The Best Reactions To Trey Anastasio’s Questionable Fashion Choice On Fallon

first_imgLast night, beloved jam band Phish made their return to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, playing the late night show in support of their recently-released Big Boat album. In case you missed it, you can watch performances of “Breath and Burning” and “Blaze On” here. While their performances were in line with our expectations, one detail seemed to have stuck out most for fans of Phish. Trey Anastasio’s shirt-choice, a $780 Gucci floral print silk duke shirt, immediately demanded the audience’s attention. As a result of this flower-speckled shirt, the Internet exploded in hilarious commentary. For kicks, we’ve gathered some of our favorite comments:“I never ever saw a shirt so tight”“We are so very sorry, but it went well with the shoes.”“Adult me is glad he’s happy and healthy. College me wants to kick him in whatever balls he has left.”“What are those, Bitcoin logos?”“Call him Ranch cause he’s dressing!”“Trey’s man blouse > Melania’s pussy-bow blouse”“Is Mike dressing Trey?”“Tuck’d.”“We have tuck’d in fly’s and ass!”“Ellen called wants her shirt back.”“We all paid for that in msg ticket prices.”“Jimmy Buffet called, he wants his shirt back!”“Maybe Page will get hammered and write a ditty about Trey’s new shirt. Trey’s Shirt > Chicks in the Front Row”“We like Trey’s new shirt … It’s so nice … He looks sharper than the dudes in the front row … He looks sharper than the dudes in the back row …”“Y’all were hoping for a Pepe Le Pew shirt bust out weren’t you. I know I was. But it’s nice Gordo let him borrow a shirt for the occasion.”“Yes it’ll be Dad Rock, yes it’ll be 4 mins and 30 seconds with no jam, and yes Trey is wearing a questionable shirt, but you all know you’re gonna stay up til 12:30 and watch the thing..”Abejefferson: “the fuck is he wearing”“Trey looks like Elizabeth Warren”“Looks like Trey raided Gordo’s closet”“Game: Blouses”“Trey looks like he bought that shirt at Prince’s yard sale.”“Looking like a goombah.”“Trey’s back in loud shirts? Fall tour’s gonna be fire.”“Is it Friday yet? Enough with the fore play” ….. *Phoreplay“Alright I give. That shirt makes the dad rock label official and earned.”“Those concerned with Trey’s shirt choice on Fallon need to be reminded of the past. this is but one questionable decision…”“Lets go make some pancakes.”“He looks like he’s about to bust out the sexiest Flamenco Guitar riffs.”“And his pants were equally as stylish.”“Are those pumpkins?“He’s no Ken Bone with fashion but whatever.”“Wtf? Lmfao…Treys trying to look like Dave Matthews”“Forget about all that — **what scarf will Mike be sporting tonight??**”“Who would have thunk it…? But I think Trey just out fashion-ed Mike tonight with his flashy shirt! :O Oh, no, he din’nt!!! [snaps]“The big question now becomes how will Cactus respond out on tour…? Belted Leisure Suits…? A Flowing Kaftan (Kaphtan?)…? Or, perhaps, some sort of a festive hat…? #PhashionWars” “Wait. So Trey was basically wearing the male version of the Pussy-Bow on Fallon last night?”“Did Page find this for him on Pinterest?”“Dude I’ve done a summer tour in the 90’s for less than that shirt cost”“A far cry from the Marvin the Martian shirt :(““Trey’s shirt is navy blue with red circles on it it. C’mon guys he is just making up for the lack of fish’s mumu”#shirtgate….what does it mean?!….“I want you to be flappy!”[H/T Phish Tour 2014]last_img read more

