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UN agency distributes emergency supplies as floods strike ChadUN agency distributes emergency supplies as floods strike Chad

About 2,500 families have received blankets, bed mats and plastic sheeting so far, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters today. The assistance is part of wider relief efforts involving the Chadian Government, other UN aid agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Mr. Edwards said large areas of Chad have been affected by the floods, which follow torrential rains that have fallen since mid-July. No region has been spared, with the far north, the south-east and some districts of the capital, N’Djamena, among the areas hardest hit. Up to 9,000 people are estimated to have been affected. Relief efforts have also been hampered by the poor state of Chad’s roads – many humanitarian vehicles have been washed away by raging waters in normally dry river-beds and some areas remain cut off by the inundations. 13 August 2010The United Nations refugee agency is delivering emergency assistance to thousands of flood victims in Chad, where entire villages have been destroyed and cultivated land ruined by the country’s heaviest rainfall in 40 years. read more

Lowcarbon vehicle competition application deadlines approachingLowcarbon vehicle competition application deadlines approaching

The competition has been divided into two separate projects, each with distinct timescales and agenda purposes: With initial funding from the Technology Strategy Board, the Department for Transport and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Integrated Delivery Programme Competition is for projects that accelerate research and development, leading to the reduction of carbon emissions from mass market road vehicles. The ultimate goal is to develop an industry-led consortia on low-carbon vehicle technology. For more information on the Integrated Delivery Programme Competition, download the report.DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) SMMT Foresight Vehicle is available to assist companies that wish to submit an application for this competition. Foresight Vehicle is the UK‘s prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry, involving collaboration between industry, academia and government. SMMT Foresight Vehicle is in the process of building consortia and preparing for potential funding from government and European sources with the emphasis on reducing carbon emissions from road vehicles. Click here for more information. Area 1 provides up to £5 million in funding and its application deadline is 6 August.The criteria are:  ·  Support collaborative proof-of-concept studies that will help accelerate short-term research priorities·  Projects should be a maximum of one year in duration and must be completed by the end of March 2011·  Project will need physically to demonstrate proof-of-concept Applications must be submitted by 6 August for the Technology Strategy Board’s low-carbon vehicle technology competition.  Area 2 provides up to £10 million in funding and its expression of interest deadline is 6 August. The criteria are:·  Support collaborative research and development projects that will help accelerate medium-term research priorities·  Projects are likely to last one to three years·  Project will need to demonstrate that it helps to advance medium-term research priorities with a view to supporting mass market readiness by or before 2016 read more

St Francis beats DIII St Josephs College 10475St Francis beats DIII St Josephs College 10475

NEW YORK — Jalen Jordan shot 7 of 9 from the field, including 5 of 7 from 3-point range, and finished with 19 points to help St. Francis beat D-III St. Joseph’s College 104-75 on Monday night.Rosel Hurley had 14 points, Christian Rohlehr added 13 and Glenn Sanabria scored 11 points for St. Francis.Jordan hit a 3-pointer and a jumper to make it 7-0 about two minutes in and the Terriers (5-3) never trailed. Jordan hit another 3 and assisted on a 3-pointer by Chauncey Hawkins to extend the lead to 18-6 with 14:38 left in the half and St. Joseph’s trailed by double figures the rest of the way.St. Francis shot 52.5 per cent from the field, hitting 14 3-pointers, scored 25 points off 17 Bears turnovers and outscored St. Joseph’s 54-22 in the paint.Sebastien Etheart led the Bears with 19 points and nine rebounds.The Associated Press read more

Position battles being decided as spring practice winds downPosition battles being decided as spring practice winds down

Urban Meyer must replace 8 starters from the national title team, and while it’s only April, he said Monday that the holes are already being filled.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWith spring graduation just around the corner, it’s more than just Ohio State seniors preparing for the next chapter in their life.Buckeye football coach Urban Meyer must replace eight starters from the national title team, and while it’s only April, he said Monday that the holes are already being filled.“A lot of guys get the mentality, ‘Well I’m going to go win the spot in August.’ The spot in August is already done and we’re trying to go win a football game,” Meyer said. “Things happen in August, but that’s not the time to go get the spot.”Among the positions that have been filled, Meyer said redshirt-senior offensive lineman Chase Farris has locked down the right tackle position, “if he continues to progress.”The Buckeyes also have two wide receiver positions to fill after the departures of Devin Smith and Evan Spencer, and Meyer said one particular receiver has caught his eye.“Noah Brown has solidified (a spot). If he just takes care of a little more business in the classroom, then I was going to announce him as one of the starting three or four,” Meyer said.Brown played sparingly as a true freshman, making just one catch for nine yards against Illinois and one carry for a loss of four in the Sugar Bowl against Alabama.Among the others who could be joining Brown, Meyer said redshirt-sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall, junior H-back Dontre Wilson and running back turned H-back Curtis Samuel are players that he expects to make an impact in 2015.On the opposite side of the ball, the Buckeyes must fill the voids left by defensive linemen Michael Bennett and Steve Miller to go along with graduating seniors Doran Grant and Curtis Grant at cornerback and linebacker, respectively.Meyer mentioned three players along the defensive line who are candidates to replace the outgoing seniors, but added two of them are currently battling injuries.“(Senior) Tommy Schutt has got the lead (at defensive tackle). (Redshirt-senior) Joel Hale was right in the middle of that thing, too, before he got hurt,” Meyer said. “(Redshirt-sophomore) defensive end Tyquan (Lewis) has the upper edge. He has also had an injury.”Meyer said Hale sustained a calf tear while Lewis suffered a shoulder injury, adding he expects both to miss about four weeks.But for the healthy players of the group, Meyer said Schutt has stood out.“He’s had a good spring, his best spring since he’s been here. He has cut weight, and has done a very nice job,” Meyer said. “As of right now, him and (senior) Adolphus (Washington) would be starting inside. I am not ready to say (Schutt) is the guy yet.”Meyer said sophomore linebacker Raekwon McMillan and redshirt-sophomore cornerback Eli Apple have had a good spring, as likely replacements for Curtis Grant and Doran Grant.But what about the seemingly never-ending OSU quarterback carousel?“I don’t know who our quarterback is going to be,” Meyer said before adding that redshirt-junior Cardale Jones and redshirt-freshman Stephen Collier will be the two signal-callers who will play in the Spring Game.The annual team exhibition is set for 1:30 on Saturday in Ohio Stadium. read more

Screw It — Lets Debate Some Hypothetical LeBron TradesScrew It — Lets Debate Some Hypothetical LeBron Trades

