Offthewall spa trends that might actually be worth a try

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first_imgReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map The trend: Sand dune immersionWhat is it?In short being buried up to your neck in hot sand before having your head swaddled in damp fabric against the sun.The benefits:It’s said to ease rheumatism, cure impotence and boost fertility, though evidence is scant. Topical treatment with heat is, however, known to decrease muscle pain.What it feels like:Depends on your disposition. To some like being cuddled by a sandy cocoon; to others as relaxing as – eeek! – being buried alive.Where can you try it?At Dunes by Al Nahda in Oman they do it in style: immersing you in sanitised sand and dressing your head in fresh fruit. Try not to nibble the melons.Where to stay:Book Dunes by Al NahdaGet there:Book flights to MuscatGet around:Hire a car from Muscat International Airport The trend: Beer bathingWhat is it?A Czech fad that involves lolling about up to your neck in specially brewed ‘bathing beer’.The benefits:Chodovar family brewery claim their bathing brew ‘stimulates the skin and internal organs’. Science says: the panthothenic acid and vitamin B complex in beer are good for skin.What it feels like:One part stag-night jape to two parts Cleopatra. The drip-tray aromas linger.Where can you try it?Chodovar Brewery’s ‘beer wellness land’ offers visitors a 20-minute soak in bathing beer followed by a mug of the brewery’s foaming rock lager for £29. For a few quid more you get a top-notch deep-tissue massage.Where to stay:Bed down in the brewery’s adjacent hotel U SladkaGet there:Fly to PragueGet around:Hire a car from Prague International Airport The trend: Laughter yogaWhat is it?Stimulating belly laughs via an array of techniques perfected by the Indian laughter guru Osho (in the 1960s) and physician Madan Kataria, who conceived ‘laughter yoga’ in the 1990s.The benefits:Laughter helps the brain regulate the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine and links have been found between laughter and the production of antibodies and endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers).What it feels like:At first, frankly, a bit daft. But go with the flow and your fellow chortlers’ laughter proves infectious.Where can you try it?Find your inner mirth beneath a canopy of banyan trees at Karnataka’s SwaSwara ayurvedic resort, where yogi Raj puts you through a series of deep breathing and laughter-provoking exercises aimed at lowering your blood pressure and boosting your mood.Where to stay:Book a room in nearby Sanskruti resortGet there:Book flights to GoaGet around:Hire a car from Goa International Airport. The trend: Korean kiln saunasWhat is it?A practice that dates back to the 15th century, hanjeungmak involves sitting in a room heated by burning pine wood wrapped in a thick jute garment to protect your body from the heat.The benefits:Touted locally as an (unproven) treatment for shoulder and back pain and to improve skin health. However a recent Harvard study found sauna use to be linked to longer life and better heart health.What it feels like:Intensely hot and dry (often topping 100 degrees C), this isn’t one for the sauna uninitiated.Where can you try it?Seeing a resurgence, hanjeungmaks litter South Korean capital Seoul. Kiln saunas cost around £10 a session at the reputable Insadong SpaWhere to stay:Book a room in Seoul’s Jongno districtGet there:Fly to SeoulGet around:Seoul has an extensive, safe and efficient public transportation networkDiscover more to do in Tokyo with our guide . The trend: Forest bathingWhat is it?In essence, having a bit of a walkabout or sit down among some trees, although forest-bathing advocates say there’s more to it that. The practice, called shinrin-yoku, has a official seal of approval in Japan, where therapeutic parks have been built to give city-dwellers access to the healing properties of trees.The benefits:Phytoncides, compounds released by plants and trees, have been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and activate the immune system.What it feels like:It depends how you do it. Walk or relax in the woods and it’s a pleasant pastime. Camp out overnight, as diehard forest-bathers do, and you’ll need some good thermals (and to lay off the ghost stories).Where can you try it?Meiji Jingu Shrine is the last word in shinrin-yoku for Tokyoites, its forest of 100,000 therapeutic trees donated from across Japan.Where to stay:Book a hotel in nearby Shinjuku wardGet there:Book flights to TokyoGet around:Tokyo has an excellent and safe public transportation network Related5 cool things to experience in JapanBlogger and budget traveller Kash Bhattacharya shares his top things to see and do in Japan.Hiking in Japan: 15 awe-inspiring trailsFrom epic climbs up active volcanoes to temple odysseys through the mists of time, Japan is full of fantastic walking trails and some of the world’s most impressive mountains. Here are our top 15 routes, plus a few tips, for the ultimate hiking holiday in Japan. But first the essentials…15 of the weirdest hotels in JapanChecked in by a robot, sleeping in a capsule and a wake-up call from Godzilla? It can only be and stay in Japan.last_img

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