of the season.OSU showed resiliency in striking back against Virgina. Kile scored her second goal of the season to even the score at two.The Cavaliers took a 3-2 lead after freshman midfielder Tara Vittese scored her 10th goal of the season with a little more than eight minutes left, but OSU wouldn’t go away, tying the game up on Johnson’s penalty corner conversion.The Buckeyes were not as fortunate Friday afternoon in College Park, Md., when they faced No. 2 Maryland. OSU kept the game competitive for the first 25 minutes, but Maryland would not be denied in its first Big Ten home game.Junior midfielder Anna Dessoye started the first half rally for Maryland with 9:05 left to play in the frame. The Mountain Top, Pa., native snuck in front of the net and tipped in a rebound off a penalty corner.Three minutes later, senior forward Katie Gerzabek scored her first goal of the season to make it 2-0.With less than three minutes to play, Gerzabek found Putsch in front of the net, and she found the back of the net using a high stick to get the job done.Maryland tacked on one more before the half ended from freshman midfielder Lein Holsboer, giving the Terrapins a commanding 4-0 halftime lead.Gerzabek added her second goal of the game 1:37 into the second half and the Terrapins shut out the Buckeyes, 6-0.Tamburro saved 15 shots Friday, which stands as third most in single-game school history.OSU is set to have four days off following its upset of Virginia before it takes on another Big Ten newcomer, Rutgers, in Piscataway, N.J., on Friday. The game is set for 1 p.m. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio State returns to NCAA Tournament selected as No 5

Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann claps after a Buckeye defensive stop in the first half in the game against Radford on Nov. 12. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State will dance again.For the first time since the 2014-15 season, the Buckeyes will play in the NCAA Tournament. They are the No. 5 seed in the west regional, hosted by No. 4-overall seed Xavier. Ohio State will face No. 12 South Dakota St. in the first round of the tournament in Boise, Idaho. The remaining top four seeds in the west regional are No. 2 North Carolina, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Gonzaga. Should the Buckeyes advance past South Dakota St., they will face the winner of the Gonzaga-UNC Greensboro matchup in the Round of 32.Ohio State is joined throughout the bracket by Purdue, Michigan State and Michigan. Purdue is the No. 2 seed in the east regional and Michigan State represents the No. 3 seed in the midwest regional.The appearance in the March Madness tournament represents a major turnaround for a program that failed to reach the NIT a season ago. In the first year of the Chris Holtmann-era, the head coach led the Buckeyes to their best regular-season finish at 24-7 since Ohio State went 25-6 in the 2011-12 season. Though the season was a major turnaround, Penn State was able to get the better of the Buckeyes in all three meetings, including the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament. The Nittany Lions seemed to have the answer for the Buckeyes every time, relying on guards Tony Carr and Shep Garner for point production.Given the struggles of Ohio State to defend against guards with a size advantage, the Buckeyes will hope to avoid playing any teams that lean heavily on guard play for scoring. read more

Jailed Agadoo singer led a conga in prison

first_imgHe was freed with a tag after ten weeks, and after release told The Sun: “Everyone wanted to sing Agadoo with me.”It was so surreal singing the party song about pushing pineapples and shaking the tree in such grim circumstances.”But people were obsessed. At night, the entire wing was singing in chorus ‘Agadoo doo doo’.”The 59-year-old added: “When terrifying criminals tell you to do something you do it, we had a conga snaking around the jail. All the murderers and drug dealers wanted to be my mate.” Black Lace frontman Dene Michael has claimed he led a giant conga in prison involving 60 inmates dancing round an exercise yard.The star, famous for the Eighties hits Agadoo and Do The Conga, was jailed in June for claiming nearly £25,000 in benefits saying he could not walk despite performing “vigorous” dance moves on stage. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. People were obsessed. At night, the entire wing was singing in chorus ‘Agadoo doo doo’Dene Michael Behind bars Betteridge, of Garforth, West Yorkshire, said he wrote new songs while at the tough Leeds prison and plans to release an album. He also hopes to star in Big Brother.The entertainer, jailed under his real name Dene Michael Betteridge, told the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that he was unable to walk unaided and was effectively housebound.His wife, Karen Betteridge, was also sentenced for benefit fraud after claiming more than £2,000 in carer’s allowance, saying her husband could not look after himself.Black Lace are best known for their hit song Agadoo and other party standards like Superman and Do The Conga.Betteridge was not part of the original line-up, but joined in 1986.In 2015, he took part in BBC TV talent show The Voice and has appeared on the ITV legal show Judge Rinder.last_img read more