Dialogue with the deans

first_imgWhile spending nearly 20 years as master of Kirkland House, Harvard College interim Dean Donald Pfister said he learned a valuable lesson.“One of the things that I learned as House master is that I could have really good ideas, or what I thought were really good ideas about how something would work, but it would never turn out that way I thought it would,” Pfister told a group of undergraduates. “If something is really going to work, it has to come from the students. The College is about you all, and we want to hear from you.”With course-shopping week over and the fall term in full swing, Pfister and Dean of Student Life Stephen Lassonde made themselves available to field questions from students in a “meet the deans” forum on Thursday, sponsored by the Undergraduate Council. The event, held in the Faculty Room in University Hall, was open to all undergraduates as another way to help introduce students to the deans as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the College community.Pfister, who is the Asa Gray Professor of Systematic Botany, has been a member of the Harvard faculty for 40 years. Despite that, the role of interim dean presents something new.“As the interim dean of Harvard College, I am finding out a lot of things end up on my desk,” Pfister said with a laugh.Meanwhile, Lassonde has more than 20 years of experience as an administrator and educator at Yale and Brown universities. While he has extensive experience, Lassonde pointed out that he is relatively new to Harvard, having arrived in Cambridge during a difficult time for the Boston area.“I arrived here in April at the time of the marathon bombings, which was the start of a series of crises, but it made me realize quickly what a great team is in the dean’s office here,” said Lassonde, who lives in Mather House.Students brought up topics such as House renewal, the relationship between undergraduates and the administration, academic integrity, and advice for freshmen.When asked what he would like to accomplish as interim dean, Pfister stressed the importance of community.“To be able to grow and work in this community, to me, is very important. I hope your being here this evening is a signal of openness, that we can trust on each other, and rely on each other,” he said.Senior Samuel Meyer asked Pfister how he intends to engage the community in addressing academic integrity. Pfister stressed that the best approach is an open and honest dialogue, another priority for him this year.“How do we do this? How do we make it better? We need you all to help us,” Pfister said. “Any ideas you have to bring change will be good to hear.”Yuqi Hou ’15 praised Stone Hall (the former Old Quincy and the first completed House renewal project), calling it beautiful.Hirsh Jain ’17 asked the deans if they had any advice for freshmen beginning their four years at Harvard.“This is one opportunity you have to be in a place that offers community in a way that is unique. When you leave here, you will never experience anything like it,” Lassonde said. “You will never be surrounded by so many talented people who want to engage every day, and that’s something you don’t want to squander. If you engage, that’s the best way to make the most of this experience.”After the event concluded, Jain said he was impressed that the deans took the time to meet with students.“I think it is really easy to forget that the people’s names you read on an email are actually real. So it’s great to meet them in person,” he said.last_img read more

In 2016, Maxwell said she grew unhappy with Jeffrey Epstein

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — A British socialite criminally charged with aiding Jeffrey Epstein in his sexual abuse of teenage girls testified in 2016 that she had no memory of anything amiss on his properties, but eventually had a falling out with him. That’s according to the public portion of a heavily redacted transcript of the deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell taken for a defamation lawsuit by one of Epstein’s accusers. The transcript was released Wednesday along with other documents pursued by the Miami Herald after the lawsuit was settled. Maxwell has been held without bail since pleading not guilty in July to recruiting girls for Epstein to abuse in the mid-1990s. Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan federal lockup in August 2019 as he awaited a sex trafficking trial.last_img

Jamestown Man Remanded To County Jail Without Bail On Murder Charge

first_imgJamestown City Court and City Chambers. 01/28/19JAMESTOWN — A Jamestown man charged in connection with Monday evening’s homicide was remanded to Chautauqua County Jail without bail Wednesday morning. A Jamestown City Court clerk tells WNYNewsNow that Carl Sorenson, 28, appeared for a virtual arraignment. A virtual preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday, July 17 at 9 a.m. in Jamestown City Court.Sorenson is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old Brandon Holland who was stabbed in the chest while walking on the sidewalk along North Main Street between East 4th and East 5th Streets around 10:14 p.m. Holland was taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital where he died of his injuries.Sorenson, according to police, is also a New York State Parolee. Officers say he was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon by investigators at his apartment on Washington Street.Investigators say additional charges are expected as the investigation continues.This was not a random act of violence and police say is likely a result of a prior dispute.Sorenson was represented by Chautauqua County Public Defender Phil Cala, while Chautauqua County First Assistant District Attorney Derek Gregory appeared for the Chautauqua County District Attorney’s office. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Pecan Planting Time

first_imgWinter is the best time to plant pecan trees. The trees are dormant in winter andhave time to adjust before leafing out in the spring. It’s hard to control many diseases and insects on pecan trees without usingcostly chemicals (pesticides) and an air-blast sprayer. But home pecan trees and low-input farms can be productive if you choose the right cultivar (variety). Pecan scab is the hardest disease to control. And it’s prevalent throughoutGeorgia. Still, by choosing a cultivar that’s resistant or tolerant to scab, many peoplecan enjoy productive pecan trees. Small nut size is important, too, if you’re not going to irrigate. During adrought, it’s much easier for the tree to fill a small nut than a large one. Some pecan trees shed pollen early, while others are late. Some form nuts earlyand others late. Because of this, it’s best for trees to be close to other pecan trees orhave more than one cultivar nearby. The more cultivars in the planting, the better thechance for cross-pollination. But don’t crowd them. Plant pecan trees at least 40 feet apart. The following table rates the recommended home-garden cultivars for theirresistance to pecan scab. It rates them for black aphid resistance, too. It also providestheir nut size and the kernel’s, or nutmeat’s, percentage of the total weight.last_img read more