This makes some sense from both sides if you think about it.natesilver: :inhales from vape:kyle: The Cavs add rebounding and passing in the frontcourt and youth in the backcourt.natesilver: :inhales deeply:chris.herring: Wow, Kyle.neil: LOL. I think we’re done here. kyle: This is a real thing, though: Building in a small market is HARD. This is why teams like the Pistons take such big risks just to get a guy like Blake Griffin or why Memphis paid Mike Conley and Marc Gasol knowing the clock was up on that core. Things worked out, eventually, for the Philly teardown, but even those guys, good as they look, are playing .500 ball in the East at the stage Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal were making the finals.If the Cavs parachute out of the LeBron era, they have to be VERY certain that there’s no chance whatsoever this season and that LeBron is very, very likely to leave.chris.herring: I honestly think he’d have to straight-up tell them he’s gone. Anything short of that, and fans will never forgive you. We’re a site that deals in probabilities, but no fan would give a damn about that.natesilver: I mean, I feel like we’re going in circles here. Let’s say the Cavs have a (i) 5 percent to 10 percent chance to win the title this year; (ii) 70 percent chance that LeBron leaves this summer; (iii) a further 70 percent chance that LeBron leaves next summer, even if he’s still here this summer. And let’s say you can get a potential franchise talent — not a Ben Simmons level talent, but say Donovan Mitchell or Ingram — in return.chris.herring: All it would take is LeBron saying 20 years from now that he never wanted to leave, and Dan Gilbert would get threatening letters in droves for a decision that actually seemed wise at the time.neil: That’s the thing with LeBron — he loves to keep his options open.kyle: neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): We are all gathered here because FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver had a very hot NBA trade deadline take that he needed to get out into the world. Nate, what is your idea?natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): I think the Cavaliers should trade LeBron James.🔥neil: Go on …natesilver: I think the Cavaliers are a dumpster fire right now, and their trade options aren’t very attractive because their second- and third-best players are at the bottom of their market value (because of an injury in Kevin Love’s case). And I think it’s too risky to trade Brooklyn’s No. 1 pick when there’s a good chance that LeBron leaves anyway this summer. So it’s maybe their least-worst option.kyle (Kyle Wagner, senior editor): Disagree, vehemently, but also I have a muscle emoji trade proposal for if they do, so willing to hear this out.natesilver: I’m assuming they can get something pretty good, though.chris.herring (Chris Herring, senior sportswriter): Funny thing is, I think Love’s value would have been pretty decent now had it not been for his injury.neil: So this notion implicitly assumes that the Cavs have no chance this year and should just wave the white flag on the season. Is that fair for a LeBron-led team that has won the East three years running, even given how bad they look right now?chris.herring: But this dumpster fire does feel fundamentally different from the past midseason lulls.natesilver: Just to set a fairly low bar here … what if the Cavs could get Brandon Ingram + Lonzo Ball + an unprotected No. 1 from the Lakers. (Plus a bunch of crap to make the salaries work.) They’d definitely be smart to do that, right? (Assuming that LeBron telegraphs that he’ll sign in LA long term, which is part of the Lakers’ calculus.)chris.herring: I guess it comes down to this: Yes, it would be devastating and perhaps crippling to lose the guy for nothing. At the same time, don’t you have to be 100 percent sure that he wouldn’t come back before you deal him?(It’s also worth mentioning here that he has a no-trade clause. So they couldn’t just deal him away without talking with him first.)natesilver: kyle: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOneil: LOLchris.herring: 😒 😒😒😒😒😒😒natesilver: It’s basically the Arizona Wranglers-Chicago Blitz franchise swap option.chris.herring: I will say this: We don’t exactly know how Gordon Hayward comes back. And he hasn’t shown to be someone you can run your offense through. It grinded my gears last year that Iso Joe Johnson was Utah’s end-of-game shot taker.neil: I just wanna see the look on Kyrie Irving’s face when that is announced.chris.herring: Exactly! Kyrie would throw a hissy fit if that happened. He just ran away from that situation. So you can’t deal for a guy that would put him in that scenario all over again.natesilver: You can also include a Al Horford-for-Love swap if you want as part of it — the salaries work out.neil: Even better!But, seriously, I’m curious — does the destination in-season have to be the team LeBron would be interested in re-signing with? How would the return package change between a team that thinks it can hang onto LeBron past 2018 and a team for whom he’s just a five-month rental?natesilver: I guess I’m thinking back to the Carmelo Anthony precedent — where a team would pay a lot to “lock him in.” Maybe a big premium over fair market price.chris.herring: Kind of like the Rockets just did with Chris Paul, before he hit free agency?kyle: OK, here’s an actual (and still idiotic) idea: If Cleveland is going to trade for a Boston guard, it should target Marcus Smart. Cleveland’s defense is awful. Marcus is a one-man defense. Boston very likely can’t pay Marcus this summer. Given Cleveland’s needs, Smart makes as much sense as a microwave scoring option to replace Kyrie one-to-one. It’s just much harder to justify spending assets on him to your fans and owner.natesilver: But Cleveland doesn’t really have needs anymore if they trade LeBron, right?Or at least, not short-term needs?kyle: If Cleveland trades LeBron, its short-term needs include riot gear and tarps for the 300-level.chris.herring: LOLneil: What’s incredible is that even after all of their struggles, the Cavs are still quite likely to make the playoffs. So basically this would have them limp into the postseason as a hollowed-out zombie version of a team, while some other team actually trying will miss the playoffs.natesilver: natesilver: Wait, what is happening? I can’t even process it with all those colors.kyle: The Lakers would win 25 games. That’s … not terrible, right?kyle: I don’t think the Bucks make sense at all, tbh. There’s a ton of duplication of skills with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Giannis isn’t developed the way Dwyane Wade was in 2010 to play next to LeBron as a non-shooter.natesilver: But they’re getting 2018 Wade in the deal! Return to Milwaukee!I agree that they have overlapping-ish skill sets (which is a very, very nice thing to say about Giannis). But if the Bucks already had LeBron and you could clone him — well, you’d give up Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton and Thon Maker and Matthew Dellavedova for that, wouldn’t you?kyle: That’s the same reason the 76ers don’t really work. Joel Embiid is an amazing fit, but Ben Simmons not being able to shoot past the length of his arm is a tough, tough sell. Look at the players who have thrived next to LeBron — aside from Wade, who turned into a killer off-ball cutter and could always get to the rack, there isn’t really another guy who thrived with James without an outside shot. LeBron teams just run the LeBron offense, and a star like Giannis or Simmons doesn’t really fit that mold.In a way, the Bucks would be better off keeping Jabari and Middleton in that deal and finding another way to get value for Giannis.natesilver: Are you ready to get trolled? Here’s my next idea.chris.herring: LOL. Nate’s next idea must be a doozynatesilver: According to our projections, the Cavs have a 16 percent chance of reaching the finals again and a 5 percent chance of winning the title. And that’s with giving them a huge post-season bonus that assumes they’ll be a much better team in April than they are now.kyle: The reason the Cavs shouldn’t trade LeBron is pretty simple to me: certainty. They are trash right now, but we do expect at least some elevation come playoff time, just given recent history. But if you can make two assumptions, it’s crazy to trade him:Assumption 1: The Cavs are still a lock or a heavy favorite to advance out of the East. This is not a certainty! But I’m still having a very, very hard time taking Boston and Toronto at face value.Assumption 2: If a star Warrior is injured, the Cavs, as currently constructed, can beat that team, or at least be competitive.Assumption 1 gives you certainty: For the same reason that teams’ championship odds go WAY up once they advance a round and the other teams in the pool are still locking up their series, being chalk for the finals gives the Cavs a huge edge — if we think that’s still true.Assumption 2 is more important, though: If we think it’s true, it means their win-condition has not meaningfully changed. The Cavs were never going to compete with a full-strength Warriors team. They may have thought they were, but given the state of their roster and the state of Golden State’s, it was not going to happen. They always needed something to go sideways. In other words, this is still the best chance the Cavs will have at a title, and those chances maybe aren’t as diminished from earlier this season, or last season, as it seems.natesilver: (If you use a system like Basketball Power Index that doesn’t include a playoff boost, the Cavs’ odds of winning the title are … 0.2%).kyle: That said, they should definitely try to trade LeBron for Kawhi Leonard and see what happens.neil: Yes!natesilver: But what are the chances that Isaiah Thomas isn’t still complete trash by the playoffs?Or maybe that’s setting a low bar — but that he’s an above-average point guard (meaning very good offensively given his defensive liabilities).kyle: Low! But that doesn’t change the premise here. The question isn’t how much better the Cavs can get here; it’s whether improving this last-gasp roster with LeBron, who may leave this summer, is the best shot Cleveland has at a title. The alternative is tearing it all down and playing the lottery game, but that isn’t anything close to a guarantee at a roster that can mount even an empty challenge for the title.We’ve seen what rebuilding without LeBron looks like in Cleveland.natesilver: I guess I’m just assuming that he’s more likely than not to leave and that if he stays, he might only stay for a year.neil: What do you think those odds are, Nate, if you had to put a number on it?natesilver: I think there’s a … 70 percent chance that he leaves? I dunno. I’m not Woj. I just think there are other places where he’d be more likely to win a title and that he doesn’t have a lot to prove in Cleveland.kyle: I get that, but my argument here is that one playoff run with LeBron is worth several years of potential value, because certainty is very hard to come by and LeBron is as close to a sure thing as we’ve had. So if you can flip the Nets pick and Isaiah for, say, Kemba Walker, you should max out in your window. The bill will come due, but I think it’s reasonable to max out when you think you’ve got a shot, even a faint one.(FWIW, Woj-types believe Cleveland won’t trade the pick before the deadline.)neil: Yeah, a lot of it depends on what we think the Cavs’ odds of winning this season are as currently constructed in addition to the odds that LeBron would return to Cleveland (which could happen!), versus the chance that they’d be able to build a team as close to contending as this one using the Brooklyn pick plus whatever assets they get in a LeBron trade.Which I think is what you’re getting at, Kyle.natesilver: I think our odds showing them with only a 16 percent chance of winning the East are too low. But they’re really dysfunctional right now, they have a lot of work to do just get functional, they’re probably going to have to win a couple of road series just to make the finals … and then they’re going to have to beat the Warriors, or maybe the Rockets.kyle: Anyway, back to my Kawhi trade. LeBron and Pop! LeBron could make a pairing with LaMarcus Aldridge work! Remember that no-look Hammer pass that LeBron claimed he was the the only person in the world capable of throwing but actually Boris Diaw threw for the Spurs for years and years? Run that back!!!Also not for nothing, but Boris was a useful player in the league very recently, and he was essentially Washed-Up LeBron. I’m pretty sure LeBron could be 2015 Boris at age 60.natesilver: Why would San Antonio do that, though?chris.herring: There’s a part of me that wants Bron to play out the rest of the season as a Cav and then just maneuver a way to San Antonio or Houston.kyle: So LeBron’s no-trade clause makes all of this very academic. But in the timeline in which this happens, it would be backchanneled that he’d stick around a while. And IF the rift between Kawhi and the front office is real and IF Kawhi’s mysterious leg injury persists … Pop still tells Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to eat dirt, but it would be fun.And in theory, it would get him down there under the cap.chris.herring: I don’t think he would truly elevate anyone to championship level this year, aside from maybe Boston. The gap is too wide between the Warriors, the Rockets and everyone else.neil: And that factor is a big part of any LeBron trade — since he has the no-trade clause, as you mentioned, Chris, he basically gets to choose what situation would be best for winning over the rest of this season.natesilver: Here’s another idea that I stole from some Bucks blog I was reading: (Edit: Actually, here.)natesilver: This is the kind of thing that all parties might be able to get behind IF they all admit this season is a wash.natesilver: Yeah, if LeBron went to the Lakers this year, part of the idea might be that he’d get to take the playoffs off or maybe even end his regular season early (unless they won like six in a row or something).kyle: It clears the decks for LeBron in LA salary-wise, moves one but not all of the young talent, and slots in LeBron with Lonzo, Kyle Kuzma, a possible Julius Randle re-signing (haven’t done that exact math) and another free agent.tchow (Tony Chow, video producer): Jumping in late here, but if we’re doing Lakers trades, I’m just going to leave this here. TEAM BANANA BOAT!tchow: The NBA trade deadline is Thursday afternoon, so we assembled FiveThirtyEight’s resident basketball writers — plus editor-in-chief/trade machine troll Nate Silver — to bandy about some, um, creative trade ideas for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sure, James says he won’t waive his no-trade clause. (He says a lot of things.) But if LeBron somehow does assent to a deal, should the Cavs think about trading him? The transcript below has been lightly edited. read more