Clown craze Now Russia wades in by warning its citizens to be

first_imgThe clown craze is threatening to become a diplomatic spat after the Russian Embassy warned its citizens in London to “beware” pranksters causing “fear and bewilderment” in Britain.The unusual press release was issued via Twitter as Boris Johnson urged the public to march on the embassy over the country’s role in the Syrian conflict.Officials warned citizens to beware  “fear and bewilderment” in a release entitled “information for citizens of Russia: beware of the clowns.” Meanwhile, as police continue to be deluged by sinister sightings, Ronald McDonald, the fast food mascot, has been ordered to keep a low profile.McDonald’s confirmed the mascot’s charity and community events were being scaled back while police hunt prankster wearing similar outfits.”McDonald’s and franchisees in local markets are mindful of the current climate around clown sightings in communities and as such are being thoughtful with respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events for the time being,” a statement from McDonald’s US said.Shops and supermarkets in the UK expressed frustration at police chiefs calls to take clown outfits off shelves. A press release said: “According to British media and law enforcement agencies in recent years in different regions of the country in the dark there are cases of attacks against malicious people in clown suits. The purpose of the antics of the British ‘clowns’ – to cause fear and bewilderment.”We ask citizens in the UK Russia take note of this information.” Information for Russian nationals— Russian Embassy, UK (@RussianEmbassy) October 12, 2016 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Seven in ten children with severe mental health problems sent to hospitals