Crape Myrtles

first_imgCrape myrtles are one of my favorite landscape additions because they produce blooms that provide summer color, handle drought when established and, overall, have few issues with disease and insects.Bloom color can range from red and pink to lavender and white with crape myrtles, giving you options in the landscape. Crape myrtles have size versatility too, with cultivars that can stay in the three-foot height range to some that will grow to 20 feet or more in height, therefore can be considered a shrub or a tree.Some newer crape myrtle cultivars have improved flower color, better fall leaf color or better-looking bark, plus improved cold and disease resistance than some older varieties.There are downsides to growing crape myrtles. Toward the end of summer, you may see sooty mold on crape myrtle leaves and stems. Sooty mold is a dark coating on foliage and stem areas. It can be removed by simply rubbing off the coating.The sooty mold is caused by a fungus or excretion made by insects such as aphids. The sooty mold will cause few direct issues for the ornamental, but can make the crape myrtle less vigorous. You can reduce sooty mold problems by using aphid-resistant cultivars or insecticides labeled for the pests.Crape myrtles can grow in some tough conditions but will grow and flower better in well-prepared soils. At planting, dig a large hole that is at least two times wider than the root ball. Set the plant in the hole no deeper than the crape myrtle grew in the field or container and backfill the hole with the same soil removed from the planting hole. Break up clods and remove rocks or other debris.University of Georgia Cooperative Extension research shows that organic matter amendments are not necessary when planting in individual holes. Using amendments in the hole will encourage roots to stay in the hole area and will keep the roots from growing out into the surrounding soil. Amendments can help if they are mixed uniformly in the soil surrounding the planting hole.  Water the newly planted crape myrtle well to help settle the soil. Adding mulch will help conserve moisture, reduce weed problems and help insulate roots from cold or hot weather. Place three to five inches of pine straw, pine bark, shredded hardwood mulch or shredded leaves over the planting hole. Mulching beyond the planting hole is even more beneficial.Established crape myrtles are considered drought tolerant, but watering in the first two months after planting is important. Watering during dry periods in the flowering season also will assist flowering efforts. Again, water completely at planting time and once a week in the absence of rainfall for the first two months.Planting location is important, as crape myrtles perform better in full sun. Heavy shade can reduce flowering and growth and lead to more problems with sooty mold and powdery mildew on flower buds and new growth. Crape myrtles planted under large shade trees may not flower or grow well, as the tree will compete for soil moisture. Lack of overall sunlight and moisture will limit growth or lead to poor flowering.Proper fertilization can be helpful. Crape myrtles can do well with a general-purpose fertilizer such as 8-8-8, 10-10-10, 12-4-8 or 16-4-8. For newly planted, one-gallon size crape myrtles, apply one teaspoon of fertilizer along the perimeter of the planting hole each month from March to August. For larger, established crape myrtles, use a broadcast approach one time in the spring.You can apply 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 at a rate of one pound per 100 square feet or 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 at the rate of one-half pound per 100 square feet, according to UGA Extension experts. Do not overapply fertilizer. Overfertilization can cause excess growth and reduce flowering. It is better to fertilize right before a rain. If rain is not in the forecast, water well after fertilizer application. It is not necessary to remove the mulch when fertilizing.For more information, contact your local UGA Extension office or see the publications at read more