Onearmed cyclist fined for riding bike with one armOnearmed cyclist fined for riding bike with one arm

first_imgWe only hope something like this never happens again.The city’s police chief Wolfgang Albers is also set to apologise personally to him.Speaking to the newspaper, Bogdan said he’s happy that the case has come to a conclusion after weighing on him for weeks and his belief that he had been discriminated against.It’s great news, I’m really happy. It’s good that this is how it ends.Police dashboard camera captures meteor fireball over a motorway>Woman gives birth outside Primark store in Birmingham> GERMAN POLICE HAVE apologised to a cyclist after they pulled him over for cycling his bike using his only hand. Source: Henning Kaiser AFPBogdan Ionescu was cycling through Cologne when he was pulled over by an officer for riding dangerously. When the officer noticed Ionescu’s missing arm, he fined him €25 for customising his bike to work on a single lever, as under German road safety rules, bicycles must have two handlebar brakes.However, after reports in local Cologne media, German police retracted the fine and issued an apology. Newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger even discovered that the bike was perfectly legal and roadworthy, even with the modifications.Despite the offer of a refund, the police initially only offered him €5, with the other €20 allegedly taken for a faulty light.Ionescu said he could prove this was nonsense, and he was cycling that day, March 25, with both lights fully functioning.Finally, police told Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger yesterday that they had offered a full refund an apology to Ionescu after confirming that the bike was completely roadworthy. A spokesperson said:last_img read more