first_imgThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have campaigned to improve awareness of mental health problems Credit:PA  While the total number of hospital admissions for children and young people with mental health problems dropped sharply – by 15 per cent – the number of severe cases sent to a different region is rising.The statistics – which cover 10 months of the year – suggest there will be 2,630 cases in 2016/17 compared with 2,571 the previous financial year.The South West saw the highest increase in patients treated outside its area, with a rise of 106 per cent in one year. In Yorkshire and Humber, the number of such admissions close to doubled. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry  NHS  Man head in hands  Seven in ten children and teenagers with severe mental health problems are being treated in hospitals far from home, with some sent hundreds of miles, an investigation has found.Soaring numbers of children are being treated in regions beyond where they live, official figures show, with a doubling of cases in some areas.Psychiatrists said the figures were “alarming” with children being forced to suffer the “incredible wrench” of being left miles from their family, at a time when they were at the most vulnerable. The head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists recently said it is “a scandal” that those in need of admission can end up being sent “anywhere from Cornwall to Cumbria” in search of a bed.Today, Dr Ranga Rao, the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ national lead for acute in-patient care, said: “On the face of it, these figures are worrying.“Patients should only be sent away from their local area for care if it is in their best interests or in exceptional circumstances, otherwise it can have a negative impact on their recovery.“The Acute Care Commission has recommended that out of area placements be phased out for non-specialist treatment and the Government has said they will do this by 2021. Sharen Green lost her daughter Charlotte to anorexia The psychiatrist urged all areas to increase investment in mental health to ensure that the most vulnerable could be treated closer to home.Experts have previously warned that sending vulnerable people far from home can make it harder from them to cope with severe mental health problems, and to recover from them.Recent figures covering patients of all ages suggest close to half of placements mean relatives face a 100 mile round trip to see loved ones, with 15 per cent of cases involving journeys of 200 miles. Hundreds of patients with severe mental health problems have been sent hundreds of miles for inpatient treatment Credit:PA  Dr Gary Wannan, BMA community care chairman said: “These figures show, alarmingly, that well over half of patients are being placed out of area at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.” Last night the Health Secretary pledged sweeping improvements in access to services.Jeremy Hunt said: “When children are in urgent need of support from the NHS it’s vital that they get fast, high-quality care – and clearly in some of the cases highlighted this simply has not happened.“While mental health services have for too long been a poor relation to physical health, as the Prime Minister has said, we are determined to turn this round.” Experts said waiting lists were now reaching 16 months in some parts of the country, with young patients in need of admission being sent from Leicester to Edinburgh in search of a bed. “There has been significant progress in this area since data on out-of-area placements was made publicly available from October last year.“It is important for mental health trusts to work out whether they have enough hospital beds and community mental health teams to eliminate inappropriate out-of-area placements by 2021.”An NHS England spokesman said the definition of an out of area placements had been “toughened up,” meaning year-on-year comparisons would not be accurate.He said the NHS would fund up to 180 new specialist beds over the next two years, bringing help to 49,000 more children and young people, and reducing the number travelling long distances.Meanwhile, an audit of services for children and teenagers shows that just one in six areas are meeting standards intended to speed up treatment for the most vulnerable.Charities last night said the disclosures were “alarming” and reflected a “national scandal” in care of the most vulnerable. Some patients were effectively being told that they could not get help until they had starved themselves further, they warned.’Sometimes it’s worse when your child is alive’ Sharen Green, whose daughter Charlotte died after refusing treatment for anorexia, tells The TelegraphNHS data obtained by this newspaper, shows that in 2015/16, health services in England carried out just 14,847 outpatient appointments for patients with eating disorders – a drop from 23,266 in 2013/14. Last year charities warned that teenagers and young adults with eating disorders were being sent hundreds of miles to Scotland for treatment because chronic bed shortages meant they cannot be cared for in England. They include patients sent from Hertfordshire to Glasgow for lack of beds.The new NHS figures, obtained by the British Medical Association following Freedom of Information requests, show worsening access to specialist beds. Women with eating disorders said they had been told their BMI was not low enough for them to receive treatment Credit:Getty Woman on scales  He said health officials needed to explain how they will improve the situation, having promised such action.“It can be an incredible wrench for children to leave their homes and being based far away is not going to help a young person in crisis,” he said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Sharen Green lost her daughter Charlotte to anorexiaCredit:Russell Sach for the Telegraph Young women with anorexia have been sent from Hertfordshire to Glasgow for treatment, amid shortages of bedsCredit:PA last_img read more