Niche market

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Nedlloyd pension fund opts for individual defined contribution

first_img“Participants could benefit from the returns of the scheme’s investments in securities after retirement date.”Meanwhile, harbour tugboat company Svitzer, which started operating in the port of Rotterdam last year, has joined the new pension plan of the Nedlloyd pension fund with its 120 active participants.Svitzer is also part of Maersk Group, which bought shipping company P&O Nedlloyd in 2005.However, Maersk company Damco will continue its collective DC plan with the Nedlloyd scheme for its 275 workers for the time being, due to contractual obligations.He added that he expected Damco employees would also join the new pension plan in the near future.The Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds reported a 21.8% return for 2014.Its €640m matching portfolio of government bonds and swaptions returned 35.2%, while its other investments combined returned 11.7%.Last January, the scheme returned more than 5%.Its current coverage ratio – drawn on market rates – is 111.6%.The Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds has 11,695 participants in total, of which 800 are employed by Dutch subsidiaries of Maersk Group.The scheme has 7,910 pensioners and 2,980 deferred members. The €1.4bn Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds has switched from collective defined contribution (DC) to individual DC pension arrangements for the staff of a number of Netherlands-based companies of Danish Maersk Group. The pension fund will maintain the pension plan but has outsourced capital accrual to asset manager Robeco, which will invest participants’ pension assets as a default in a life-cycle mix.Under the new arrangements, pension capital accrued with Robeco can be used for purchasing a pension at the Nedlloyd scheme at or even before the retirement date.Frans Dooren, director at the pension fund, said: “As a result, the pension rights could increase with future indexation at the pension fund.last_img read more

Barcelona cleared in smear campaign controversy

first_imgBarcelona did not commission an online smear campaign against current and former star players alongside potential presidential opponents, an external audit has found. PricewaterhouseCoopers found that the club did not pay the company I3 Ventures to promote their own messages both on Twitter and Facebook to discredit others, while it also did not find evidence of the club paying an inflated price for their services – clearing them of financial corruption. The Catalan giants released a statement on Monday saying that they will open legal action against those who brought forward the allegations, which became known as ‘Barcagate’ “The board of directors instructs the club’s legal services to continue and, if necessary, bring the relevant legal action against those who have made false and unfounded accusations that have gravely damaged the institution’s image,” read the statement. “After months of having lived with defamatory accusations on this matter, Barcelona asks those media outlets who made the charges of improper behaviour against our organisation to proceed to rectify that information, given that it has no basis and has been denied by a report that has been put together with unlimited access to the information requested about the club and its executives.” The findings of Barcelona’s involvement with the company were revealed in February, after Barcelona issued a statement denying a report from Cadena Ser radio station claiming the club were paying a third party to damage the reputation of others. Cadena Ser’s show El Larguero subsequently revealed documents from Barcelona which appeared to show the club paying a third party to damage the reputation of individuals, including their own players Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique, although the club have now been cleared of this. Loading… The Catalan club always strenuously denied any truth in the reports, saying that they had neither paid nor promoted anyone to denounce or attack others – who have been opponents to the current board in some form at some point – online. It was claimed by the Cadena Ser report that the reason for the Blaugrana paying companies to promote these messages were firstly to improve the image of current president Josep Maria Bartomeu and devalue the opinions of his opponents. It was claimed that Barcelona paid the company I3 Ventures to promote their own messages both on Twitter and Facebook, with the report claiming they had access to the transactions. Barca explained that their relationship with I3 involved “monitoring of social media with the aim of analysing both positive and negative messages about the organisation itself.” Read Also: Video: Che Adams nets 40-yard screamer to open EPL account A report in Diario Sport from February claimed Bartomeu handed the club’s four captains – including Messi and Pique – a dossier in a meeting at the time of the allegations with all the messages and confirmed that he broke relations with the company, making it clear that the club had not at any time entrusted the company with any derogatory comments. Blaugrana club legends Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol and Pep Guardiola were among those who had been claimed were targeted, along with presidential hopefuls Agusti Benedito and Victor Font. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

No rush for Rock plan

first_img A hugely impressive winner of a Leopardstown maiden on his juvenile debut and a fast-finishing third on his return in the Sandown Classic Trial, the three-year-old was an outsider for the premier Classic at Epsom. However, clearly a sound stayer, the son of Derby hero Galileo stayed on determinedly to finish a close-up third and Wachman is looking forward to the rest of the campaign. David Wachman is in no rush to make definite plans for Galileo Rock following his tremendous run in defeat in the Investec Derby. The trainer said: “It was a good performance and he vindicated what we thought he would do. “We would have liked a stronger pace, but I think that would be the case for a lot of them, and we were very happy with how he ran. “He’s in the Irish Derby and all those races and we’ll just see how he is. There’s no rush to make any definite plans. “He looks like he’s going to be a smart horse, hopefully. Let’s hope he stays sound and he stays lucky.” Asked whether the Ladbrokes St Leger at Doncaster could be a target later in the season, Wachman added: “I think we’re entitled to put that into our plan, but we’ll just see how things progress through the year.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more