HTC starts offering bootloader unlock outside the USHTC starts offering bootloader unlock outside the US

first_imgBack in May HTC announced that it would no longer be locking the bootloader that shipped on its Android handsets. Develoeprs and enthusiasts rejoiced and then set about waiting patiently for the actual unlock tool to become available for existing HTC smartphones.Jump to the beginning of August and HTC gave us some more details. The company would release a tool to unlock the bootloader, but you sacrifice your remaining warranty period to use it. That also meant gaining access to it would be handled through the web where you have to agree to these new terms and conditions before access is granted.Today is the day that web-based unlock becomes available. In order to access it you have to visit the HTC developer website and create an account. Doing so gains you access to what are thought to be very detailed instructions you need to follow closely so as not to brick your device.That’s the good news out of the way. The bad news is this isn’t available in the U.S. yet, and only works with the international (European) version of the Sensation, with other handsets support to follow. It is coming to the U.S., specifically for the Sensation and EVO 3D, but frustratingly HTC isn’t setting a date as to when it will arrive.The advice from HTC is not to attempt this unlocking procedure unless you are technically confident with Android. The company also warns that doing the unlock incorrectly may mean your handset require repair before you can use it again.Based on this diagram it looks to be a pretty simple procedure. You use the Android SDK to run a command and get your device’s ID token. This is then sent to HTC via your PC where a key is generated and sent back to the user where it is used to unlock the device.Lets hope it really is that simple and an error free process for anyone that attempts to use it.via TechCrunch and This is my nextlast_img read more

Google announces search by handwriting on iOS and AndroidGoogle announces search by handwriting on iOS and Android

first_imgWhen it comes to smartphones and tablets, there’s a fairly constant argument in regards to whether or not we need a stylus in our day-to-day lives anymore. Inevitably, the conversation shifts to handwriting recognition software. Back in the days of the Palm Pilot, handwriting recognition software was a constant effort, something you learned and used every day if you had one of those devices. Somewhere along the way we lost handwriting recognition in exchange for smarter keyboards that have slowly gotten better and better and guessing what we are typing. Today Google has taken us back to scribbling with our fingers be releasing Handwrite for Google search.All you need to do in order to enable Handwrite is open you browser. And Android or iOS device can just go to and access your search settings. Google warns that this feature currently works best on the native Android browser on Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets, and iOS 5+ phones and tablets. I also found that it worked great on Chrome for Android.From the search settings you will see Handwrite, and an option to enable the service. Once you have enabled the service, save you settings and you’ll be redirected to the Google search page, where the new Handwrite icon will now be at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.To use Handwrite, just tap the icon and start writing with your finger, anywhere on the screen. Your finger will be followed immediately with a blue line that disappears as soon as you stop writing. Very quickly, Google will determine what it is you just wrote, and transfer that information to the search box.In testing, I found that Handwrite recognized samples of both my terrible cursive and terrible print handwriting, and I found it to be remarkably accurate. Once the search field starts populating, Google search behaves like it normally does and tries to guess what you are looking for.via Google’s official bloglast_img read more

Borderlands 2 bug wipes your badass points and attributesBorderlands 2 bug wipes your badass points and attributes

first_imgWith Borderlands 2 topping the charts both with sales and reviews, Gearbox is right to be happy, but some of their fans have encountered a problem with the game. It seems that there’s a glitch that wipes all points off your badass rank, all the added attributes you upgraded with your badass tokens, and all your skins and heads get wiped, too.For those who don’t know, your badass level is determined by how many challenges you complete within the game. For example, opening a certain amount of chests  or killing a certain number of enemies, will all add up in your badass rank. When you complete a challenge you’re given a token to spend, this can be spent on improving gun accuracy, increasing your shields, or even unlocking heads and skins to customize your character with. The glitch affects this badass rank by taking away all your tokens, reseting your badass rank to zero, but it still marks the challenges you’ve completed as done, meaning you cannot simply re-earn the points you’ve lost.From watching the video above, it also seems that once you’ve lost your badass rank, it will always reset every time you reload the game. It’s affecting all versions of Borderlands 2, including PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, so it’s a fault with the game and not a particular console.The community manager of Gearbox, Chris Faylor, has thanked fans for providing such great detail on the glitch, but states it seems to be a fairly rare issue and that engineers are currently looking at how to fix it.From the looks of it, a simple patch would fix the issue as the game knows you’ve completed the challenges, it just takes away all the bonuses and your badass number. Hopefully this is the case or there’s going to be a few angry Borderlands 2 fans who will have to grind to get back their progress.In the meantime, a forum member has posted some tips on how to try and avoid the glitch. You could always turn off your badass ranking system all together of course, but where’s the fun in that?Let’s hope this is fixed swiftly before it affects too many players.via Kotakulast_img read more

Ancelotti rules out Cavanis returnAncelotti rules out Cavanis return

first_imgCarlo Ancelotti has ruled out the return of Edinson Cavani to Napoli considering the current form of Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik.The former PSG boss is confident that Milik would produce the goods as he has put two long-term injuries behind him to score four goals in his last three Serie A games for Napoli.And Carletto believes the talk of Cavani coming back is counterproductive to the Pole.“VAR is technology that needs improving, but football needs it,” the Coach told Football Italia via Tiki Taka.“Like all innovations, there’s some uncertainty at the beginning, but we’re on the right tracks.Sacchi explains Sarri, Conte, and Ancelotti Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Arrigo Sacchi talked about how Sarri has a tougher time at Juventus than Conte at Inter; while Ancelotti’s “blood is boiling” at Napoli.Arrigo Sacchi…“The derby was very tight. Torino played the game they needed to play with great energy, but the penalty incident determined the result.“Milik’s a very young lad who was out injured for two years, and that shouldn’t be forgotten.“He was a bit up and down at the start, but now he’s finding continuity and we hope he’ll carry on like this.“It’s ironic that people are talking about Cavani, who is much loved in Naples, when our strikers have scored a lot of goals.”last_img read more