Air pistol fired at woman who tried to retrieve pet rabbit from

first_imgIt began as a petty dispute between two neighbours over parking.But the ten-year feud created such “bad blood” that one fired an air pistol at the other as she tried to retrieve her pet rabbit from his lawn.Paul Booth, 52, was furious when, on strolling into his conservatory, he spotted Susan Davis, a civil servant, in his garden.“What the f–k are you doing in my garden?” he yelled.Ms Davis, 49, explained that she was just trying to get the rabbit and claimed she had knocked on his door several times before crawling through the broken fence.But Booth suggested she should have knocked harder, adding: “If you don’t get out… I’m going to get a firearm” before disappearing behind a slammed door. Susan Davis at her home near Mancheste “My blood went cold,” she said. “It was so extreme and I didn’t know what he was capable of. I said just give me two minutes, I will grab the rabbit and be gone in a flash.”The next thing Ms Davis was aware of, she claimed, was a gas cylinder whistling past her ear.”I was so glad I had my back to him, because otherwise I’d have been absolutely terrified,” she added. Paul Booth leaving Manchester Magistrates’ Court where he was given a one year suspended sentenceCredit:Cavendish Press/Pat Isaacs Susan Davis's rabbit Oreo Susan Davis’s rabbit OreoCredit:Cavendish Press The neighbours’ row that had begun so innocuously escalated to the point where Booth would allegedly bang on the walls.“It went on for absolute years,” Ms Davis claimed.”The banging would happen four or five times a week from around four in the morning. He would thud the walls chanting and singing football songs and it was horrific. It was like Chinese water torture and I was so sleep deprived.”I went to the police but they said it only noise pollution so they couldn’t do anything.”The latest incident occurred in March when Oreo, a lop eared lionhead, escaped from her hutch and darted into Booth’s garden through a gap in a broken section of their adjoining fence.A week earlier, Ms Davis had seen Booth polishing his gun and took a picture of it, believing that it might come in useful.Police arrested him when she showed officers the photograph. Paul Booth leaving Manchester Magistrates' Court where he was given a one year suspended sentence JP Toni Pine said: “We have considered this case carefully and we are satisfied that this was a serious enough case that it crosses the custody threshold as there was a weapon used and there were other people present.” Booth, who is unemployed and relies on family handouts due to back problems, admitted threatening behaviour at Manchester Magistrates Court and was sentenced to 10 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.He was also ordered to pay Miss Davis £100 compensation and £250 in prosecution costs.Humayun Khan, defending, said Booth, a member of a shooting club, disputed the fact that Ms Davis had knocked on his door but claimed that, although he had fired the pistol, it was not directed at her.“There had been friction between the neighbours for some 10 years and unfortunately this developed into bad blood between them and created a neighbours’ dispute,” he said.”There were no pellets in the gun it was simply gas. He did not mean to cause anybody harm just fear to get her off of his property. He knows this is a serious offence and he now has a serious conviction to his name.” “He came out behind me and opened fire. I didn’t know what was happening until I heard the bullet whiz past and my blood ran cold.“I was shocked. Thankfully, I’d just ducked out of the way because the rabbit moved – but he is obviously a good shot and could have easily hit me.“He could have killed me if he’d hit me in the right place.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Susan Davis at her home near ManchesteCredit:Cavendish Presslast_img read more

Paul Hollywood and BakeOff hosts were paid for charity episodes

first_imgCelebrity bakers from the fourth charity episode with judges Prue Leith and Paul HollywoodCredit:Mark Bourdillon Celebrity bakers from the fourth charity episode with judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywoo Celebrity bakers from the second charity episode with judges and presentersCredit:Mark Bourdillon “And 100 per cent of that money goes to the charity — 100 per cent. What’s not to love.”Other celebrities who took part included Desperate Housewives actress Teri Hatcher, comic Aisling Bea and athlete Kadeena Cox.A Channel 4 spokesman said: “Our aim is to raise as much as possible for Stand Up To Cancer.“All contributors donate their fee to the campaign. Those who are already contracted for long running series also make a significant donation to the SU2C campaign and as a result of their involvement millions have been raised to fund ground-breaking research that will save lives.”A representative for Hollywood could not be contacted for comment.Questions were subsequently raised about whether or not Bake Off stars were previously paid for Comic Relief specials on the BBC.A representative for Mary Berry, 83, declined to say whether she had donated any of her payment. Celebrity bakers from the second charity episode with judges and presenters Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Celebrity contestants who took part, like Alan Carr and Harry Hill, weren’t paid at all. Their fees went straight to the charity.”Hollywood, 52, is reportedly paid up to £23,500 per episode in his new contract , meaning he received a total of £117,500, for the five special shows, which concluded this week.Last year, it was claimed that judge Prue Leith was paid £200,000, a series, which was up to three times more than the amount former judge Mary Berry earned, said to be £70,000-a-series. During the final episode of the charity specials, Carr, 41, who was ridiculed for making a snappable sponge, said: “At the end of the day  it doesn’t matter if your cakes taste delicious or they’re rubbish, we’re all doing it for Stand Up To Cancer. Paul Hollywood was paid more £100,000 to appear on charity episodes of the Great British Bake Off, it has emerged.Celebrity contestants who appeared on the Stand Up To Cancer specials —did not receive a penny as each of their entire fees was donated to the charity.But presenters Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig all pocketed cheques from the five special shows.Channel 4 confirmed that while the contestants donated their whole fee to the campaign, the celebrities already under contract on the long-running show contributed only an undisclosed portion of their fee but declined to say what percentage.A source at the broadcaster told The Sun: “It was up to them to decide what to donate.”The show involved a big time commitment for filming several episodes and doing voice overs later.last_img read more

Pictured Man police are hunting on suspicion of attempted murder after woman

A cordon around the property where a baby and a woman were stabbed in west LondonCredit:Ben Cawthra/LNP Police at a property in Swinfield Close where a woman and a baby were stabbed Scotland Yard are hunting a 25-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after a woman and an 11-month-old boy were stabbed in London. The woman, 32, and the baby were found suffering stab injuries at a residential address in the London Borough of Hounslow on Monday evening.The Metropolitan Police said the boy remains in a critical condition, while the woman’s injuries are not life threatening, as they trace a man called Rehan Khan who was known to the victims.A reported 50 police officers and paramedics were called to Swinfield Close in Hanworth at around 7.12pm following a report concerning residents’ safety.At the scene they found the woman and infant suffering knife wounds and the pair were rushed hospital in west London by the Air Ambulance Service. Officers flooded the area and pictures showed police dog handlers at the scene.Anyone with information is asked to contact Hounslow Police on 101 or tweet @MetCC quoting CAD 6981/4June or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said Khan is known to frequent the Hounslow and Isleworth areas, and has links to Newham, Slough and Hammersmith and Fulham.”Enquiries continue to establish whether he had been staying at the address in Swinfield Close,” the spokesman added. “Police have launched an investigation after two people were stabbed in Feltham.”Officers were called to a residential address at Swinfield Close at 7.12hrs on Monday, June 4 to reports of concerns for the welfare of the occupants.”London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance attended.”At the scene a woman, aged in her 30s, and a one-year-old boy were found suffering stab injuries.”Both victims were taken to a west London hospital for treatment.”Local Tim Stollery tweeted: “As much as I like spotting the helicopters overhead, it can’t be a good thing seeing both the National Police Air Service and the London Air Ambulance in attendance over Hanworth, Feltham  and Oriel this evening.”Fingers crossed whoever might be on board makes a good recovery.” A cordon around the property where a baby and a woman were stabbed in west London A mother-of-three, 38, who wished not to be named said: “They just moved to the area recently – three or four months ago they moved to the Oriel Estate. They were my friends’ neighbours.”She added: “We didn’t sleep last night. It’s especially shocking for mothers.”I can say it concerns me that a mother can’t save herself because it is cruel, it’s your home and it’s totally cruel.”Neighbour Gary Fletcher, 63, retired, a father-of-three and grandfather said two boys aged around six and next door neighbours of the victims witnessed their injuries. Police at a property in Swinfield Close where a woman and a baby were stabbedCredit:Ben Cawthra/LNP He said: “They ran out screaming. One was pointing to his stomach so I presume he saw the stabbing.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Festivalgoers told to step in if they spot sexual harassment as almost