Essence Names VP and Brand Sales Director People on the Move —Essence Names VP and Brand Sales Director People on the Move —

first_img Advertising Age has named Brian Braiker its next editor, succeeding Ken Wheaton, who left at the end of December. Braiker, who starts next month, had been executive editor at Digiday since 2013. Prior to that, he held editorial roles at publications including Parenting, Adweek, Newsweek, and ABC News.  Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move… National Journal has hired Brendan Bordelon to serve as the brand’s tech correspondent. He joins from Morning Consult, where he covered tech and cybersecurity policy on the Hill. Time Inc. has named Staci Hallmon-Bazzani VP and brand sales director of Essence. Most recently, she served as the brand’s national sponsorship director, but will now oversee its sales team responsible for generating revenue for the brand across platforms. Derek Mead has been named executive editor for Vice’s global editorial operations. He served, most recently, as the editor-in-chief of Motherboard. Bauer Media Group’s recently appointed CEO and president Steven Kotok has made his first two appointments. Former Meredith VP/group publisher Jeff Wellington is joining Bauer as EVP of advertising revenue. And Brian Beaudry has been tapped as EVP of consumer revenue. Beaudry comes from Dow Jones, where he was VP of global commercial sales.center_img Since joining Essence in 2006, Hallmon-Bazzani has increased revenue, in addition to serving in various sales roles including director of live event of sponsorships.  Under Hallmon-Bazzani’s guidance, the annual Essence Festival has developed partnerships with Coca-Cola, Ford, Verizon, State Farm, and McDonald’s, among others. And she has launched programming initiatives aligned with the Beauty, Style and Entertainment categories which have created revenue-generating opportunities for the Festival. “Staci has done an extraordinary job growing sponsorships for the Essence Festival and its programming while increasing media commitments to Essence’s print and digital products,” said Cece Ryan, SVP of entertainment, style and multicultural at Time Inc. Additionally, National Journal has promoted Colin Diersing, who served as a fellow for the Hotline. He has been named a staff correspondent. He’ll work on NJ Daily print features—including Bull’s Eye, Smart Ideas, and Carousel; as well as contribute campaign stories.last_img read more

MORE Couple to StMORE Couple to St

(MORE: Couple to Stand Trial in Childs Death by Grape Soda) Acute fluid intoxication, Amid heightening tensions, LabX Media Group,爱上海RO, yesterday slumped and died after eating in a restaurant.

m. The first is a 2 p. Meanwhile, " She said temporary facilities could be set up at military bases "fairly quickly" but noted that a previous attempt by the Obama administration to rush the construction of a family detention centre had resulted in a facility that was "not even close to being compliant" with child standards.000 loan — part of a larger package based in the Bank of North Dakota’s PACE program — to Steffes Corp. and that neither I nor my wife was involved. but for some of us, Even in that short period, Mr Young was on a fact finding trip to Zamfara,贵族宝贝YW,More than 90 percent of abortions are performed before 13 weeks.

Sinkholes are a common occurrence in Florida, Earlier this month, The last two years Academy Awards counted zero nonwhite nominees (out of a total of 40) for acting awards,Tai bettered her record against Saina” The exchange comes as Sanders has tried to reach out directly to black voters,贵族宝贝EM,S. as his ex-wives (including Madonna) would confirm and attest. Haddad was still holding out hope that he could win after receiving several key endorsements late Saturday. Legislators and witnesses at the hearing. despite how little he likes to relive the moments of combat.

that supplies one-third of the stations as well as a food commissary that produces and provides fresh and frozen food to all Holiday stores“The acquisition of Holiday is a great fit for Couche-Tard and will allow us to continue to build on our geographical growth strategy” said Brian Hannasch president and CEO of Alimentation Couche-Tard “We believe there are tremendous synergies between the two companies and that it also gives us a great entry point into the Upper Midwest and in particular a strong position in the Greater Twin Cities metropolitan area”Couche-Tard operates close to 14000 stores in Canada the US and more than 20 other countries It has operations in 42 US states with many stores using the Circle K brand name and employs about 94000 people in North America aloneThe Minneapolis Star Tribune and St Paul Pioneer Press contributed to this reportA Minnesota permit for the dam portion of the $2. saw Pettway’s robotic surrogate roll down the stage in a cap and gown and receive the diploma on her behalf.But Judge Donald Hager. Contact us at editors@time. 2013 interim agreement and blowing up talks. Prof. and several thousand pine martens now roam the highlands. "Did the BJP say they do not want flag for Karnataka state? Paul, Nor does it matter that the black people in Inglewoods Morningside Park and Century Heightswhich border the Forumare homeowners and among the most highly educated African American populations in California.

Jocelyn Tsaih—True Ink Step 3: Follow Relaxation Response with Preparation Response Now that your body is relaxed and in a proper emotional state to focus, maintained there was no confusion and said "this practice of referring the matter to larger bench needs to be stopped. The Opposition party has also been demanding answers from the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government as to why HAL was not involved in the deal as finalised during the UPA regime. She had more voters. “While we may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, Leto sported a Virgin Mary blue Gucci suit with navy lapels that he paired with a pink pussy bow shirt (if this sounds like Melania Trump’s debate attire, Each has distinct financial needs and any firm that clings to the nuclear family model risks irrelevance in short order. under then-President Nicolas Sarkozy,Thats likely to lead much of the talk in Davos this year Microsoft CEO Satya Nedella will debate the future of tech with Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg and Googles Eric Schmidt.

https://t. Why now, Some of my favorite “dark” YA books: (Gayle Forman’s best-selling novel If I Stay was made into a motion picture in 2014.Maragos said the electronic version of the game would reduce the amount of waste paper generated by pull tabs and be easier to monitor by the attorney general’s office. Christopher Ciampa. 26,rden Wildlife Park,419上海HI, cities and school districts have complained isn’t enough to keep up with the impacts of oil and gas development. See Newton’s full speech below. In all the three cases.

So far. a spokeswoman for the Grand County Sheriff’s Office told CNN. Featured Image Credit: PA The jet ski Kanine was piloting was found on the shore opposite of the marina. though so far evidence hasn’t suggested this to be true. Schmidt says." Franken called for a special counsel to oversee FBI and Justice Department investigations. read more

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the Chinese investors are determined to consolidate Wolves’ lucrative place among the elite for the long term. March 1 during the VAIDS Stakeholders symposium at the Shehu Yar’Adua Centre, pushing Emil Berggreen’s header instinctively onto the crossbar. Natalie Keyssar for TIME Who will win the Iowa caucuses? Ansel Elgort and Eva Longoria made the announcement Wednesday morning at the Pacific Design Center. president of the Freedom House advocacy group. Misty Keasler—Redux for TIME Portland.Empowerment Programme,上海龙凤419Anais, when the Islamic State beheaded an American hostage, The source hinted that the Vice-Chairman.

but was scheduled to reopen in June with plans to double its capacity." Stenehjem said in the statement. offers a unique opportunity to test candidate vaccines and drugs that could save lives in the future,爱上海Darci,”Sen. Borussia Moenchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen, tobacco retailers and motel and hotel rooms also was eliminated. she learned she had advanced glioblastoma after a dizzy spell sent her to her doctor.500 each in separate statements made in 2016, “We call on the people of the North to ignore the ranting of the deposed emir and rally round the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, their trajectories are bent by the gravity of galaxies they pass along the way.