Festival goers have been told to step in if they spot sexual harassment, as new figures show almost half of young women have been attacked.One in five British festival goers have experienced sexual assault or harassment at an event, according to new research, with 43pc of women under the age of 40 experiencing unwanted attention.The figures, believed to be the first of their kind, should be a wake-up call for the industry, campaigners said, after a poll showed 22pc of all Britons who have been to a festival faced some kind of unwanted sexual behaviour, rising to almost one in three of all women.Jen Calleja, a co-director of the Good Night Out Campaign, called the research “shocking but not surprising”, saying it “helps prove what we already know through anecdotal evidence. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to UK festivals every year but organisers of some of the UK’s biggest festivals – including Glastonbury, Creamfields and the Reading and Leeds festivals – declined to comment on the new figures.Somerset Police recorded two incidents of sexual assault, two incidents of rape and one incident of indecent exposure at last year’s Glastonbury Festival and some social media users reported instances of sexual assault at Manchester’s Parklife festival this year, on June 9 and 10. Parklife also declined to comment. The Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury FestivalCredit:Getty Images BestivalCredit:Bestival Parklife Bestival However, only two per cent of festival goers who were assaulted or harassed reported the incident to the police, according to the figures, suggesting the issue is significantly under-reported.In 70pc of cases the perpetrator was a stranger, the YouGov poll of 1,888 festival goers for the Press Association also found. “The idea we want to put forward is that harassment is everybody’s problem, it’s not just the person who is being assaulted,” added Ms Calleja.Eleven per cent of women had experienced sexual assault while they were conscious, compared with three per cent of men, and four per cent of women said they were sexually assaulted while unconscious or asleep, compared with two per cent of men. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Festival-goers at Parklife, Manchester, 2018.  Ms Calleja said: “We know that the vast amount of harassment and sexual assault is not reported and we know this comes down to stigma, fear of not being believed and a minimisation of what harassment is,” she said.February’s Crime Survey statistics found one in five women had experienced some form of sexual assault since they turned 16. The Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival The most common forms of unwanted sexual behaviour experienced by respondents were unwelcome and forceful dancing and sexualised verbal harassment.Paul Reed, chief executive of the Association of Independent Festivals, said festivals “have a duty to make their events as safe and secure and enjoyable” as possible,   and  encouraged festival goers to report incidents if they witness them.“If people don’t intervene, then this behaviour becomes normalised,” he said.Only 1pc of women surveyed reported sexual assault or harassment to a member of festival staff, either before or after the event, compared with 19pc of men. read more

Cheese and red meat are back on the menu after study suggests

Cheese and red meat are back on the menu – as an international study suggests eating around twice as much as health officials advise.The study of 220,000 adults found that eating three portions of dairy and one and half portions of meat a day could cut the risk of early death by one quarter.Scientists said the findings “challenge conventional wisdom” after decades of advice to cut down on full-fat dairy and red meat.Current NHS guidance says dairy should make up just eight per cent of a person’s daily recommended calorie intake – allowing just one yoghurt or two small slices of cheese.And red meat consumption should be limited to 70 grams (2.5 oz) a day, it says.The new global study by McMaster University, in Canada found that far higher levels of intake were linked to a far lower risk of early death.Those having three portions of dairy – which could mean two slices of cheese, a full-fat yoghurt and half a pint of whole milk – and one and half portions of red meat daily fared best. This equates to around 20-25 per cent of calories coming from dairy.Their rates of early death were 25 per cent lower than those of people consuming less, with 22 per cent fewer heart attacks.The amount of meat being consumed amounted to around 4.5 oz daily – the equivalent of a small steak. This certainly challenges the conventional wisdom to limit whole-fat dairy intake.Dr Andrew Mente Senior author Prof Salim Yusuf said: “Our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from current dietary advice.”Professor Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation said: “Eating well means looking at your diet as a whole, rather than focusing too much on individual elements. Meat and dairy can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet as long as they’re eaten in moderation along with plenty of fruits and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains and nuts.”Until two years ago, Public Health England advised that around 15 per cent of calories should come from dairy. But two years ago it cut this to 8 per cent – and recommended consumption of low-fat versions. Dr Andrew Mente, presenting the findings at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Munich, said the saturated fat contained in meat and dairy appears to protect the heart.In addition, those eating more fat were likely to be eating less carbohydrates, much of which was likely to be processed, and sugary, he said.“This certainly challenges the conventional wisdom to limit whole-fat dairy intake,” he said.People should aim for a diet which was varied and full of unprocessed foods, he said.The global findings did not include white meat, such as chicken, but Dr Mente said separate analysis suggested it would have similar benefits as red meat, in protecting against early death. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Gap between wealthy and poor pupils closing in wake of Michael Goves

Michael Gove, the former education secretary, overhauled the curriculum Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty The latest data follows figures released earlier this year showing that 64 per cent of pupils reached the expected standard in 2018, up from 61 per cent in 2017.While the number of schools considered to be under-performing has decreased, 364 mainstream primaries in England fell below the primary school floor standard, meaning that 91,620 pupils are being taught at under-performing primaries, or 2.1 per cent of children at mainstream primary schools in England.The number of “coasting” schools – a measure which compares results over the past three years – has risen to 640, up from 524 last year and 477 in 2016. Michael Gove, the former education secretary, overhauled the curriculum  His flagship reforms were focused on breaking the link between social class and school achievement. They included a mandatory focus on phonics, learning poetry by heart, making languages compulsory, a focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling and the introduction of new, more rigorous tests.The reforms were met by fierce resistance from the teaching profession and the education unions, who warned about the pressure it would place on teachers and the increased workload. Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, cautioned that test  results were only part of a much broader picture when judging a school’s performance or a pupil’s success.“Successive governments have raised the stakes when it comes to SATs and league table,” he said.“Whilst the results have always carried a high level of importance, over time the pressure surrounding them has increased. One year’s dodgy data can make an effective school leader suddenly feel very vulnerable. A system built on this sort of fear is not a healthy one.” The achievement gap between the poorest primary school children and their wealthier peers has closed by the biggest margin in six years following a raft of rigorous reforms.This year, 51 per cent of children from poorer backgrounds reached the expected level in their national end-of-primary school tests, compared with 70 per cent of their better off peers, Government figures reveal.The gap, measured using the government’s disadvantage gap index, has shrunk by 13 per cent since 2011 and 3 per cent in the last year, the biggest change since 2012.Sir Anthony Seldon, vice chancellor of Buckingham University and former master of Wellington College, said the figures were a “genuine cause for celebration” and the result of greater academic rigour in primary schools–– ADVERTISEMENT ––He said: “The reforms that have come in are the policies that have gone on to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds to be more successful.“Now, we have to ensure that the gap continues to close.” Mark Lehain, director of Parents and Teachers for Excellence, agreed that the figures suggested that the reforms introduced by the Conservatives had made a “real difference”, especially to children from more deprived backgrounds.He added: “Some said that a focus on phonics and a more rigorous National Curriculum would be too much for children, but with the support of their hard-working teachers, they’ve shown that they are capable of far more than the sceptics thought.” The Department for Education has said the attainment of disadvantaged pupils – those in or formerly in care or eligible for free school meals – is a key aim of its policies.The schools that have the lowest gaps between disadvantaged pupils and their peers are in London, while the biggest gaps were in the south east, the east and the south west.Nick Gibb, the school standards minister, said: “Every child, regardless of their background, deserves a high quality education and opportunity to fulfil their potential.“Headteachers are using the freedoms afforded by academy and free school status to make this a reality, as illustrated by the progress disadvantaged pupils in multi-academy trusts are making in writing and maths.”Michael Gove, the former education secretary, is renowned for introducing a new, more challenging curriculum in 2014. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Shooting range criticised after putting up target with face of Shamima Begum

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A shooting range in Liverpool is offering customers an image of Shamima Begum as a target.  The Ultimate Airsoft Range in Wallasey recently added the 19-year-old’s face to a range of images of faces that customers can shoot – including Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler and Margaret Thatcher.The managers of the range told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that it provides “light hearted fun” for its customers, which include children as young as six-years-old.The range – which appears to be a popular children’s party venue – has reportedly received a record number of requests to practice shooting at the mother of one, who ran away in 2015 to join the Islamic State. One customer wrote on the range’s Facebook page: “Football party for 16 ten to 11-year-olds. Just like fortnite – rifles & handguns. Absolutely brilliant experience.”Another said their eight-year-old son “loved it”, adding: “We are going to have to come back again so he can work his way through all the guns!” “The targets do not always necessarily reflect personal opinions and we certainly don’t condone terrorism. But after watching Shamima Begum being interviewed and seeing the lack of remorse and empathy that she showed, we decided to go ahead and use those images as targets.”The local MP, Angela Eagle, said it is “wrong” to have real people on targets because “it sends the wrong message – especially for six-year-olds.” A spokesman for the  Ultimate Airsoft Range told the BBC: “The targets provide some fun reactions and conversations. They allow people to have some light hearted fun and bring out the child in us all.  read more