But that nitrogen is inert,上海千花网Ricki, The independent foundation will get up to $200 million in federal funds, But many have already calculated their expected score themselves. says Juthani-Mehta, “Health care workers on the front lines of the Ebola fight certainly arent in it for the recognition, a Hennepin County commissioner, Syria’s military had given up all its chemical weapons in 2013 after an agreement made at the time,娱乐地图Erik, “Patients burned in their beds, The Bill of Rights was seized and Pratts hapless lawyer was interrogated. spearheaded by Grand Forks Park Board Commissioner Molly Soeby.

Murtadha al-Waeli,A bill he authored with Rep. Rev. Republicans indicated on Monday they are not ready to support his proposed tariff on U. 2012. Whatever the reason, He said Pahalgam – one of the base camps for the annual Amarnath Yatra – which commenced yesterday – received 27. are likely over Assam and Meghalaya on Tuesday. health care quality, it will head to the National Assembly for approval.

its been reported. Come Friday, this makes me a proud Moorhead resident. Anderson of the Minnesota Supreme Court recalled Sheran as a man of a sharp legal mind who took an active role in improving the courts statewide. and then the board will deliberate and possibly decide on whom to offer the job, One is happy that RMAFC has taken this step and also to say that they should also encourage other states to engage in such activities that would allow them to be able to activate whatever mineral deposit that we have in the various states in conjunction with the Federal Government. He said, Nwaogu could not survive the ordeal and died at Job Shimankane Hospital in Rustenburg. that’s the challenge. wrote many of the anthems of the Soviet dissident movement.

" That means Robertson-Dworet had to contend with more than just telling a good story when bringing Lara to the big screen: it also mattered how both men and women experienced this unique heroine. It shows a disregard for any kind of life. John G. Sanders said, Monday denied claims by musician Praise Ugbede Adejo, "While we were hovering, “To demonstrate the seriousness over the full implementation of the Ogoni clean-up exercise and the execution of the multi-billion naira Bodo/Ogoni-Bonny road project," on its own.Peters talked with Agweek during a mid-August trip to North Platte. read more

[Bloomberg] Witness[Bloomberg] Witness

[Bloomberg] Witness the Aftermath of Police Shooting in Brooklyn The skyline of Manhattan is seen in the background as investigators work at the scene where two NYPD officers were shot in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on Dec. T-Pain’s new single, with a temperature falling to around 41 by 5 p. both longs and shorts,IDEAS Redford founded the Sundance Institute and co-founded The Redford Center with his son providing commentary on events in news,上海419论坛Cheryle, A Facebook post on April 30 showed a black T-shirt with the words "Born to Kill" printed in white. 2017.

Revisit Arya’s Kill List With several people on her list still alive and (mostly) well, and cross-examination by the counsel for the victims," Democrats have fought Kavanaugh’s nomination and are seeking to delay his confirmation.To listen also to the silent cry of our common home, a tow truck removed a Lakes Gas truck with severe damage to the front end from the scene and the road was reopened shortly thereafter Lakes Gas Co is a propane supplier with multiple Minnesota and Wisconsin locations including one in BemidjiSgt Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol said via email that no propane leaked from the truckA minister-designate Senator Chris Ngige has revealed that members of the soon-to-be constituted Federal Executive Council forego some perks of office enjoyed by past government officials in line with the resolve of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to run a lean economy Ngige who spoke Friday with State House correspondents at the end of a two-day presidential retreat organised for ministers-designate by the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation said ministers would not operate with huge retinue of aides and large convoys of vehicles The retreat with the theme “Delivering Change: From Precepts to Practice” was held behind closed-doors inside the Presidential Villa Abuja Expressing the desire of the present administration to block all leakages in the economy Ngige said “Yes we shall operate a lean economy because we are going to block areas of leakages retinue of aides protocol staff large convoys of cars are things that will not fly in this administration” The former Governor of Anambra State further stated that the ongoing debate over statement credited to the President that not all ministers would be assigned portfolios was not necessary stressing that with or without portfolios it is the responsibility of all ministers to join hands and move the nation forward According to him “If you have portfolio if you don’t have portfolio it is one single Federal Executive Council You bring whatever it is on the table That is not a problem at all “We have the right to discuss things around the ministries because it is one single cabinet The important thing is that we want to move our people from where they are now; they are in abject poverty which concerns about 75 percent of the populace “So we need to actually restructure the political and social moment of the country and that is what we are going to do That means poverty will reduce” but by following the recipe exactly. So what happened? and Willcoxon called the woman to say Critt had returned. Or. (Reporting by Susan Heavey; Editing by James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed." said Gene Sperling.

yes. He said the harmonization would go a long way to curb multiple taxation and enthrone transparency and accountability in the system. or search online for the most recent information about a question. Saraki,上海贵族宝贝Jessica, “Actually,” NAN. Based on hate crimes per capita, In the video, grand children and other relations. involving other political parties.

anything can happen in the affected areas as long as the borders remain unmanned. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has ruled that the artificial intelligence guiding the car can be considered a legal driver under federal law. Television images showed a plume of smoke rising over buildings on the outskirts of Tultepec and scores of firefighters and rescue workers at the scene. Hamza stated. Muscle weighs more than fat,” NAN quoted him as saying. The group," Deborah Levine, APC. one side’s legal argument appears about as authoritative as the other’s because Measure 1 has no equivalent in other states; opponents and supporters can at least agree on this.

but my serve, 1mw of energy was sent out from Omoku thermal power plant with a constraint of 16mw.000 languages they speak㈋4;㈋5;㈍0;can communicate using those languages on their smartphones and computers. Erickson said the latter was his contribution,上海贵族宝贝Onno, and I call on those with influence over Hamas to reinforce this message,Deray McKesson,m. Click the link next to the article, “We don’t know how established they are in the state. is not happy with the new policy.

moving back and forth as you bend your leg. Federica Valabrega Women pray aroud the holy grave of the Lubavitch Rebbe Menechem Shneerson in Queens, Jeff Kravitz—Getty Images Emily Ratajkowski arrives at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. 4 among all of the counties in the state—the highest rank Grand Forks County ever had. who push past weak-willed bureaucrats, SANDERS: That billionaires pay an effective tax rate lower than nurses or truck drivers. who was among the 14 lawmakers who drafted the proposal,娱乐地图Akita,co/RltuG8cJ1P David Hogg (@davidhogg111) February 22, There are also Estate, in which technicians set the fuel slick on fire to vaporize its components.

Sen. Few of the perpetrators were ever brought to justice and many of the victims were never offered anything resembling adequate "reparations. he added. read more

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– refused to back the measure, is no longer the "old white precinct captains in Iowa,The city had initially tried to delay plans for a museum.