Several in custody over robbery attack at Goed Fortuin

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedChinese restaurant in Goed Fortuin robbed, 2 suspects in custody- PoliceJune 27, 2018In “Crime”Early morning accident at Goed Fortuin leaves one deadJune 4, 2016In “latest news”UPDATE: Three arrested for daring gas station robbery, shootout with policeApril 15, 2016In “Crime” Several persons are now in police custody following a robbery attack on a Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, Chinese restaurant in the wee hours of this morning. This is according to Police “D” Division Commander, Leslie James who was asked by INews to provide an update on the case earlier today. INews was informed that the yard in which the restaurant is located, houses two other buildings, with the second being the workers’ living quarters and the last being the house in which the owner of the business, Su San resides.Commander James said that that from all indications at least seven men broke into the workers’ quarters. The employees heard the noise and upon inspection, came across the men armed with cutlasses, crowbars and knives.The bandits reportedly fled the scene with one computer, one cell phone and a bottle of Hennessy.Police were immediately contacted and a search was launched.James also told INews that a toy gun was found at the scene, however, it is unclear whether the instrument was used to carry out the robbery.Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi) read more

Brazil Violence erupts in Rio after general strike

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBrazil: Clashes as Senate approves 20-year austerity planDecember 15, 2016In “Regional”Brazil police banned from striking by Supreme CourtApril 6, 2017In “Regional”Protesters call for Temer resignation as uncertainty grips BrazilMay 22, 2017In “latest news” Buses were set on fire as a general strike in Brazil turned ugly (BBC photo)(BBC) Violence has erupted in Brazil at the end of the country’s first general strike in more than 20 years.Buses and cars have been set on fire in Rio de Janeiro’s city centre. Road blocks set up by activists were also ablaze and shops were vandalised.For most of the day the strike had been largely peaceful. Many people stayed at home and shops, schools and banks remained closed across the country.Unions called the strike in protest at proposed pension reforms.“Temer out” reads a banner at an opposition march in Sao Paulo (AFP)President Michel Temer said he regretted the incidents in Rio. But he stressed that he would continue his “efforts to modernise the country”.Brazilian workers and the government are working together, he said, to get the country out of “the worst recession in its history.”The trade unions say the poorest in Brazil will bear the cost of the changes, which include raising retirement age and reducing benefits.The government argues that the measures are needed to avoid a collapse of the pension system.The effects of the strike were felt across the country, Many people stayed at home, others only worked in the morning.Many roads were blocked in Sao Paulo, Rio and other cities.Early in the evening, opposition demonstrators took part in rallies and protests to show their discontentment with Mr Temer’s pension reform.In Rio, some of the protests descended into violence.Military policemen fired teargas and rubber bullets in Rio’s city centre (AFP)Police fired tear gas and activist hurled stones.Eight buses were set alight, according to O Globo newspaper.In Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, thousands of demonstrators marched on Mr Temer’s private residence. Police fired teargas to disperse the crowd.The government said the general strike would have no impact on the reforms.Shops were vandalised and looted (AFP)Earlier this week Mr Temer won a parliamentary vote supporting his labour reforms by a clear margin.This has been the hallmark of his administration: a president who is very unpopular in the streets, but is able to get things done in Congress, says the BBC’s Daniel Gallas in Sao Paulo.Mr Temer took office a year ago, when then-President Dilma Rousseff was suspended by Congress to face impeachment proceedings.He was sworn in in September, after the Senate voted to dismiss her over accounting irregularities. His term ends in December 2018. read more