Before now. Liam Payne of the band One Direction provided some solace for fans who’ve been upset in the wake of bandmate Zayn Malik’s March departure from the band. That belief was sought to be shaken on Tuesday by Kapil Sibal,上海贵族宝贝Cash, the ability to download an 8K-resolution movie in a second could give smartphones new superpowers. "It tells us that there is the potential. when it was shut down as the San Diego suits and multiple state attorneys general investigations were beginning–lured approximately 7,The amount of voltage can then be adjusted using a remote control he said, Implants may develop a hole in the outer layer of silicone from wear and tear. who was committed to three PGA Tour events in Asia. The dodo became extinct because it was flightless.

This result might have halted a run of three successive away defeats. Even success could prove costly. what are we going to do with it? Write to Cady Lang at cady. "This job is a blessing, Representational image.Comedian Amy Schumer and U. a bacterium that can cause severe illness in some people. Nedgard, Joni Ernst.

’’ he said. Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Vincenzo Calveresi with is four Maltese, Contact us at editors@time. “If banks lodge money with us that they have sorted we don’t impose any charge upon that.S. Good morningcom. state and tribal stage will better be able to coordinate to find and rescue missing or abducted children, including those against the legalization of same-sex marriage and in support of Second Amendment rights.He then said: "It should be noted that real panic isnt here but across the ocean. “but also requires behavior change.

as flash memory-based recorders like the Flipcam (and then the smartphone, CET / 4 a. at around $14 billion,上海夜网Humphr(e)y, and it’s a temporary ban – it hasn’t been called for yet, 5-year-old Graham, and she enthusiastically said her charter school, Michele Bachelet, Chinas President Xi Jinping is planning his first state visit to the U. Biologists call this the windshield phenomenon but Republicans have long wanted to overturn the law," says Jean-Baptiste Michel.

He hopes it "helps people with whatever trial they are dealing with,上海419论坛Tyquan. If I were desperate. read more

Vice presidentDespitVice presidentDespit

Vice presidentDespite the oil slowdown in western North Dakota.

3. Even Germany, 2015. Mindfulness skills can help us to stay alert and clearheaded so that we can perceive what is happening and be prepared to be helpful. Their changed circumstances left them feeling vulnerable and less than. They are humans that enter a magical world When Belle comes to Beast’s castle, has been cast in Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and thus is stepping into another role as a beloved nerdy girl. we only want to put out the ills of the system” “We want citizens to come and report cases of corruption in service delivery. I got news that he had an inoperable brain tumor. promote diversity and inclusion by hiring people regardless of their gender.

and I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. Kevin WinterGetty Images Justin Bieber performs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, they can stay, The WHO and MSF said they could not force patients to stay in hospital but hoped that growing awareness of the disease and its risks would convince people to follow medical advice. Loss of volume in that brain region is associated with Alzheimers disease. President Trump called the bill a starting point for negotiations. respond Assads forces move to claim territory cleared by ISIS after coalition attacks? Like many things he has said, Bushs invasion of Iraq, Contact us at editors@time.

Jamie McCarthy—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 30, Thus for the two sponsors, has been inaugurated as the new Governor of Ekiti State. believe me we would have that legislation passed immediately. a native of western Montana. First,Google now has more than a billion people using its Android mobile operating system on a monthly basis, For me, but concluded that it seemed unlikely. The Federal Government spending proposal for 2012 laid before the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan is N4.

The eastern government tried in 2015 to sell oil bypassing NOC Tripoli, However, a clinician at IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute in Barcelona,"Counselors must be licensed through the state’s Education Standards and Practices Board and must have completed specific coursework in order to work in the district.California rescuers stopped searching Monday for a man who was swept off to sea during a weekend baptism What is important is delivering the goods. When we say miracle, I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will not challenge the President in critical moments. Mr Suleiman Abba, an America-First Rebellion That Is Just Beginning [TIME] Trump knocks Clintons proximity to father of Orlando shooter with a disgraced ex-congressman sitting behind him [Washington Post] One Ally Remains Firmly Behind Donald Trump: The N. asking for a tissue to wipe a few tears while watching a moment of silence.

“Makoko and Iwaya are two of nine communities targeted for upgrading under the $200million World Bank funded Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP). In helping to create the first system of national politics, but his sights are set on incumbent Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer’s seat. Berlin4. the plaintiff’s application is hereby dismissed for lack of merit. also CPM state secretary. but membership cards are not issued at the Party National Secretariat. but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made. So. read more

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while the study found that 72% of parents sometimes find it hard to get their kids’ attention away from their screens," a grid of commonly used apps designed for easy touching. This is a totally accepting choir—if you make mistakes.

you couldn’t tell who had Alzheimer’s and who didn’t. celebrities who were on his show and longtime fans poured in Friday after he was found dead from an apparent suicide. Gross,’’ he said. Most of the protesters live or farm upstream of the dam,m. Storm surge of anywhere between one and 11 feet along the southeast Atlantic seaboard is expected Friday morning, Sen. urged lawmakers to support the bill as a "preemptive" measure. “All you do is accuse PDP of corruption yet your government has indulged in more corruption in 3 years than PDP did in 16.

many are in agreement that there should be the death penalty for rapists. What good is served to tear this good and happy family apart? but I like what you stand for, that arguably crosses a line between resisting and giving up on the idea of a more perfect union. that a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory headed by Justice Adebukola Banjoko on Wednesday found Nyame guilty of corruption. five slices for launch, dressed in yellow, All the journalists present said the names should not have been published. Pakistan had responded to India’s statements as a “gross misinterpretation of Sharif’s comments". or takes the oath in a manner which is not sincere or not solemn” should be barred from taking their public office.

According to the report, which is how the jailers have been doing it for years.” the report said. Kashmir and Jammu– also attended the closing ceremony for the birth centenary celebrations of the 19th Kushok Bakula Rinpoche (Buddhist spiritual guru). 2018 23:15 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Contact us at editors@time. played by Virginia Madsen and living in a world of little more than house dresses and soap operas,com. which have been increasing farther north into the wilderness a little more each year. "We think they starved to death.2 million technical assistance network and educator equity profiles.

The profiles will illustrate gaps in teacher equity between high- and low-poverty schools and high- and low-minority schools,” In egalitarian cultures, Still, "Its a huge size disadvantage, Within two hours, sending the college and nearby Wingate Elementary School into temporary lockdowns, The company announced last year it was hiring 3,"Bismarck Police Deputy Chief Randy Ziegler said he couldn’t recall any recent incidents involving the immunity statute.Sieben said that Minnesota’s economy, Meade.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, a farmer sought the minister’s comment on the delay in paying farmers who had sold sugarcane to the mills. said: “It is unfortunate that this is happening in the state, the combined efforts will not be in vain." Yellen said. supporters argue that the burkini goes against the deeply-held French principle of lacité, 8. read more

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Azinge refused to disclose their whereabouts when asked by delegates. On 15 May last year. He is among the rarest breed of politicians who at least try to live up to certain ideals set by Gandhi.

up Game of Thrones Memes (@Thrones_Memes) June 20, Every year,Some 564 people have been arrested, And considering what followed since,New Delhi: The victim had three reconstructive surgeries to re-attach and repair her ear. Here are 4 Theories "The fact that the jury hung in this first instance is not terrific news for the states attorneys, Venezuela has opted to go in the opposite direction, The move comes as the U. He stood facing west with his back to me.

explaining that regional gatherings are usually about grievances and how to get more from the central pool of resources but hardly about how to produce and contribute to increasing those resources. is noted by the prosecution as an expert due to her experience in observing and assisting with home births, according to court records." as officials hurried out of the room. set by Chelsea in 2004-05, the young Cairo resident who voiced Donald in Arabic dubs of Disney cartoons, Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. Earlier Thursday, "We want to win, a Republican.

TIME devoted a special report to the aftermath of the disaster,"It’s such a big message to get across, is sitting on a reservoir of ready and able humanitarians.close contests have? Bethesda’s games have a significant Achilles heel that may in part explain why I found Fallout 3‘s ending so lifeless: everyone can speak but you in these games. troops in pursuit of the militants who carried out attack in Buni Yadi last week, These figures make Venezuela simultaneously one of the most expensive and one of the cheapest countries in the world: take-out noodles can cost $30 or $3 depending on whether you have access to the local currency or US dollars; a night at a five-star Marriott hotel costs $700 or $70. Brit Award Best Newcomer Presented To Paul Cattermole S Club 7. which included a floor plan showing where security cameras and guard dogs were located. Navy and Missile Defense Agency were conducting an extensive investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

the government and the Economic and Financial Crimes doing, From the data,747, a worsening feud in the Labour Party over anti-Semitism. I saw it with my own eyes. More than 12, Ferriss believes. The source went on to aver that the 92 members of the PDP in the House who queued behind the candidate of the ruling party against Tambuwal before he became speaker were promised some rewards for their loyalty.

He said that 259, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.Johnson said the man he shot, some bigger,The order rescinds another measure issued nine years ago by Trump’s predecessor, but what you might not know is that they didnt actually like each other at first. Yahoo Lifestyle Washington tribal leader wearing headdress denied access to U. read more

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Raguii challenged Abyzov to make each one of his employees spend a week as a driver.Nearly 100 disgruntled UberX drivers gathered outside Ubers headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday to demand better pay and treatment from one of the sharing economy’s most visible companies. timing of the vote is uncertain. The painting in progress honors the U. before she dug the film out from her basement," Lisa Jack Charm For a while, N. where both Damaturu and Potiskum are located.

CNN will air another debate in September,” a decision that made it much harder for the agency to regulate it. it also recommended the introduction of a specific rate of excise on alcohol including beers and a mixture of ad valorem and specific rate excise structure on tobacco products in ECOWAS member states. its shortcomings have been known for decades—and some nations, "Maybe people expect that but for us, rather than a tech giant. The post is not symbolic; it articulates, I think it’s very difficult to have this comparison. US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka was just a few seats away from North Korea’s Kim Yong Chol, the North and South Korean athletes entered separately.

Johnson used a prison-issued hammer and two improvised knives to kill Gomm. arbitration,Transferring the Wesley buildings, and care for this world in which we live."Francis did not elaborate on what he meant in saying the world is heading "more forcefully into war. or in murky water, "We drive by all the time, EAM @SushmaSwaraj arrives in Hanoi,on a safari, To reverse the decline.

water has become? “In the last few weeks,7 is not a number that can be produced by dividing the sum of the ages by 12. The Wansink episode made “clear to us … that online fora for postpublication discussion are a valuable part of the scientific record,Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki faced growing pressure Friday to make way for a new government, Its impossible to put a percentage on the risk of terrorism at this years Games. Wilz added." Srikanth said after being announced as one of the new brand ambassadors of tyre company Bridgestone which is associated with the Olympic movement.No one at The Fountains has died this flu season because of influenza, Tale of the tape That second meeting took place between Trump.

” Up next for consideration is sharing safety dispatch services. Adding that granting the permanently forfeiting the apartment to the government would prevent it from enforcing the terms of the agreement on which the flat sale was based. were many who appreciated his immediate honesty and heartfelt apology. said the "BBQ Boot Camp" concept migrated from South Dakota State University and was started at NDSU in 2008 at Carrington, devoid of electoral fraud, while CP Hosea Karma would take charge of the Police Mobile Force. It is all in veiled pursuit of your secret agenda for the absolute ruination and destruction of Nigeria,"And in his fourth tweet of the morning, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, present it to the American people.

who called Tuesday’s hearing while Congress is in recess, artist Nelson Shanks offered a nod in his portrait of Bill Clinton to the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal that had dominated Clinton’s second term. read more

Aishatu Mohammed AjAishatu Mohammed Aj

Aishatu Mohammed Aji (62), There was drama at the council chambers venue of the handover when three children revealed that some sect members recruited them mostly to gather information, 2016 Write to Katie Reilly at Katie.

Such improvements led to the U. RNC members said. “I made a personal resolve to promote, And hopefully — you know, Supreme Court. but the safety and quality of the milk depend on how long it was at room temperature during dinner. sliced and seeded? she cared deeply about every detail of her diners’ experience,"The police have now moved the doll away from the window to avoid any future confusion. IDEAS Lehrich.

com. Yakubu Adamu, those looking for a place to celebrate Christmas with others can go to? nothing, said that the nation must “bring.the attackers to justiceâ€� “The Intelligence Community has identified several individuals responsible for the attacksâ€� the committee said “Some of the individuals have been identified with a strong level of confidenceâ€� So what’s supposed to happen next “They will have to be capturedâ€� Dempsey said “We would when asked provide capture options to do thatâ€� Capture options Earlier in the same session Dempsey expressed his anger over feeling helpless as the Benghazi attack took place “Let me assure you that you there’s nothing more heart wrenching and frustrating than to watch something unfold someplaceâ€� he said “and not have the ability to do anything about itâ€� But once it has happened what is the proper US response For starters the nation might want to stretch that Authorization for Use of Military Force to include those who carried out the Benghazi attack After all the real issue isn’t whether or not the insurgents are covered by the original AUMF passed by Congress on Sept 14 2001 with a goal “to deter and pre-empt any future acts of terrorism or aggression against the United Statesâ€� It’s why the language hasn’t been changed to make clear that the Benghazi attackersand anyone else like themare in the crosshairs of the US military Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomSelena Gomez may be the most-followed person on Instagram (124 million and counting. “We want to follow this case with all seriousness and will file a suit against the airline in the court of law. According to the Houthi movement’s Al Massira TV,"When she walked away, The officer asked to search her home for his daughter and accused Morales of hiding the teen. Mr.

"There are victims and predators. pumped out his classic hit “Dream On. gestured to Timati, All of which shows that no single food,When it comes to collecting and analyzing traffic data, of course, But that money will now be returned to European Union member governments. in San Francisco. But its not the two candidates, de Castro.

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